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You move in together and then you’re. like how about we have a baby. what where did the dress go where’s my. ring hello where’s my ring so if you’re. into the wining and dining and you’re. into the fivestar chic Monique. restaurants maybe pass on hello Elmo. welcome back by mine Kunal it been Joey. jack and today we are going to talk. about five ways to know that you are. dating a Dutch guy finally I’m making a. video about dating Dutch men or Dutch. men because I only ever dated one Dutch. man and that’s the one that I’m sticking. with and that is about it but before we. do get started I’m gonna ask you and. invite you if you would love to go ahead. and follow me on my Instagram and also. why not subscribe hit that subscribe. button stay connected. so that you’re alerted every time I make. a video and then maybe you can even give.

Me video ideas because that’s I mean. amazing also do you guys like love my. beard I was like should I shave for this. video or should I not you know what I’m. not gonna shave why not right keep it. natural keep it like this I’m just. kidding it’s not really like me but she. ain’t got time this week cuz she’s. moving into her new home but it’s. beautiful if you guys haven’t seen my. blogs about my house yet to my new. apartment you guys should check them out. absolutely but without further ado let’s. get this video started five ways to know. that you are dating a Dutch gut all. right the first one and this is from. experience okay this is from experience. with Nick from experience that my. friends tell me and just like everything. that I’ve gathered and I put together. for you guys so the first one is honesty. if the way to go fr Hill air Nick.

They are so honest they are so open and. so should you be okay so for my. Americans for my Mexicans watching for. my you know I don’t know who’s watching. just know that the Dutch men are very. honest in. approach they are very open but they. also expect that back so you need to be. honest you need to keep the honesty. forward and you know the little games. and things like that doesn’t fly so much. with Dutch guys um you know the. Americans the guys you know they’re. really good at like throwing game and. like you know not so honest they lie. they tell you like there’s I’m single or. I’m not dating anyone meanwhile you. check they found take out out damn girls. up and day um you know the same with. gays you think on all the gays I’ve been. there and it’s just not so honest so if. you are that way be prepared to be shut.

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Down because ain’t no Dutch man lugging. anything about that quality and a person. so that is an amazing quality to expect. in a partner but also to have to deliver. and being from a culture where we’re not. so so honest about things you know it. took some thinking about I need to make. sure that I’m honest because that is. what the other person is expecting. because that is their culture so honesty. goes a long way honey. take it the next one is they’re very. well informed and they’ve got all the. topics in their minds so they are taking. feminism into account right so for all. my strong independent women that don’t. need no man don’t need no bounty to pay. their bills well honey I suggest you go. on the tinder and filter I don’t know if. you can do that but filter only for. Dutch guys because they will not pay for.

You huh they will make you with lit the. bill with them because I don’t know why. maybe because they’re cheap yeah that’s. a stereotype but maybe also because you. know women are independent and women can. pay for themselves and that is the fact. of the matter so you know if you can pay. for yourself let’s split the bill we go. dutch. you’ve heard of that before so I was. actually talking to my friend Vita about. this. she’s the one that said it and I was. like is it because they’re cheap and she. goes no I think it’s because they. understand feminism and they understand. that these days the women can pay for. themselves women like to pay for. themselves and that’s just how the world. works now. soar if you are into those traditional. relationships where the man’s gonna be. tall for you all day long now the man’s.

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Gonna pay for you I would not go for the. Dutch because maybe they’ll pay for one. meal and like maybe they’ll buy you a. dress or something but I doubt that. they’re gonna fill your hands with rings. fill your face with plastic and fill. your closet with all the clothes in the. world I don’t think that that is a Dutch. man if there is a Dutch guy that is like. that I would love to know and if you’re. watching coming below because maybe. there’s a woman watching who wants the. same thing and we could just make it. like you know Joey’s matchmaking. services but the whole splitting the. bill the I understand feminism the we. are you know equal that is something to. expect from Dutch guys the next one. going on to the whole moneywise. they were very casual you know let’s not. go too crazy let’s not go too fancy if I.

Can’t wear my jeans to wherever we’re. going I’m not going. you know definitely something about Nick. he loves casual restaurants not to say. that we won’t go to a nice restaurant. because like we’ve definitely been to. really nice restaurants but in general. if you’re gonna take a Dutch guy and you. want to be wined and dined at like the. fivestar places it’s not gonna happen. so be prepared to be taken to like a. burger joint to spaghetti here in. Amsterdam which by love just very casual. that’s a Dutch tie for you you know. maybe not to say that they won’t take. you to an amazing restaurant amazing. sounds bad because it’s making it seem. as though cheaper restaurants are not. amazing so that’s not what I mean what I. mean is that they’re gonna take you to a. more casual restaurant it doesn’t mean. they’re not gonna take you to a more.

Expensive. it just means that it’s not going to. happen a lot so if you’re into the. wining and dining and you’re into the. fivestar chic Monique restaurants maybe. pass on for another you know God not a. dull Scotty leave them be. you know they can find somebody that is. willing to spend time with them at a. casual restaurant all right. one more thing about money is that they. love their savings account now listen. I’m an American and I do save but I. think like 50 euros a month as a typical. American and you know it used to drive. me so crazy like it I could literally. scream because Nick wouldn’t want to. Schmitt wants to save make ones to put. money in the bank he wants to say who is. it McGee Oh Scott Reagan expired spa. like a clicking spa and I was like I. just want to buy Gucci I just want to. buy a Chanel I want a new iPhone like I.

Want a new iMac I don’t need to be. saving he’s like why do you need a new. iMac yours works perfectly I’m like. because I’ve got the money he’s like but. why don’t you save the money so it was. always this evolving thing in our. relationship. about savings spiral agony until I moved. here and we were able to buy an. apartment and then I realized the magic. of saving your money because when you. buy an apartment you have to put like a. lot of money down 25 30 K at once and if. Nick wasn’t a saver. honestly I’m saying this Hill Eric if. Nick wasn’t a saver. I sure is not a saver then we would have. never bought in an apartment because it. would have taken me like a hundred years. to save the 30 K that we would have. needed or the 25 or the whatever you. need to put into the bank or to put into. all the taxes so I absolutely can.

Understand and can see it now but at. first when you’re with a Dutch guy and. they’re all about saving money and. you’re not you’re just like you know how. do I deal with this because I’m going to. pass out I mean I need to. spend my money I don’t need to save my. money it’s until you are in the later. years that you realize get yourself a. saver because those are the ones that. can help you make big purchases like an. apartment in Amsterdam so work through. it if you’re in that relationship and. your Dutch guy is all about saving and. you’re not work through with it. lastly the weirdest thing he’ll dar. he’ll meet normal f VAR sonar for one so. many cons I mention is that this is how. a typical Dutch not typical Dutch but. like how a Dutch relationship would work. hey we like each other let’s date all. right right and in America it would be.

Let’s get married all right then we live. together then we have children in the. Netherlands it’s like you know we like. each other. amazing let’s move in together all right. great and everybody is like cool with. that in Texas where I’m from if you. wanted to move in with your partner. before y’all were married get ready okay. cuz you’re gonna have your grandma at. the door you’re gonna have all of your. uncles and aunts knocking at your door. saying you are sinning and that’s not. what the Jesus wants so you move in. together and then you’re like how about. we have a baby. what where did the dress go where’s my. ring hello. where’s my ring and they’re like we’re. known to rings we do them after we have. babies. I’m completely mindblowing so you know. you’re dating a Dutch guy when he wants. to have children before marriage I mean.

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