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If you see a man who’s watching those. videos you have watched the videos right. I’ve watched them all oh. three times yes are you not getting. tired of it oh. so it’s Saturday evening second social. night Fred how are you doing very good. even better than the first social why. um I think I had to get the hang of the. and I still didn’t get used to just. more prepared tonight than yesterday. thank you very much yes so you feel. better it’s not that it’s it’s not that. different since yesterday just you feel. different I’m more comfortable it’s the. same scenario just I’m comfortable yeah. that’s good it’s a lot of women here a. lot of beautiful women here yeah yeah. are they beautiful they’re all beautiful. difficult Choice eh very difficult. choices. but yeah so today it’s a city today when. today or no yes we had a good time it.

Was actually surprising and she was. enjoyable I’ll probably go out with her. again I I think you looked really nice. together and she spoke good English as. well so she seems to be really nice I. think she’ll be a good English teacher. for me I mean Spanish teacher for me and. me English teacher for her it works out. great that that’s the beauty that you. can exchange the languages and learn. from each other that’s really nice and. so if you so you were brand new on this. whole thing here right so if you see a. man who’s watching those videos you have. watched the videos right I’ve watched. them all oh. three times yes are you not getting. tired of it I oh it was good education I. was you you had a lot of information. which helped me slightly prepare and. I’ll be honest the videos make me. comfortable to come yeah really for the.

Reason I came oh that’s great that’s. good and it was different than you. expected it to be odd I know you were. not prepared but what are you expecting. it like to be like this honestly no I. mean I’ve seen the video she said that. you would meet a lot of gorgeous women. but you really do me a lot I’ve got a. lot of boys yes. that was just great I mean that’s what. we want right yes we’re not used to this. in America for sure and they’re all. interested they’re all intelligent. they’re all paying attention so it’s. it’s making my choices harder so you’re. going to guatape tomorrow yes excited. about that you have a date confirmed. right yes good good work that out I. think she’s here tonight oh good yes but. you have not met her yet yes I have. she’s she’s out there she’s out there. okay good okay good but why you have a.

Question date without meeting her first. I thought she was from yesterday did. meet her so unfortunately the one from. yesterday had a family event that. happened so she needed to cancel and I. met a young lady tonight that I really. liked and she was okay very interested. in going so it works out well oh that’s. good that’s good yeah but the other one. we can schedule another one afterwards. no problem date with her hopefully I’ll. check I didn’t get too much information. yet but this is beautiful so far but. somebody who never came to this Colombia. to Meiji into a vienne to an event to. AFA whatever would you recommend it do. you think if it’s a good thing to do if. you’re a single man looking for a. partner yes for American men definitely. we want women real women feminism. attractiveness women that want to take.

Care of themselves their family their. family oriented it’s amazing and you can. see it in five minutes while you’re here. you can see it when you walk on the. streets every once yeah that’s true you. know everyone’s speaking everyone’s I. feel safe and I’ve had a good time yeah. and everybody’s really open no don’t you. think that everybody’s really friendly. openminded yes everyone the people here. at the social and people I’ve met just. walking down the street yes everyone. speaks yeah that’s different than in the. US no uh some people speak some people. don’t of it it’s it’s an energy you get. from people here in Medellin so I’m. enjoying the culture and the city too. how did you enjoy the city too the city. tour was interesting because I think. I’ve seen I did some research on some of. the locations but you know seeing it in.

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Person is wow like you really see it. it’s huge right it’s a huge Valley it’s. a huge City it’s beautiful City’s bigger. than New York like well it is bigger. than New York so it amazes me yeah yes. so I’m happy Fred that you have an. amazing time you’re meeting beautiful. woman you are you’re just starting it’s. just Saturday so we have a lot of days. to go I mean in just a second day and I. think I’m gonna have to extend my stay. too so this is a pretty good point guys. if you can stay longer or if you’re. flexible do this because seven days is. not enough I don’t think men understand. how many gorgeous women that’ll be here. and you’ll run out of time very shortly. to spend time and introduce yourself and. have more than one date with them so. more than likely I would definitely. extend my stay yeah because with Friday.

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