Is Wink A Dating App

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While we’re talking about things to. watch out for online take a look at this. tinder 14s kids are on dating apps these. days too. check it out on youtube some popular. content creators have dubbed the wink. app from snapchat. tinder for teens now before you download. the app the description says it’s for. people 12 plus. and ps wink is for friendships only. but there’s lots of videos online just. like this one telling kids how to find a. boyfriend or girlfriend on wink. so today i downloaded the app just to. see what the safeguards are that they. have to protect kids. here’s the most interesting part to me. they do ask for your age but. there’s no verification of it so some. creeper could easily put in that they’re. a teen and start talking with underage. kids. i put in my real age of 34 just to look. around a little more for you.

Let me tell you there were no nude. pictures or really vulgar or anything. but there were a few things that were. like hmm i don’t know that i could show. that to you on tv. i reached out to wink and haven’t heard. back yet but their terms of service do. say we have. zero tolerance for predatory behavior on. wink. and we will report any discovered. violation of the. prohibition on child pornography or any. other. instances of child exploitation social. media experts say. it’s a good idea to talk with your kids. about what they’re downloading. and dig into it found some free tools to. help control what kids see. a couple of stories of online. solicitation of minors. it can happen to the smallest town to. the biggest town rubitho retina with the. child advocacy center says. parents have to talk with their kids. about this stuff.

If you just allow your child to download. any type of app and never have the. conversation with them. they don’t know what security measures. to take to protect themselves. courtney burleson is also a big believer. in setting up guidelines for your. children her three girls ages 9 to 13. all have iphones and tablets but if they. want a new app it has to pass the parent. test first. using apple’s free family share feature. courtney and her husband get an alert. when the girls attempt to download. mom or dad must approve the app using. their fingerprint or password. i get an explanation from my child on. what she thinks the app is and then i go. and look up the app and do my own. research on it before deciding. whether or not to approve it she also. uses an internet filter to track what. websites her girls can visit.

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