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What do you want your sexy body. xx. no what’s up everybody. it’s kenji mary here and welcome back to. my youtube channel. so i’m not really sure how i’m going to. name this video. but the concept is only one today. we are going to be setting out the. tinder for 40 plus. and discovering i would say the sugar. dating of tinder. i don’t know what to expect i don’t know. what kind of people are going to show up. um i’m quite concerned. but that’s all right because i’m so. excited. like it’s just so fun to do because i. know it’s not serious i’m not serious. about it i’m not looking for anyone. right there. and also if you’re gonna see your. grandma grandpa. actually no grandma grandpa or your. father or any. kind of relatives from your family i am. truly sorry. but don’t throw it at me you should talk. to them not me. so without further ado let’s get into.


The video. okay so as always on my tinder videos. i’m gonna be showing you my phone screen. right here and we can enjoy. this laugh together. thank you next next. next nah okay i’m not gonna be that. strict because i’m not gonna find any. matches. i literally specifically created a new. account for this . i’m not i’m not trying to be judgmental. but at the same time i know some people. when they’re like super old they do not. look. for their age so that’s what i’m trying. to find to get. things more interesting because i feel. like these guys are just like basic. so i’m not gonna waste my time on them. especially for this video because i’m. trying to make it. so entertaining because you’ll love. these videos. so oh god please. no. did he literally posted a picture with. him and his sugar baby. and his kids as well. okay imagine imagine if you started.

Dating a 40 years old guy. or like 40 plus something and his kids. are literally your age and you become. best friends with his daughter. imagine imagine. how freaking weird would that be. i don’t want to do this. lock down friends with benefits not. interested in training messages for days. old school texts may be. bend you over. no. i don’t want to read it out because i’m. just going to get monetized demonetized. whatever. you can see it. howard nonsmoker fun and white fit down. to earth no. kitties open. he’s fizzy no previous pictures are. recent i’m six feet uber rating of. 4.9 oh so basically if you’re gonna date. this guy. you’re gonna get free uber rides i love. that. yeah very flattering pose. very flattering does not give you a. double chin. at all okay let’s go. next oh. oh you see that’s what i’m saying like.

He’s. 40 but he lowkey looks like 35.. post lockdown trim what do you think. nice and say. cheesy down to f god his ambitious works. hard and enjoys life okay i’m just gonna. swap alright. it’s because for the sake of this video. this guy. he literally called himself rich i don’t. know if it’s real if it’s his real name. or if it’s just like a nickname or. because like his instagram is literally. rich 3c. is it his name okay let’s see nope. nope nope no. it’s his kids what the oh my god i. feel like i’m just gonna literally. explode. oh . what is this. i’m gonna have nightmares at night it’s. literally the 11. p.m hi there looking for someone who is. okay what does that mean down to us like. with every old guy texts. down to add like literally it’s not. 1950s anymore. just like come out with like our. language you know.

With good sense of humor and beginning. to appreciate the finer things in life. i’ve still got some hair and own teeth. okay let’s play tinder roulette all. right. no yes no yes. no yes no. yes no yeah what the . i have to keep looking because like. if they get a match with me okay. let’s just look no. yes. no yes. no yes oh. yes. okay so what i’m gonna do now is try to. message some of them. uh i already see that one of them. messaged me so. let’s get things spicy hey how is you. hey i’m terrified okay so he said. you are absolutely stunning i am looking. for a loving. relationship would you. consider someone younger than you. amazing eyes and smile you’re so. beautiful. tell me something i don’t know. so what you’re looking for i’m looking. for. a sugar daddy. he liked it. he liked my message sounds good to me. how much you want to pay me monthly.

Let’s just get. into the business okay okay. time is money and we need that coin. signing. i didn’t even see his profile so let’s. just see oh my oh my god that’s a little. bit. too much oh. hi how are you x i don’t know what’s up. with people here saying. x after every freaking sentence. just chill hi. okay sunny sunny funny bunny. but i need something in return. you’re not gonna get anything for free. i’m you’re literally paying for my time. my time is precious like what the . what you want your sexy body. xx. no there’s a little button right here on. the top. of the camera i want like lit like let’s. like here literally. it has a camera on. no i could never. he’s just so bold with it if you want. money i want. i’m done for today. i’m literally done like i’m not even. kidding. this is just too much like. so i hope you like this video if you did.

Make sure to comment down below if i. should do part two of this video. part two of this video and please. comment down below any suggestions if. you have any suggestions for me to. like do like tinder videos or like. bumble. or anything like engaging up or tinder. for celebrities. there is also tinder for rich people but. we have to pay for it. it’s 100 pounds per week or per month. or something like that so not really. but i’m gonna see what i can do maybe. i’m gonna go. like around there like we’ll see but. make sure to leave a thumbs up and. subscribe to my youtube channel so. you’re not gonna miss out on. anything and also check out my instagram. because i have some interesting stuff. out there. and yeah i just i hope you really like. this video. um because i literally need a town for. myself right now to just like.

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