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I only date married men. it’s very convenient because their wives. do all the dirty work. wash their socks iron their shirts and. give birth to their children. i on the other hand get nothing but the. best. expensive gifts and fulfillment of my. every whim. all my married lovers adore me. because i give them the thrill they. can’t experience with their wives. you are so hard to get. you make me feel like a hunter again. you’re so kinky wow. my wife would never do this in any way. though. there is so much mystery about you. you turn me on so much more while. dressed than my wife bear. every one of them thought i was their. lucky star but they had no idea that i. would actually bring the misfortune. my main goal was to expose them. so a month into the affair i would send. my lovers wives photos of their husbands. in bed with me.

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They deserve to know the scumbags that. they married. first their wives would curse me but. then they would sincerely thank me. you weren’t his only mistress. thanks to the photos you sent me i want. a lawsuit against the bastard. that’s how i make the world a better. place. why do i do it you ask. because i was once the wife who was. cheated on. i used to sincerely believe in love. and i listened to my husband’s vows of. loyalty with tears in my eyes however he. cheated on me shortly after that on our. own wedding night. i filed for divorce and stopped. believing in love and god and started. doing this. but recently something caused me to not. only to rediscover faith but also join a. convent. as usual i found a rich cheater and. seduced him without a second thought. soon i found out that his wife was. pregnant. i held his and we haven’t slept together.

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Since she got pregnant doctor’s orders. so you didn’t cheat on her before her. of pregnancy i did. i could barely control my rage. unbelievable they vowed to be by our. side in sickness and in health but then. they can’t control themselves not even. for nine months. without hesitation i sent tom’s wife. photos of him in bed with me. this child doesn’t need a cheater for a. father. unfortunately i was too emotional and. missed one important detail. but my revenge would harm more than just. tom. after seeing the photos jasmine his wife. experienced extreme stress which put not. only her life in danger but also the. life of her unborn child. i just wanted to get the cheater out of. your life. please forgive me. but jasmine did not come to her senses. not that day or even the next. that’s when for the first time in many.

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