Is Online Dating Halal

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So if you notice they we would have this. thing called halal gab. so we have this safe distancing measure. but before. this kubit happened like like we are. already practicing halal get. hi everyone i’m usa liana musfira and i. am a religious teacher in singapore. so in our religion in islam we believe. that those. intimate moments or those getting to. know friendly moments should be after. the official wedding normally we do not. use the term dating. we use the term roof in seitaru means a. get to know session. between the two parties. so by the term halal relationship would. mean you have. gone through the formal procedures of. wanting to be in a marriage. by this stage all the parents are. involved all the relatives all the. friends the entire neighborhood are. already informed of this relationship. so the beginning side is tara and then. – FIRST TIME ANAL FUCK FOR A DARK HAIRED RUSSIAN TEEN

From the get to know tara roof. they would confirm it in engagement and. then the actual wedding itself. halal bay is one of them halal before. anything else. so she’s my halal bay or hashtag. my halal future partner they use the. term halal because they just want to. like let the world know that okay. he’s his mind and he’s going to be like. you know my. my plus one some people even say like um. justin bieber. i hope you’d be my halal future partner. but that term would mean. that you and justin people will embrace. islam first and then. get married. so if you notice they we would have this. thing called halal gab. so we have this safe distancing measure. but before. this cove it happened like like we are. already practicing halal gap. so the couple do not walk close to each. other. because we have ablution so the moment.

What Is Halal Dating

You touch the. again the skin accidentally or on. purpose it would definitely nullify your. evolution that you have to retake your. evolution. so it also means no touching no kissing. no hugging no going to dark places where. there’s just both of you you’re going to. a public places where everyone can see. you. so you don’t do things that you know. that then you feel embarrassed about. and halal dating also means parents are. involved so parents are informed. that they’re going out or the couples. would go out. but they have representatives from each. family. or friend to follow it’s so funny some. even make um whatsapp group. so like they will put one step group. like okay both of them because when you. was at each other anything can really. the conversation can really go somewhere. else. so they actually include either their.

Sister or either their. friend just to make sure they do not say. things that you know they would be. ashamed of. in the future. actually there are quite a number of. people using a muslim. dating app i’m surprised that within my. student profile quite a few are actually. using the app. and they actually found their soul mates. or their husbands or. their wives through that app i’m not a. user. myself but from what i hear my students. are saying that. the descriptions are hilarious so you. are supposed to describe how religious. you are. so some would say okay i am someone who. prays five times a day i’m someone who. memorized the entire holy book. so the descriptions of how religious one. can be. on the profile it’s actually very. different from the actual. person so these are some of the things. that i heard from my students.

So i would just want to know how it’s. like in the ground but but not to find. my soul mate there because. i don’t believe the profile i’m sure. people just edit and draft. a profile that is very different from. the actual one. yeah so i i don’t think so. matchmaking is still very much practiced. in singapore so mothers would actually. eye. on some boys or some girls and then they. would actually. um share that intention of wanting to. match make. their child with their person’s daughter. that person’s. son so especially when the parents. especially when their mothers are in. good terms it’s gonna happen the wedding. is gonna happen. they say it’s a work meeting or they say. like oh i’m just going to the market but. suddenly. hey there’s this one person and the mom. together also going to the same market. at the same time.

Halal Dating In Islam

When when you’re in love anything can. happen anything can happen so. for them the feelings or emotions might. come first. on some cases they would really put your. religion first. but on other cases love can really make. someone do anything. so i would say that is one of the. biggest challenge. that couples are going through because. they have all these emotions that are. really like. volcano inside one has to be really. really strong and firm in their faith. as they go through this. our religion does not purposely put in. all these limitations and boundaries to. to further stress out the couples. because because we don’t want. two cup two lovers to meet up and then. they don’t know each other enough and. they’re already committed to marriage is. not. purposely to cause burden but it’s more. to protect. both parties because if you have a child.

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