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So we’re gonna begin our trip in. downtown Knoxville on the northern edge. of downtown in a small district called. old city this is the sketchiest part of. downtown Knoxville hummed the city’s. main bus stop train station and homeless. shelter there’s a decent number of shops. restaurants and bars here and this is. where people go clubbing typically. starting at about 10:00 p.m. on Fridays. and Saturdays it’s Sunday November 10th. 2019 at 11:15 a.m. we’re gonna leave the. downtown area and head east into the. worst area of Knoxville as you can see. many areas along the eastern side of. downtown Knoxville look to be undergoing. change. that’s because Knoxville has begun a. gentrification process slowly moving out. the poorer members of the community. further away making room for condos or. retail and other newer and more modern.

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Buildings that will be appealing to. younger wealthier homebuyers and. residents. this is the corner of makalah Avenue and. Martin Luther King jr. Boulevard as you. can see across the street the city has. removed a large section of poor crime. ridden areas and built a more modern. community this particular community is. called Five Points. however two blocks in front of us if we. kept going on the other side of this. shiny new little development is one of. Knoxville’s worst projects it’s a very. interesting dynamic in this part of the. city where you have brandnew homes on. the same block as the projects this. gentrification process is controversial. while many support improving communities. it forces poorer people out of their. homes separating them from friends and. family. Knoxville has plans to continue. modernizing its neighborhoods to lure in.

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More affluence to the area seems to be. working as the Knoxville metropolitan. area has grown faster than the national. average only trailing the nashville area. in terms of growth we’re now in the Park. Ridge neighborhood which regularly gets. the most attention when it comes to. crime and poverty here in Knoxville. but I’ve seen some ghetto areas and this. was very tame in comparison crime was. it’s not pretty. Knoxville has been called one of the 50. least livable areas because while the. downtown area might be charming and very. safe the outskirts are very poor and. dangerous crime in Knoxville is a. hundred and thirtyone percent higher. than other cities of its size one in. four people in Knoxville lives at. poverty almost double the national. average. it’s kind of odd to see modernized homes. mixed in with older rundown homes but.

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Some blocks rent goes for $500 for most. of the block and then there’s a fixed up. home running for 1500 a month or selling. for 250 grand. we’re gonna turn left and head back west. towards downtown again and go down. Magnolia Avenue one of the most. dangerous streets in the greater. Knoxville area many times when you hear. about a crime it’s along this section of. East Magnolia Avenue to be honest the. worst areas of Knoxville were really not. even all that bad from my perspective. the worst outlying areas of Knoxville. are just generally poor with heightened. crime but nothing like areas in major. cities across the country. so we’re gonna end the drive here we. also did a drive through of downtown. Knoxville and the University of. Tennessee as well as a video on our. drive to Gatlinburg in Pigeon Forge the. links to those videos are in the.

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