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Today we have a very busy day ahead We started by driving to Sulphur, which is a nearby city in southwestern Louisiana And there are two very interesting things you can do here One is to explore the Creole Nature Trail, which is where you can see all the amazing wildlife in Louisiana And then you can also go explore the Boudin Trail, which is related to food, totally different I’ll explain more when we get there But here, what is cool is that we stop at this Adventure Point and it’s like a place where you stop for information, where you can learn all about the Creole Nature Trail and also about the Cajun culture This is where you learn how to catch a crab. Look at this.

This is supposed to be chicken and then there’s a crab. You know, in real life the crab would be fighting a little bit more, but it should be that simple. This is how to pronounce the words in Cajun French, which is different, so let’s see. Calcasieu. I’m trying. I’m trying to speak it. I’m trying to learn!. Calcasieu. _ Getting there _ You’re getting there. The one that most people have problems with is Boudin.. Boudin. Have you tried that yet?. I did. I loved! Our first night here. Loved Boudin.. You can have it frozen and take it home in dry ice. It takes 46 hours to drive the main part of the trail . So now let’s try some boudin. There are over 30 mom and pops making it their own, their own way. And we’re going to. one of the best ones now. They all have those little stickers in their windows, like certified boudin stop.

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So we’re gonna get to see it made and maybe try some cracklins too It’s really, really Those downhome flavors, so… That’s where we’re headed next Cool! Right here, two places side by side, to try boudin Things you only find in Louisiana. Crawfish, crab and shrimp oil What’s this here for? Is it oil? Yes! So it’s a seasoning, so you basically When you’re cooking or boiling crawfish and pour it in there, and it seasons the water, that you boil it in. Ah, interesting! Ok! Here they have this big window where you can see them preparing the boudin inside He’s blending the seasoning a little bit. Some people do boudin blanc, which is real white. Steak shrimp’s are white.

The Boudin Trail has 7 other stops in Sulphur and 27 in nearby cities Recipes vary. That’s why the idea to try various boudins Come hungry Boudin is cajun rice sausage. Very popular here in southwestern Louisiana. Sorry for the noise, I guess their fridge just started Just like in the first day that we had. It’s so delicious. What makes your boudin special here? It’s just family recipe. Just good quality product. Try to make sure everything we use is fresh ingredients. Gotta make sure it’s as fresh as we can What is the one people like most here? Is it the regular? The hot? Probably the regular mild. That’s our most common seller Most popular You get a few that like it spicy.

You get a few that like your smoke. But normally it’s the mild and then like the boudin balls. Boudin balls is a big seller. Which would basically be the boudin rolled into a ball and then deepfried, the batter. Ok. Good to know. Thank you.. I love this.. I actually forgot to mention the most important ingredient in boudin: pork!. You guys probably realized the amount of French words here in Louisiana.. That’s because of the French colonization. And then there’s also Creole French. Talking about history, we’re gonna tour a neighborhood that has the most beautiful historical. constructions in Lake Charles. The name of this place?. Charpentier That’s carpenter in French. Most of the houses are from the late 1800s. So now we’re picking up a historian to explain us everything. We are not really part of the deep South, we’re more.

Sort of where the South meets the West. For a long part of Louisiana’s history, this part of Louisiana wasn’t even part of the state. This was no man’s land. This was officially the frontier between the United States and the empire of Spain. It’s been a place that’s always been very. interesting and a little bit of unusual. We’ll see a lot of architecture that is wood base. And now it is, it’s not a museum. It’s an actual living neighborhood. People live there and you can see construction projects. You can see people putting their trash out because today happens to be trash day. You’ll be seeing all sorts of things. Not just Mardi Gras, life goes on through Mardi Gras. At the time this area was being developed,. it was very rural and very away from the rest of Louisiana. There were no commercial architects in Lake Charles until the 20th century.

And because of that, these houses were built by carpenters using pattern books They would use a pattern because "Oh, I like that porch, I like those windows,…" Here’s a good example of that. This house would be much more at home in New England. It has shakes And that’s a Lake Charles thing. We have a lot of shakes because we produce shakes here And that makes a difference This house is a fabulous house. A particularly wonderful house here It’s called locally called the Flanders house And it’s the product of two great lumber families marrying their first born children and putting the absolute best in the house.

You’ll notice the shingled corners here. The tympanum are all shingled. This is a great house inside too, its central hallway. It’s a fabulous, fabulous property. And one of the signature properties of Lake Charles.. A very photographed house. There are 400 buildings here. Not all buildings contribute to the historic district. But most of the buildings do.. The blue on top of the porch is a very southern thing. That blue ceiling fights the supposedly fights mud dauber nests. and paper wasps from putting their nests there. It’s supposed to keep it clean. At the time of the great fire, the jailer in 1910. happened to be Reid. And when the jail burned down. downtown, he had to do something with the prisoners. So he decided to take matters into his own hand. He brought them here to this house. Put them up in the attic for 11 months.

And that’s where they lived. So it was a temporary jail for Calcasieu Parish. for a long time. There is a story. A local ghost in this neighborhood is. the ghost of that of one of the prisoners who tried to make an escape by jumping. from the top window from the attic. He got out of his shackles. He jumped out of the window and died, unfortunately. But around April 23rd. every year, this neighborhood for the last. one hundred years or so has reported that. they hear the sound of breaking glass and a long pitiable scream, so they assume that it’s the. ghost of the prisoner that tried to make an escape from the temporary jail here at Calcasieu Parish. Anyway, that’s kind of cool. Just a little sidelight there for you. Wow, that was a lot of information, huh? Our guide is a true expert in Louisiana’s history.

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