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Hey guys welcome to redeeming date night. I’m so glad that y’all are joining us. today today we have a very special guest. who is near and dear to my heart. somebody that I have grown to really. admire and learn from over the last few. months. her name is Carrie Angeline and she has. a dream lifestyle coach and she is. amazing at being able to draw what is. inside of people out and to help people. really live in who they were meant to be. and to have the dreams that they want to. have and I love how that plays into our. redeeming date night because often times. in marriage there are many things big. desires little desires just kind of like. day to day desires that husbands and. wife have inside and oftentimes that. they are not being able to feel met in. or know how to communicate or how to get. out and make those wants and needs and.

Desires of reality I mean and it can be. everything little from I just wish my. husband would take out the trash more it. would make me really turned on or you. know like whatever the little thing is. is like oh I love this and just not. knowing how to get that from in here out. so Carrie is masterful at that and has a. lot of wisdom to share just security. thank you for being here watch mom it’s. so great to be here I adore you as well. and what you’re doing well I think this. topic is so important really redeeming. love is like date night a night that. moms and dads get to like recapture the. love that’s lost during the week because. their parents working so I think it’s a. great topic I’m really happy to be here. thank you thank you. so let’s just dive right in great okay. yeah so um when so when you think of.

Like all just these little dreams that. are inside of husbands and wives these. little wants and does. maybe it is even date night like some. maybe it’s just wanting to be able to. have that time that they’re not having. together to be intimate or to go out and. talk or to go for a walk and so will you. kind of just take this time to give us a. little coaching on how to get those. inner dreams to actually finally meet. like an outer reality to be able to walk. out definitely. so whenever whenever there’s like it. kind of goes into how to approach a. conflict or how to even know what a. conflict is truly leading you to because. when when life gets so busy and when. kids are involved and and men and women. miss out on that connection time both in. both man and woman are just really. wanting the same thing they’re wanting.

Unda vidual individual attention they’re. wanting life like sacred connection and. they’re wanting to feel cherished in the. doored and what I do is I take that. desire that’s often hidden behind anger. and behind frustration for our needs not. being met and I allow that to like come. out by actually being truthful right and. it’s like if we could actually just. speak the truth that we really just want. connection we want attention from our. partner we want to feel you know. cherished and adored it to have fun I. mean it is our it is our godgiven right. to be in joy and to be happy and we. stopped ourselves from that because we. get so preoccupied with being busy and. it’s it’s important to like say that. this is what we truly want and then to. like to make it happen. right if you have a dream to you know I. do this a lot with my clients I’ll say.

Well what is that true desire that you. want and they’re like well I just want. time with my spouse you know I just want. that time and then what comes up is like. well why hasn’t that happened already. well because it’s hard to find a. babysitter or I don’t trust anyone. watching my kids or you know there‘s. like a laundry list of other things that. have like blocked people from having. this connection. like the exact same things that even. when you’re in your home like you can. date yourself even when you’re when. you’re with yourself or you can date. your husband even when you’re at home. and what that really means it’s just. like take the time to build the. connection and peak when when you know. that things are getting off track just. say hey like this is I’m really just. wanting you to show show up for me or.

I’m just really not able to show up for. myself I need some help so I can have. the time to be able to do that so that’s. that’s what I I love that it’s just like. these simple lines of communication and. really just like going back to the. basics even even if it’s I don’t even. know what I want right now yeah it was. just saying I don’t know what I want but. I’m needing something and just being. having that willingness to be patient. with each other in that to be okay with. that and then to give some space and. time until that is figured out what’s. wanted yeah it’s it’s important to give. space to relationships as well I mean. one of the things that I speak of is. like know that when it when a challenge. happens it’s because there’s a. breakthrough that’s wanting to happen. and you look to you can allow time and.

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Space for that breakthrough to come in. the other thing that I always bring in. is cuz I’m a love based coach is like. where can you love yourself first and. then find you know the fine the ability. to be compassionate to your partner for. giving to your partner and then grateful. for the the situation that actually has. the potential to bring you even closer. and I feel like there’s this like a band. flow of relationships where there is you. know there’s a little bit of separation. but then in the right energy which is. the energy of love there can be this. really powerful connection that creates. a new platform of life creates a new. platform of love yeah I like how you. mentioned forgiveness and that’s. something I’m really actually passionate. about when I speak to couples is that. the importance. well one bringing what we have to the.

Table whether it’s like I want to need. or desire or whether it’s a way that. we’d like Synder wronged each other to. say to come and to confess and to do. that more more regularly in the little. ways because the little things kind of. like they build up and so if we don’t. have this practice of communicating. forgiveness and scripture talks about. like if you’ve wronged someone you go to. them. you don’t just tell somebody else oh I. was I messed up or I treated my wife. this way or I treated my husband this. way or like you you’re go to them is. what God says and then ask that. forgiveness and have that time where you. can meet and show up and then it creates. an opportunity to love that person. instead of like something because. oftentimes we don’t even know when we’re. wrong in each other so or we don’t even.

Realize maybe if somebody was wrong in. us always in the moment so if somebody. comes and says the husband comes to a. whites and says hey I was wrong here or. I realized that you know this is. something you asked me to do I didn’t do. it will you forgive me and likewise a. wife saying you know. I was coming at you harsh or judgmental. or whatever it was and we forgive me and. then it just opens up that opportunity. to forgive and then to step forward in. that loving way and actually getting. those needs met yeah when forgiveness so. powerful and I and I you know for me. personally as a mom I I always forgive. myself first and I think that’s really. important to seek that forgiveness. within for where you don’t show up the. way you wanted to or use you sinned but. really you know it’s you take. responsibility for that you can change.

The future with that responsibility and. and I think when things go Unforgiven. and things go unspoken about that. there’s a there’s a crack yeah goodness. heals and again it’s like more love. comes in and if we’re talking about you. know the whole thing about date night is. getting back to fun having knee time in. connection but I honestly believe that. those are really important times but. that family can still be very connected. in that way even when there’s busy times. even when you know there’s kids present. it is really all about communication and. being really taking responsibility for. your own god work and that own God work. is where are you where are you forgiving. outside of the marriage where are you. taking responsibility for yourself where. are you holding yourself in alignment. with the word are you committing.

Yourself to that space and I think we’re. both partners to be doing that I mean I. think it just it brings God into the. home right yeah I it is so important now. because it’s missing and I think that’s. the integral part that’s missing and why. families are are in crisis right now. absolutely no one knows about it. and the other doesn’t mmhmm what are we. doing that’s a situation it’s like we’ve. just got it. love regardless and I mean we can love. people who haven’t loved us or loved. people who have forgotten to apologize. to us or just don’t have the words I. think it’s them that’s it’s it sets us. free yeah and there’s you’re right it’s. like there’s about it’s it’s it is. important that we can see them but. forgotten forgiveness first also because. there are often times there’s you know. many of people listening to you might be.

In a marriage where it’s like you’re not. you’re not in unity in one way or. another and maybe there is you know. something that’s happened where there’s. unforgiveness or you know maybe one. person just doesn’t even see that they. did anything wrong and it was very. traumatizing or hurtful or painful and. it could be little things or big things. but it is so it’s so important to like. keep coming to the table and allowing. God to like stand in that forgiveness. and stand in that and like allow that. God’s grace to flow through you to that. person first because it may not always. be that there’s a reconciled moment. right as much as possible I’m totally on. I’m totally on board with just having. those little like you said the weekly. like the dayin and day-out lines of. communication where you’re speaking. forgiveness and just working out the.

Little moments so that they don’t just. become this big thing and in terms of. date night like how many times a as a. married couple like you gone out on a. date night and then you’re like okay now. I’m ready just starts hashing through. the problems right like the issues. coming me like well if if we can just we. as you know husbands and wives working. these things out all week long and then. you get to your date night and you can’t. step into this space where it’s like. okay we can have fun now we can just. step in and laugh and be goofy and be. loving and be sweet and be passionate. instead of like yeah totally no I well I. mean I’ll just I’ll share with you. like I’m divorced but I had I had a. sacred Union partnership yeah Ian’s. partnership was was as it was an aspect. of how God came alive between two people.

And I remember I mean I evolved out of. that relationship because I had I I. essentially married myself enough to. just be like okay like I’m I’m I’ve. gotten a lesson here and it was really. the lesson in how to love someone. without judgment and I remember being. wherever I would go with with this. partner who was still near and dear to. my heart. we felt we were on fire there was so. much joy there was so much pleasure it. was like we would light up a room and I. would feel people looking at us yeah and. it was because the judgment was gone. mmhmm there was mutual respect and we. had a really open funloving like almost. like a puppy dog type relationship and. what I realized was like this although. it didn’t work out I was like this is. actually what God wants us to have like. if worries a sin right and if we’re.

Truly walking with God then we should. not worry about whether or not our. partners are doing you know whatever. they say that they’re doing we give our. partners to God we give our children to. God and then what we get to do as we get. to be as happy as we can be in joy in. pleasure. pursuing our passions pursuing our. dreams and that I know is the secret to. how to make a fantastic marriage it’s. when you’re not worrying you’re taking. responsibility for what anybody else is. doing but yourself. your eyes on your prize and what God has. given you in terms of a destiny then if. you know the way God works is like you. will be aligned with the that like. attracts like their sake right and then. so this is what I actually see for as. the future of Union. sacred union marriage is that there’s. there is this like there’s this energy.

About love that people feel and see and. they’re like what is different about. that right cuz I felt both I felt the. date night where it’s done like we’re. hashing out our trouble yeah night of. we’re absolutely rocking on and on love. and on fire yeah so I mean I want people. to experience the ladder yeah totally I. know that it’s through self love I know. that if people are doing their own. selflove work their own God work that. happens that way yeah I’m and I love. that you shared your experience in it um. I’m divorced too and many of you. watching and will already have known. that but um that’s actually where my. passion for this redeeming date night. came from was that when I was married as. well and I lost my marriage to addiction. but we also had that fire where people. would look at us and go how are you even.

When things got really hard and crazy. and the addiction working through the. addiction. and all that kind of stuff if people. would still say how are you guys so like. silly and fun and loving and like good. communicators and great parents and you. know these things and I would always say. honestly I know it’s because we have. always done a committed date night like. nonnegotiable our whole relationship. and so because we did that and when we. would go on date night I’m gonna just. speak this to the audience really quick. if you don’t mind that um I’m really um. really passionate about being able to. work out all these little kinks like we. talked about ahead of time during the. week so that when you go on date night. it can just be the two of you really. unite and get to know each other the way. God intended you to and.

Set aside any work talk any ministry. talk any parenting talk and you know I. see now looking back it’s like God. totally set me up to be doing this like. this summit and the date nights I make. for married couples because we committed. in my previous marriage to doing that. and it really built this strong. foundation so that when the tough. seasons happened we didn’t lose sight of. what it was to come together. no ill could literally table anything. and go on date night and have a great. time because we knew how to do that. together and we also made a time in a. place for it outside of date night to. talk and to work the kinks out and like. you it’s like I still fight for my. exhusbands freedom and pray for him and. you know it’s just like there’s no. bitterness there’s no resentment total. like peace and my spirit and forgiveness.

And it’s I still attribute that to us. having that date night and that time. together where it’s like so I’m with you. on that and we can’t choose for other. people so other people you know they. have their pathways but it is so. important I think that’s what was really. missing the fun really was missing in my. marriage and I contributed to that you. know it was like things just got low and. when the seasons came they they went. from low to lower but the the value of. what you’re sharing and what you the. amazing experience that you had is like. you keep it you keep things level and. you keep things present and you keep. things happy and joyful and you’re. committed to that right that that’s. really great I mean that’s what I also. found with my my sacred partnership was. like that’s what we that’s what we did.

And sometimes that’s all we can do was. to have a date night and that’s why it. was just so incredible to have that that. connection and to be real and you know. to dance and you know do what we do we. dad it was. got to have that piece and make it a. mainstay in a marriage is so important. so important it’s also so important I. wanted to ask you to maybe speak a. little bit more to this part that you. said I’m just about the individual. responsibility yeah because then and and. sometimes that like us least like all of. us stand before God alone individually. and I remember I always had to remind. myself of that in going through the hard. times too because it was like who do I. want to show up to be in this marriage. even you know irregardless of who your. spouse is being at the time and I was. like I want to show up loving I want to.

Show up joyful I want to show up. passionate and committed and no matter. what what my spouse was doing and that. is not easy to do but one thing that. helped was having that set time actually. to go on a date and to be like well I. better get my butt in gear and start. being that person because we’re gonna be. alone together once a month and you know. this time and I don’t want to come to. the table and just have it be awful I. want it to be wonderful and I want this. marriage to work and it was like so it’s. the value of individual responsibility. is huge in a marriage and I just. wondered if you could speak to that a. little bit more because I know you you. speak a lot about that to the moms you. coach and taking responsibility for our. own way of being in the marriage or any. relationship as a moment yeah yeah I.

Mean as a healer and a coach and and. someone who’s very sensitive to when. there was lack of love I too started to. make a choice to be happy and to be. grateful and to be forgiving and I. essentially changed the rules of my. marriage because before you know before. I woke up to understand. I could take responsibility from. socially emotionally spiritually and. before I understood the power that I had. at my fingertips to be able to make a. choice of being angry and holding on to. resentment or to forgive we we would we. were in a very toxic marriage and then I. I changed and I took social. responsibility my exhusband did not so. there was a contrast there that I still. pray about that you know he takes social. responsibility or spiritual. responsibilities but it’s not my. responsibility and it’s nobody else’s.

Responsibility to change anybody and so. you know I always teach acceptance and. compassion and sharing like what is the. kind of the bird’seye view to why. there’s a misalignment and I and I will. always coach moms to choose themselves. and choose their desires because some. men will align with that and some men. won’t but it’s also it’s okay either way. right because God’s got a plan and we. got to allow the plan to to you know. move move through us. but you just said sorry I’m sorry. and husband say and the flipside for the. husbands that are watching too because. you know there‘s a lot of seasons where. women like even with things that change. in our body and stuff like we’ll go. through seasons where sometimes I know. like I went through a season of. postpartum depression at one point it. was like I was a bit checkedout.

But that like for a husband that doesn’t. mean you get a check out to it’s like. you still get to be individually. responsible for how you’re choosing to. show up in the marriage like we’re all. accountable to God on their own so it’s. like it definitely like it goes both. ways and yeah. it’s it’s it definitely goes both ways. and it’s amazing when it can both one. that can happen with two people and like. the male’s taking responsibility the. females yeah because that actually. that’s you know that’s unity and I think. that I think that’s that’s great I think. it’s important to give space like give. space to allow the relationship to. unfold and give a lot of love it doesn’t. mean it doesn’t mean bending over. backwards but obviously yourself first. and then we when you are loving yourself. you have more than enough to give to.

Somebody else and you actually when you. look at all situations through the eyes. of compassion yeah you’re able to really. just instantly connect through that. space yeah you are you are so wise and. giving with your gets here yeah I love. it. um there you know often I will tell my. kids like you know God wants us to love. him with all of our heart soul mind and. drink but this second greatest. commandment is for us to in scriptures. for us to love our neighbor as ourselves. and I’ll always say in our home well. first our closest neighbor is the people. in our home so your spouse your children. but it’s akin it’s like you were. supposed to love them as we love. ourselves right and it’s an you know. it’s not this career. selfish self focus like it’s but it does. mean that we need to understand how to. lovingly love ourselves before we can do.

That in the most effective way to others. yeah I understand now is there’s a. there’s there’s a tenth ad bit of a. misunderstanding of what love is and if. love is attached to hate meaning if you. hate there’s not such a key we are. separated from your own love that’s in. the ripple that you create in the world. so what what I do as as an ambassador of. love is I help moms when you’re when. you’re when you’re saying love thy. neighbor as a as you would love yourself. I question how we do love ourselves. because we have a lot of negative talk. about ourselves we have a lot of. judgment about ourselves we have a lot. of social conditionings that have. actually shifted us on the line of love. mmhmm right and if that is where we’re. coming from then I would say challenge. people rise up your frequency of love in. yourself and that’s gonna rise up the.

Frequency that you have to love your. kids and your partner and the world. because it’s needed yeah yeah definitely. carry our time is almost up here feel. like we could probably talk forever. about that yeah I am I’m really grateful. that you joined us today and I hope just. for all the married couples that are. watching and I know there’s people that. are not married that are watching this. summit to that that you guys were able. to get some real just powerful truths to. cling on to and that it wouldn’t just be. like good information that it wouldn’t. just be knowledge up here but that you. really would take it especially in your. marriages into your date nights and your. daily week first and really start living. out and walking. just simple forgiveness and simple ways. of loving and communicating through. those moments and yeah we are all about.

Redeeming date night on this summit and. just took the sparks of love and passion. and joy alive and in order to keep those. alive it’s like sometimes we’ve got to. work out that little stuff along the way. so it all works out the way it’s. supposed to work out but I having the. having the passion back and having the. love and really just tabeling it but not. sweeping it under the rug is still. dealing with and then it’s and then. that’s how you get the fullness of love. whatever it’s you know wherever you are. in your home or out on a special date. night awesome cool okay I know you were. gonna offer our audience free gifts. today and so did you want to share a. little bit about that yeah it’s ten tips. to being truly happy as a parent and. it’s my ten strategies of really how to. bring a lot of happiness and joy into.

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