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Guatemala is a country with a population of 18 million located in Central America, rich in culture and gastronomy.

But behind all the beauty of our country, something very tragic is hidden. 46.5% of children in Guatemala are victims of chronic malnutrition. In 2017 alone, 111 children died because of this illness. In our Leo club, we have taken on the task of reducing these percentages. And for the last six years, we helped carry out our annual 5K for the Children race.

Leo Club Meaning purchase of materials, supplies

Our race requires many sponsors- people willing to collaborate, participate in this team’s effort, including all the members of the Leo Club of Jutiapa, and, of course, our main sponsor and partner, our primary sponsor club, the Jutiapa Lions Club.

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Our race not only promotes health and fitness, but we’ve also been able to raise a considerable amount of funds towards the relation of the activities of service that will help us meet our goal of lowering these high percentages of malnutrition. The funds covered the purchase of materials, supplies, and food that is given to two important destinations; the Pediatric Center of Jutiapa National Hospital and Father Pedro’s Center of Malnutrition. We raised around $1,500 in our activity. And we are pleased to know we are part of many children’s stories who have been able to overcome this illness. There is nothing more beautiful than giving out smiles.

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