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What’s up guys it’s your boy kalpan from. harold and cooper. i can’t keep doing this i don’t know how. many different indian american names i. can throw out i’m not really feeling. well today but. i can’t deprive you guys from today’s. topic and that’s. fake sugar mommy or sugar daddy accounts. i don’t know if you guys have been hit. up by them recently. i had a lot of them today already like. three of them which is insane. at first i was like okay what what do. they want they just keep hitting me up. and i don’t know what to do with it it’s. like oh yeah. just uh how are you what’s your name. this and that where you from you got. cash app and all that stuff they’re. gonna be like oh yeah. if you want the money you got to deposit. me 20 bucks and i’ll give you whatever. absurd amount. 30k a week you know always got to think.

For yourself. today i have one that said dm you with. your cash app tag to get spoil my with. my money. pretty legit right another one from a. socalled janet who said hey. if you don’t mind will you like to be my. sugar babe and you are receiving 500. bucks weekly. sounds tempting i’m not gonna lie i’d be. stupid to pass off an. offer like this right and then another. one are you interested in discreet. affair my hubby is out of town and i. want to get. my service is free for the first night. just join my profound come to my home. no need cc you might pick an address. info here. visa card number card number. oh babe sorry first link wrong join here. sorry for my mistake. how thoughtful of you to correct. yourself i wouldn’t correct myself if i. gave the wrong credit card number to a. stranger and then the last one. this one is absurd this one is insane i.

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Pretty much asked them. i just went along with it because i. wanted to know what they were trying to. do. so i was like all right you know what i. mean i’ll give my name a fake name of. course. i’ll tell them where i live a fake place. of course and they’d be like you got. paypal and i was like you know what sure. let me just send my paypal link so they. don’t you know see that. it’s a fake link i just want to see what. they’re trying to do all of a sudden. i should you not this is what i got. congratulations baby have make your. payment davey as you can see but you. have to deposit 20 bucks for your. payment to be approved and once you. deposit it you are getting your payment. instantly we are not stupid the. modern person has probably already used. paypal a few times and it’s pretty. common knowledge that you don’t have to.

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Deposit any money to get your big sum of. money i kind of like going along with. scams like this even though i know it’s. a scam and i don’t you know i don’t plan. on being. scanned by someone but it’s just pretty. funny that stuff like this is still. going on and what’s the worst. is that the fact that they’re still. going on because that means that it’s. working all i want to say today is don’t. get up by these don’t believe. them. every time i think someone is not going. to be stupid enough to believe in them. there will be a few people that are. stupid enough to believe it don’t. believe that . that’s all peace writing when i’m riding. in the band strike now i’m still from. can’t wait till i go bands up i sleep so. much more that i can bring myself to. stand up count all these checks up all. my homies next door.

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