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Kazakhstan Dating ll first talk

What not to say to a kazakh woman. and they’re like oh and i was just like. shocked and i didn’t want to talk to. this guy anymore. that annoys the hell out of us. hi guys my name is salta i show what. it’s like to live in kazakhstan on my. channel and today is an interesting. topic you really like the video what not. to do in kazakhstan i’ll first talk. about women and then men. because i had someone message me. actually on my instagram. with that question because apparently. this guy was dating a cos a girl and he. wanted to make sure he doesn’t say. anything that would ruin their. relationship. so a lot of the things that i mentioned. in my previous video about what not to. do in kazakhstan is common sense and. everybody was commenting like. all the rules applied to any country in. that video so. a lot of the things that i’m going to.

Mention in this video also might apply. to any country in the world but they. matter to kazakh girls. specifically so let’s begin first things. first don’t ask about her. age obviously don’t ask about her weight. because. those things are not considered polite. nobody wants to answer those questions. unless there’s some kind of context to. that and you desperately need that. information. there are a set of questions that every. girl. hates in kazakhstan and one of them is. like why is she single. when is she gonna get married when is. she gonna have kids and this is. something that people ask not just men. but people around like relatives older. women keep asking like the younger women. that annoys. the hell out of us because we don’t know. sometimes people don’t plan those things. sometimes. the time is not right sometimes the.

Person is not right so there’s so many. reasons for those questions. and they just keep coming up and that’s. just so irritating. the next common sense questions relate. to politics religion and money. i would not advise you asking those. questions or talking about those points. unless and maybe you have common. religion but. not to be like in dispute about those. things and. those are the things that everybody. decides on their own and you don’t want. to force your opinion. about those subjects onto a kazakh woman. next thing i’m going to talk about comes. from. us being very traditional and. conservative so i was talking to this. foreigner and he was making this. generalized. statement about kazakh women he’s like. why kazakh women are like this isn’t it. 21st century this is kind of like. backward people. and i was just like shocked and i didn’t.

Want to talk to this guy anymore if you. at least don’t try to understand where. we come from. i don’t want to talk to anybody who’s. judging my country my people. and obviously me being part of those. people and that would not be polite in. any country so. next thing that i wanted to mention. relates more to dating if you’re not. dating this might not apply to you. there’s something that you shouldn’t be. saying can we split the bill. or can i borrow money and if you are. trying to date this girl. she’s not gonna be wanting to talk to. you anymore. at least like for the first few dates. the guys pay i did mention that in my. dating video. it might not be a hundred percent of the. women in kazakhstan but the majority of. women. expect the guy to pay and let alone you. know not borrow money from her. next thing that i keep seeing in every.

Video of mine is about. borah do not mention borat don’t make. jokes about it i say this a hundred. times. i personally don’t get offended but. ninety percent of people do. or maybe eighty percent of people do i. think uh it’s. very awful what do you think about it. it’s awful to me borax kind of always. was a negative thing. so just to be safe don’t mention that. unless the girl or the woman. brings it up herself next things relate. to dating and that applies to any kind. of country any women probably. don’t be short on compliments because. women love hearing about their. appearance about. what they’re like you know hearing all. the good things so yeah just keep. complimenting her. next comment again relates to dating is. something that. if you just started dating a casa girl. do not force her to meet her. friends or her relatives because for.

Casa girls this is very. big step even to meet her friends it’s. gonna come naturally if it’s gonna come. so don’t. rush things in the west if you meet. relatives if you meet the parents. that doesn’t mean that it’s gonna go. serious but if you’re meeting. girlfriends or boyfriend’s parents in. college then that means you know you’re. serious you’re gonna get married so. that’s a big step next thing is about. meat i realized a lot of you might not. eat meat but if you kind of like on the. fence of eating or not. don’t say you don’t eat meat at least. give it a try because. we take a lot of pride in making meat a. certain way and it’s like very tender. and it’s very good. especially if she cooks for you or she. brings you as a guest. if you can if you’re not vegetarian i. would advise you to try. next thing that i would advise is.

Learning to pronounce their names. right so if you’re friends with the. kazakh woman if you’re. dating a kazakh woman if you’re meeting. kazakh woman somewhere else. just make your best effort to pronounce. the name right because. that does really matter to us we. understand that our names are really. difficult for example my full name is. saltonat and the way i. explain it to my american friends for. example i say salty nut and they’re like. oh. that’s pretty easy to remember but i. like salta and everybody in kazakhstan. calls me salta. and that’s kind of like short for my. name so mine is pretty easy but a lot of. kazakh names are difficult to pronounce. so be prepared. last but not least if you want to make. an impression on a kazakh woman. just try to learn a few kazakh words. maybe you know sally saleh. things like that and you might learn a.

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