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Six signs a married man is falling in. love with you. if you’re wondering if that married man. you’ve been talking to is developing. feelings for you you’re at the right. spot. we’re not here to judge you we’re here. to help you see the signs of a new. forbidden love. if you have fallen in love with a. married man and wondering if he feels. the same way about you. keep watching and don’t forget to like. comment. or subscribe to the love hub where we. answer all your questions about love. first sign he makes time for you. on the surface this may seem like a. simple friendly gesture. but remember a married man has many. things going on in his life. he has to juggle work and family life. which can be very demanding and time. consuming. so for a married man to set aside some. of his free time to talk to you or spend. time with you.

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This means he truly wants to be with you. after all after he is done with work and. family obligations. how much free time does he really have. left if he chooses to spend it with you. instead of taking his wife out to dinner. then this means you are becoming more of. a priority in his life. second sign he likes to joke about how. much he likes you. men tend to flirt with women by cracking. jokes. we like making you feel good and making. you laugh. but making jokes about how much we like. you is also a way for us to gauge your. feelings. after all men tend to have huge egos and. we don’t like getting our egos hurt. so if we see that you have a good. response to our flirty jokes. then we can go ahead and make more. serious moves. remember a married man has a lot to lose. joking about liking a woman who is not. his wife is something a married man.

Simply won’t do. unless he has developed serious romantic. feelings for her. third sign he keeps asking you about. your life. if a married man is happy and content in. his marriage he usually devotes most of. his time to his work and family. he rarely keeps tabs on the lives of his. female friends. sure he may come across their posts and. photos on facebook or their husbands. might update you on how their wives are. doing. but oftentimes men whether married or. single just don’t care to snoop around. on other people’s backyards. we don’t go out of our way to seek. information about someone. so if a married man suddenly starts. asking you personal questions. it may mean that he is very interested. in you what do you like to do in your. free time. are you seeing anyone right now what did. you do last saturday. were you out with friends or on a date.

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Who did you go out with. these are questions that men just don’t. ask women unless they’re interested. fourth sign he shows hints of jealousy. men usually don’t like showing our. feelings we tend to bottle up our. emotions and deal with them at a later. time. a married man is most likely to even be. more secretive with his emotions. especially if it concerns another woman. so if he starts showing hints of. jealousy. then it means you have stirred up his. romantic interest. he may ask you questions like who are. you talking to. did you go out with him last night what. were the two of you doing. if a married man wasn’t interested in. you then he wouldn’t care what you do. with your life at all. his focus would be on his family not you. fifth sign he doesn’t like talking about. his marriage. usually happily married men have no.

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Problem talking about their life with. their wife and kids. family life can be fun and chaotic so. there’s always something going on. my wife just got promoted my son is off. to college. there is no shortage of milestones to. talk about with a man who has a full and. happy life with his wife and kids. so if he is hesitant to talk about his. family life with you. then it may mean he doesn’t want you to. be reminded that he is married. it’s also possible that his home life. isn’t as happy and cozy as his facebook. photos would like you to believe. sixth sign he is always there for you. when you’re feeling sad. a married man has a lot on his plate he. is probably juggling a hundred different. things. all at the same time so if he is making. an effort to be there for you when. you’re down and out. then it’s possible that he truly cares.

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