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Things have changed between jason and. erica before it was candlelight and that. was just like wham bam thank you man so. when she had a blind date i said they. want you to do some things you know your. boyfriend never do it she was ready for. a change of face she had a special place. that she wanted to take it was a sex. shop i don’t need to find toys to please. my mom meanwhile something developed on. jason’s blind date we took a computer. generated picture of what our child. might look like now will jason change. his ways wham bam thank you man or have. a change of heart. thank you very much i’m chris jagger and. welcome to change of heart let’s meet. our couple and now they had a college. course together and he couldn’t stop. studying her now for their first date. they wound up analyzing each other’s. anatomy at his place and they’ve been.

Sharing their own little study group now. for the past 10 months please welcome. jason purcell and erica daniel. welcome to the show and erica tell us. how jason makes you feel when you guys. are together um he’s very understanding. you know i like him a lot he makes me. really happy you know i love being with. him a lot. and jason why do you think eric is so. happy to be with you um we have good. conversation together we like the same. music we watch the same shows and sex is. pretty good. too now erica what about jason does he. have some like affectionate pet names. for you yeah idiot stupid. you have a mental problem yeah well she. acts stupid sometimes i mean she says. dumb things you see he has no respect. for me at all. stupid people do stupid things if i. repeat something no i tell them to. repeat something for me because i didn’t.

Hear it oh you’re stupid you’re dumb. because no no i don’t jason what about. lately though is there a special name. that you’ve given erica. um basically two words um. lying hypocrite lying lying hypocrite. why is that because she’s a lying. hypocrite. no no if you say one thing if you say oh. i want us to be more affectionate i. wanted to do my holding and so on but. then we get to the situation oh i’m a. statue now you got to make the first she. does yeah and and she lies no if i say. where’d you go. oh i told you i was leaving at 6 30.. you didn’t answer my question i asked. you where did you go she flips it now. because she doesn’t lie that’s a lie so. she’s being a little basically around. now erica how about when you guys do. have arguments because obviously you do. uh do you resolve things quickly no we. have to have sex first he will not he.

He will not speak to me he will not talk. to me unless we have sex first he said. he doesn’t let out. nothing like make it up in your house i. need to. so that’s how you get it out of your. system yeah so then i’m thinking erica. though if you’re having sex under those. circumstances it’s not quite as. appealing no it’s a chore. i i don’t like it at all she don’t like. it she doesn’t like she doesn’t like it. but the neighbors here no. the neighbors can hear what she doesn’t. like are you guys getting loud no she’s. no she’s loud. it’s not like that at all before it was. candlelight and that was just like wham. bam thank you man so you missed the. romance right you’re not romance at all. nothing nothing now jason describe uh. for us erica’s expectations for your. relationship um she wants me to treat. her like a queen in pampering i do not i.

Do not yeah she does i think she wants. me to date you know if. i have no problem doing that. occasionally but you know what i expect. the same in return you want to be true. like every time. i have to rub his back treat me like a. king every time i have sex with him i. have to she’s looking for some equal. play in this no no that’s what i’m. looking for. for one time so erica why come here and. then come on the show and do these dates. um because i feel like he’s neglecting. me i feel that he doesn’t know what he. has and um. if i can find someone else that will. treat me the way i need to be treated. then. it’s over he could be missing a good. thing. all right uh next find out how erica got. a feel for her date and now says that. size does matter stay tuned. all right welcome back we are here with. jason and erica now erica says that.

Jason has called her an idiot and stupid. well her date had some names for her too. but when do you hear what they wear. please welcome jay on folks. all right now erica when you were. talking to john did he give you any. indication of what he might look like um. he told me he was a model but um he. really didn’t get into his looks but i i. had a feel that he was he was good. looking you thought you were ready for. something good then so erica how does. your model look once he finally showed. up in person he was gorgeous he’s he’s. handsome. he’s really looking to look good he. liked it yes he’s good yeah it’s not. sexy uh eric i always understand he also. met your fiveyear-old daughter yes and. how did she react um she really liked. him they talked they you know played a. little bit you know it was really nice.

Something jason does not do at all. so they got along yeah really well. what about you when you met erica what. was one of the first things that you. noticed chris the first thing i noticed. was. i love breasts so i noticed her breasts. i’m sorry she has it okay really nice. brush she she had on this sweater and it. had holes in it so it was really. revealing so i was i was looking at it. so you like what i got. yeah i like erica you said that earlier. obviously that jason had called you some. names but uh that jay on had some names. for you what were they yes sexy. chocolate um pretty. just gorgeous looks gorgeous. something jason doesn’t at all no jason. see how easy it is to turn things around. give her compliments different kind of. names i do give her confidence but i. expect them in return she wants to you.

Give me no comments what’s good for the. goose is good for them you. that’s one of the arguments that they. had that erica said you know jason. thinks that she wants to be pampered did. you take care of her did you yeah right. yes i was all over her i was all. over you know we um we started off early. in the day so we went to a movie and uh. we were holding hands actually and i. told her i was like you know. i said this is your day i want you to do. some things you know you know your. boyfriend never do and she took my hand. she was like well y’all doing something. we don’t do it oh. yeah how can you not hold her hand man. you just said she did that right yeah. that’s what i’m talking about the. aggressiveness you want her to move on. exactly at least every once in a while. it doesn’t matter all the time you. should want to hold me excuse me i do.

But i want it in return i want it in. return. is it 50 50 or 100. now erica while you. guys were at the movie were you paying. attention to the movie or were you. paying attention to each other a little. bit of both um we watched a movie he fed. me popcorn um you know. you know he gave me a little massage it. was really nice. he’s in the movies he does not do it all. right. normally in the movie you can’t do a lot. of talking so did you spend some time. connecting afterwards yes uh we had. dinner and things loosened up a little. bit and after dinner. we got on the conversation of sex so. yeah that was pretty hot. we’re talking about sex and things that. turn around so she told me she had a. special place that she wanted to take. all right special place we of course all. are dying to know where was that erica. it was a sex shop.

We’ve been there i’ve been there already. though jason’s like you know. it was a sex shop ain’t nothing new yeah. but jason she was going with her date. though that’s a little bit different i. don’t need to find toys to please my. woman. all the good things. all the good stuff. if you’re doing it. you need to start doing it you need to. start doing it. explain why you wanted to take jay on to. this uh store well you know i wanted to. show him a couple of things he didn’t. know really too much about and you know. i know a lot about him so i wanted to. show him all right yeah i’m playing all. innocent what’s going. you’re in on store who blushed first you. were her definitely chris she blush. we um we were in there and so i pointed. out i was like you know that’s about my. size right there. and um. so what happened she didn’t believe me.

So she asked the girl behind the counter. and the girl was like yeah he’s right. that’s the size a lot i know my side. and erica now this guy’s being pretty. bumped with you were you a little bit. shocked by that i was very shocked um i. was telling him i don’t believe him and. he was willing to write in the middle of. the store just take it out and show it. to me. but i told him no i told him no i told. him i just stopped and i got arrested no. i told him no. now erica since he’s a model and you. knew that did he talk about that while. you guys were on a date did he ever oh. every magazine shot we passed he showed. me all his pictures and the magazine i. mean he’s very arrogant and high. honestly. when you got to pick yourself up man i. don’t need to tell i just wanted to make. your lady feel nice because you don’t do.

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That. but you know what. i made it wait a minute. who didn’t feel nice but you know was. she turned on by it or turned off by. that could you she was definitely turned. on by um. after we after we left the toy store. we were walking and. we were walking and i noticed she has. very very nice lips she has sexy lips so. i thought it’d be time to kiss her so i. gave her a nice hug gave her a nice kiss. and she was definitely kissing me back. so. he’s killing me but you know what now. eric are you okay kissing at this point. obviously why um you know it was there. it felt right and it’s something that. jason never does at all never so he was. being aggressive and you like that it. was. yeah i love it it was really nice i. liked it well what happened after the. kiss. um after the kids he took me back to his. place. um you know um we us i’m watching tv we.

Um watch a porno. we have to watch we don’t have to watch. wait we didn’t have to watch it at the. point right here all right it was. regular tv. he wasn’t there. um. he gave me something to change into a. little you know comfortable he changed. and um he gave me a massage nice little. rub down. and erica did we stop there was there. some other physical contacts no we were. just cuddling you know we did kiss um. that was like basically it wasn’t. and you left it at that yes. yes so jay on uh what time did you. finally get erica at home well um i woke. erica up at about 6 00 a.m. yeah um and i knew she had to get up and. get her daughter ready for school so i. woke her up and you know it was really. nice night was nice and you should try. cuddling with her a little more she’s. really good at it really all right how.

Did jason and his date know what their. future child will look like that’s one. of the things we’re going to find out. next stay tuned they’re going to show us. all right welcome back we just heard. what happened on erica’s date with jon. and now we’re going to meet the lovely. lady that jason dated jason says he’s. tired of erica’s hypocrisy and wanted. more democracy in their relationship so. we set him up with a woman who’s a real. diplomat when it comes to making her man. happy please welcome joy cox. jason jason compare your conversation. that you had with joy to a normal. conversation you might have with erica. well with joy at least there was some. type of conversation you know she. doesn’t want to talk. george pretty much intellectually in my. level we like the same elections. we like the same amount of music as far.

As hiphop. same amount of movies so conversation so. you’re connecting pretty good. conversation went well and now joy did. you feel the conversation with jason. that you were having was interesting. well at first it was kind of whack. because he only seemed excited when we. talked about sex and porn sites that’s. it that’s him. so at first you were you weren’t really. sure no not at first but then it became. uh interesting we found that we had a. couple of things in common and i became. really excited to see him so then yeah i. picked up a little bit that’s good yeah. now joy what about the beginning of the. date with jason was it different than. your typical date that you might have. absolutely. he was three hours late. okay that’s not good yeah. it tastes a little slow. i made up for that i came with some. roses yeah i apologize for it so in the.

Turn you know she gave me a nice big. kiss and a hug yeah. so jason let’s talk about looks for a. little bit uh who do you prefer the. looks of erica or the looks of joy oh. well they’re both attractive women i. would have to say but um only they would. say erica has a nicer body she has a. little more weight on her mmhmm and you. like that. erica is there anything that you were. hoping that jason might do on his date. yeah make her pay for half the date like. he usually gets me to do. he is so cheap if we buy a soda a soda. together i have to put fishy cinnamon. with it. yes that’s exactly what it is. did he make you pay let’s find out from. joy well we went to dinner in the uh in. the arcade and i didn’t have to touch my. purse at all at all all night that’s the. first time so jason was you were getting. all the money wait i spend if it’s worth.

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Spending you wait you ate. away obviously bothers you a little bit. erica right he’s just cheating no you. think it’s just a onetime thing. now jason at the arcade who was the. champ there who was kicking butt oh. i was kicking butt she knows that see. and like how she’s powering now uhhuh. there’s a nice cute pout so what we did. to make up for we went to go play pool. and i let her win a little more but she. was kind of inexperienced so i had to. you know show up. uh erica does he ever let you win when. you’re playing no he doesn’t even come. near me. no when we’re playing pool no we don’t. get nothing nothing nothing at all all. right what about the rest of the date. other than playing games you do some. other things yes we took a computer. generated picture of what our child. might look like should we ever have one.

This is kind of interesting so you go in. these places and they do a composite. between the two of you. and we actually have that photo we’re. gonna take a look at it here so take. everybody take a look here we’ll show. you the audience isn’t it cute. that look at that the hat is kind of big. girl you think that’d be a cute baby. that’s your head. she’s like. joey what about you did you get some. dirt on erika from jason when you guys. were hanging out he said she was so. childish so immature that he didn’t know. who was more mature. that’s why her fiveyear-old daughter he. didn’t know who was more mature her. fiveyear-old daughter or her because. she’s so childish. so simple like telephone calls yeah yeah. i stood through his level i stooped at. his level yeah. he is telling his date that those kind. of intimate details about you yeah it is.

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All right jason that needs to be told. now jason you know that queen attitude. that you said you had from erica did you. get any of that from joy not at all joy. is more of a type of woman that’s. independent she’ll want she’ll take care. of her man if her man comes home and. he’s tired of a girl he’ll she’ll give. him a massage fifty fish just like you. said before. she’ll take him you know take care of. you and she knows having a bad day how. are you doing boo you don’t sound like. that you don’t do that with her you. don’t do that at all you got a bad day. you don’t do that at all would you. become. yeah some people do know how to take. care of that’s the first day that’s the. first day i took very carefully. very good care of me you just don’t. deserve to care that’s what it is. now jason what about compliments did joy.

Give you compliments yeah she said i. look like a younger version of her. father which i took that as an economy i. guess that would be yeah. rather nice. now jason what about a time during the. date that you felt really affectionate. towards her did you feel that um yeah um. after we played pool and so on um we. went to get something to eat and we had. a nice conversation i see that she’s. very honest and doesn’t lie a lot like i. lie when you lie no i lie when you lie. things she just make up excuse she was. very honest and i like that in here all. right now what about you did you find. that erica lied or could you tell no she. didn’t lie to me about anything i she. seemed very honest up front. so we had different experiences here. very different. joy did jason express this to you how he. was feeling yes he really seemed to be.

Bothered by her her lying he said that. he really respected my honesty and i. think we connected we uh he held me in. the car he held my hand oh actually. really romantic. so they’re having some romantic moments. there. now eric and this is what you said. you’re looking for from jason. at all none no romance so he was giving. it up on the date that’s just like the. first time i don’t think he’s first time. that’s just like the first time. you think it would be downhill after. that now jason what about the date when. it ended was there fireworks or how did. it end um yeah you know she kind of get. she’s got a little attitude not attitude. but a lot of discouraged because it took. a while to get home but once we got it. home we had a nice conversation in front. of our house and we gave a hug and a. nice long kiss so that was a nice little.

Ending to the date then. all right now joy overall how would you. raise a date i had a great time he was. really nice he was really sweet and. romantic i enjoyed myself immensely so. you had a really good time yes all right. jason erica that’s their dates now we’re. going to find out who’s staying and. who’s changing when we come back so stay. tuned. during the break jason and erica each. made a final decision about their. relationship you know erica had hoped. that jason would realize that he’s not. as affectionate or as caring as he was. in the beginning of the relationship and. that maybe he would change did she get. her wish that’s what we’re going to find. out erica we’re going to get your. decision first obviously you care about. your boyfriend that’s one of the. important things but uh you had the date. with jay on you had a whole different.

Experience there you got the romance he. was treating you like a queen we got to. get your decision what do you say. well i feel that i deserve the best and. at this point i think jay on is the best. so i’m going to have a change change of. heart. america. is that okay with you yeah that’s fine. happy about that now jason let’s get. your decision you’ve been with erica for. about 10 months now we sent you out with. joy you had a date with her it was. different you said she deserved your. attention you had a different experience. with her also what do you say well i say. um i feel that there’s more women out. there for me and. i think joanne could be one of them so. i’m gonna have a change. of heart also. jason says change. joy what do you say he’d like to go out. with you again. absolutely not no absolutely not and why.

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