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Yo this is the best part. oh my god babe this is my favorite part. babe wake the up what happened what. you always fall asleep when we’re. watching a movie i was awake the whole. time what do you mean. okay then what just happened yes. spiderman just flew in. and then he saved the girl and then they. like upside down and kissed each other. we are watching titanic. yeah and they just kissed no hey man i’m. heading out okay. i’ll be home late where are you going. i’m just on a friend’s birthday is this. friend a guy. yeah josh remember if you met him josh. from work. is he more muscular than me is josh like. is it like that is he bigger than me. does he have a luscious hair like i do. yo is he taller than me i’m six feet is. he six foot one. don’t tell me just for one could be. people can think he’s your man when i’m.

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Your man. and i’m gonna be like the short man that. you have because i’m tall you’ve met. josh he’s a coworker relax. you know what i’m gonna come with you. okay but hurry up please i’m late. can i bring the cheetos no leave the. cheetos here. come come here maybe i’m heading out. i’ll probably be home. pretty late hi have fun you don’t know. where i’m going. nah do you booboo well i’m gonna go. hang out with you know some friends. there’s gonna be guys there. oh cool is josh going to be there yeah. yeah josh. oh yeah he’s uh he’s cool well you know. things might get crazy because we’re. going to get drunk. oh drunk can you actually pass me a beer. on the way oh that’s a good idea i. should turn up. hey do you still love me so much i love. you too. ah those just cuddle all night. it’s cold your alarm. your alarm jazz yeah i love you too.

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Rg wake up my alarm didn’t go off i’m. late for work. come off of me you know you don’t have. to be so dramatic all the time right. i wouldn’t be so dramatic if i wasn’t. dating the biggest drama queen in the. world. i am a drama queen that’s hilarious. coming from you. you know what the best part of just. dating you is i go home to my own. apartment. golden please i’m making you leave right. now go go. get here. i just don’t understand why you invited. your friends over you know it’s day. night tonight. friday night has always been for the. boys you know this no it’s gossip girl. marathon we had a plan gossip girl‘s ass. is a terrible show i hate watching it. okay fine you know what i’m leaving then. okay have fun where are you gonna go. do the top floor and i don’t wanna hear. a peep from you. oh um can you actually make me food.

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Before you go upstairs. i am not making you food what do i look. like your servant. fine what do you want should we order. chickfil-a yes can we get waffle fries. diet starts tomorrow ice cream ice cream. i’m still mad at you though well gossip. girl still sucks. yo don’t watch the episode without me. okay. hey do you have any more white claws um. i just drank the last. one but i can get you some more oh no. it’s okay are you sure i can go. no i want you to stay here with me oh i. love you i love you. okay we got some apples god you stopped. touching me. i was just grabbing an apple i can’t. touch my own wife you literally touch me. all. the time it’s like you’re horny 27 or. something. because i am 25 are you horny right now. get away from me um. let me know listen we just found out. that. 78 of you guys that are watching are not.

Subscribed. what the heck subscribe to the channel. you guys watch it you like the videos. subscribe we’re gonna sit here and wait. for like four seconds. yeah please subscribe press that button. but thank you guys. so much for watching today’s video if. you guys did like it. please hit the like button as well while. you’re subscribing. and we’re gonna give shout outs to. people that tweet this video so go on. twitter. tweet this video make sure you tag us on. your tweets and we’ll shout you guys out. in the next video. other than that you guys are all legends. leo’s a legend eric behind the camera. the legend. jazz is the legend and i’m okay you’re a. legend. thank you peace out i’ve been working. away. don’t care what they say i do what i. want and i don’t take off a day. so i deserve what i make it’s what. they say.

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