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Hello everyone greetings from Kharkov. Ukraine my name is seth lana muha and i. am the lead in matchmaker and a team. coach at the oliver calm today have. decided to film this video especially. for the old gentleman who use. international dating sites and this. video i have called five types of ladies. to avoid well using an international. dating site before we will start this. topic i want to print out two important. aspects first aspect even if you have. been corresponding for several months s. or chatting for weeks unless you have. met in person you’re not in relationship. yet with that lady so you are not her. boyfriend and she is not your girlfriend. second if you have met with the lady had. been correspondent for weeks on a first. to face date and after this first date. she has decided not to give you her.

Phone number or she kills relooked him. to go out with you again. this doesn’t mean that she is the face. of evil and the Cheetahs camera or a. golddigger probably she just doesn’t. like you so keep in mind these two. points and let’s discuss our topic so. the first group of ladies to avoid is. called everlasting Brides I will tell. you a little bit about this type of. ladies some dating sites give you a. chance to see around for example a. person has first placed the profile of. this date inside so if you see the lady. who was registered like three or four. years ago for the first time and she is. still the year probably she is never. less than bright of course you can tell. me right now that oh she is just not. like you to meet someone so this is the. reason why she is searching like for. three or four years Almighty she has.

Placed her profile and then she has. forgotten about it if you see that the. profile has been registered like four. years ago and she is using it so she’s. uploading your pictures she has she went. to the chat room or she has text to. someone probably she’s a everlasting. bride let me play you this scenario you. have registered at the dating site and. you have talks for this girl for a. little bit and then you have decided to. take your profile off because you have. met someone and you want to give it a. chance. while your priorities have changes so at. the moment dating search like the search. of your best half is not something you. want to concentrate on and a year after. you decide to return to your search and. you enter the dating site again and here. she is a year after still the year and. you can see that she is still actually.

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Using that profile well you can tell me. that probably she was just not like you. to meet someone. nice if the lady is interested to meet. someone even by the story of probability. like within last five years she could. have met someone if she is a dead dating. site like for four or five years these. are bad news probably she’s just too. picky all the reasons of her being at. that dating sites are not Ernst and not. serious. who knows maybe she is just willing to. go out with random guys or she is just. willing to communicate with multiple. people like to improve your English. skills or approach your flirting skills. anyway this is not something you want to. be involved with so if you see this. everlastin bride like don’t go for it it. would be like bad news and a dead end. for you. the second group that I would recommend.

You to avoid our online brides I will. tell you about this ladies let’s assume. you have registered at the international. dating site and a girl has caught your. attention you have started talking to. her like you have exchanged several. emails and you have talked in charge for. several times and then you suggest to. meet in person and she tells you that oh. it’s like way too soon I would like to. get to know you better before meet him. in person so okay for the first time it. can happen. cheryllea if those are reluctant to. meet after like talking to you just for. a few weeks. unikz after you ask her again like let’s. meet in person and again she tells you. that oh I would prefer to get to know. you better. let’s communicate more or less. communicate longer I still have so many. questions and after several attempts.

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From your side. to actually ask him here to meet in. person she keeps declining it guys this. is all like red flags I will tell you. more about Ukrainian ladies if a. Ukrainian lady is single. for example sure previous relationship. didn’t work out or she has woken up one. day with a strong desire to meet someone. so the first since she dares is like. signing for a beauty procedure like to. make her nails done to make you hear. done then she is getting a new dress and. then she is gated a profile of the date. inside it can be local or international. date inside why she is doing that. because she wants to go out she wants to. go out on dates she wants to wear that. new dress and to show those fresh nails. of hers so if the lady is seriously. interested in date him she would be. interested in meeting in person she.

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Won’t be interested in endless. correspondence like romances so if you. are talking to this girl online and like. romances she keeps pushing the date of. potential meeting like don’t go there. these are bad news for you these are red. flecks of it for you of course there is. another scenario for example you are. talking to the lady online and she tells. you that oh I have to go and you look. out and so then you log in again and you. see that she is still online well this. can mean that either she has forgotten. to switch off your computer and look out. from it or she is talking to someone. else. in this scenario don’t forget first two. rules first two points that I have. shared with you at the beginning of this. video unless you have met in person and. actually given out and you have. discussed that you want to be exclusive.

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You are not boyfriend and girlfriend so. if she is talking to someone else it. doesn’t mean that she is like a bad. person or she’s a scammer or whatever. this means that she is looking for. someone which is actively searching for. someone but if you are communicating. just sharealike for weeks for months. and she keeps telling you that this is. not interested in meeting in person or. like the time is not right again and. again then just drop it don’t go there. an online bride she will leave only. online you don’t need it. the third type of ladies to avoid well. using an international dating site is. called too good to be true okay you open. your profile and you see this 22 years. old girl who might compete against. Victoria’s Secret Angels your photos in. her profile are all professional her. hair is done at every picture she’s very.

Beautiful clothes beautiful danger and. she claimed that she is open to date. someone up to 65 years old guys like. really up till 65 like why is she. interested in dating someone who is. older than her parents like what is. wrong with her like two scenarios first. like her profile is just the bait to. attract more customers to the bait. inside second she has some serious. issues. anyway this is not a good start for. healthy relationship if she is too good. to be true. like probably she is so don’t waste your. time the first type of ladies to avoid. well using an international dating site. is called sexy dolls this PhD you open. her profile and here she is a seductive. beauty a variant just pink Linzer posing. in provocative poses on the bed or at. the sofa and you reach her profile and. she claimed that she has PhD and she is.

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A lawyer or she is a doctor guys a real. lawyers and doctors would never risk be. a career by posing such provocative. pictures at international agencies or. local agencies so probably like either. PhD is fake all like photos are fake. something is figlia. let’s assume that she is truly a lawyer. his PhD and she has decided to post like. half naked photos of the dating site. like what is wrong is here like why is. she so desperate for attention. nice it’s never a good idea to date. someone desperate so if you see this. combination of halfnaked photos. provocatively injury lawyer doctor PhD. all in one profile. avoid it you are not at the. to collect broken people or to talk to. someone fake don’t waste your time and. the group number five that I would. recommend you to avoid values in an. international dating site it is called.

Online stars you know all these profiles. at any dating site it can be an. international or local there is always. this group of like most popular people. usually these are people who have either. like most beautiful pictures or they’re. like super active users and this is why. they are like over there on the top of. the dating site usually the dating site. of tries to put like real attractive. users to attract other customers or like. really active users so that your. customers would receive like quick. replies anyway you don’t want to waste. your time and to compete for the. intention with all those people probably. like if she is an online star and she. receives all those messages from all. those guys like your message would be. like one from a hundred like do you. really want to put yourself in that. position better look for someone who is.

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