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In this video i will be giving you. advice on what not to do on a first date. if you are visiting for the first time i. would like to welcome you here. we are here to help men learn attraction. skills and help you become more. successful with dating. now let’s get into this topic some more. first dates can be nervewracking. it’s natural to feel nervous about. meeting a stranger especially if we. think that stranger could end up. becoming a significant part of our lives. but unfortunately nerves can make us say. or do things we wouldn’t normally. if you’re wondering what not to do on a. first date here are some things to avoid. one do not forget your manners. you can hold doors open say please and. thank you and eat with your mouth closed. be friendly and polite. your date will often judge you more on. your treatment of others than your.

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Treatment of him or her. 2. skimp on personal hygiene. your first impressions are important. you rarely get second chances so make. sure you feel at your best. shower shave brush your teeth and change. into clean clothes. remember to wear deodorant and try a. perfume or aftershave. treat each first date like a special. occasion you could be meeting your. future life partner after all. three make sure you do not forget to ask. questions when it comes to what not to. do on a first date talking about. yourself constantly is a big nono. when you’re nervous it can be easy to. fall into that trap and forget to ask. your date anything. remember that they want to tell you. about themselves too. so think about some interesting first. date questions and aim for equal airtime. during the date and when you do ask a. question remember to pay attention to.

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