Is Dating While Separated A Sin

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A very interesting decision that people. who are separated have to make for. themselves is how is it that they’re. going to date and what is their approach. to dating and how deep are they going to. go in the dating world while they’re. still separated hi I’m David Nestle. author adjunct professor radio TV host. life coach master left coach for about. 25 years now and and relationships are. one of those areas that I absolutely. love just love to to work with clients. oneon-one to help them to make really. good decisions about where they are in. life right now and this one has come up. multiple times in the last several years. and I’m working with someone right now. who’s in this very situation you know. she she finds herself really wanting to. be in the world of dating wanting to. have companionship wanting to express.

Love wanted to receive love and give. love but the separation that she’s in. has been going on for about a year and a. half and which is not abnormal. unfortunately in these days and she’s. trying to make a decision like where is. it that she should put herself and how. serious she should get and how how. should she take it in regards to the. ability to communicate where she is and. what she’s doing and when she first came. in she was really excited because it had. been like six months of her separation. and the divorce was really hard it still. is is still not over at a year and a. half but she was really excited because. she felt she was ready to get out in the. world and date and I popped her at that. time and had to do a bunch of writing. exercises and within about three weeks. of working together she came to the.

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Realization which is the way I work with. all my clients is that she was as far. from ready to date as you could possibly. believe and you know what ladies and. gentlemen for those who are separated. right now watching this are those who. are contemplating divorce watching this. because they’re thinking you know I’m. gonna have the papers served in a month. or six months or whatever it might be. and that I’m gonna get out there and be. free it is probably one of the worst. mistakes you can make in your life and. I’m very serious about that dating. intimately now what I mean that I mean. dating from the concept of wanting to. get into relationship mind body spirit. soul is almost impossible while you’re. going through a divorce. and I’ll explain why when you’re going. through that divorce even if you’ve both. moved out and I’ve heard the story a.

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Thousand times you know both have moved. out they’ve been out for six months. they’re doing their own thing they’re. they’re you know if they had children. they found a way to at least be able to. do the swaps and to have all those bases. covered and so the person normally. thinks they’re ready they’re ready for a. relationship and it just really isn’t. true now I would say again 95 percent of. individuals who are separated are not. ready for a relationship now they could. be ready for um casual dating they could. be ready for four dinners and. friendships and tennis and movies and. all that kind of stuff but in regards to. opening their heart and being. emotionally available very rarely does. it happen and again over the past 20 25. years I’ve seen this mistake made over. and over and over again where that. they’ve gotten themselves into a jam and.

The reason being is is that there’s. often times with the person who’s. separated there’s oftentimes resentments. against the the man or the woman in. their life that they are divorcing there. could be overall resentments for men and. or women um there is definitely this tie. with their emotions and the proceedings. in other words they could be going great. for a week or a month or three or four. months and then all sudden there’s a. court to layer all of a sudden they’re. their partner their former partner is. saying they want to change the rules of. the game and all of a sudden something. like this happens and they get thrown. into an emotional tizzy. now relationships are hard enough when. both people are fully single fully. escaped from their past relationships. but you can imagine what happens it. turns into a yoyo relationship it turns.

Into a roller coaster relationship and. and when you’ve got that going on. everyone loses and as I’ve worked with. this woman now who’s been separated for. a year and a half you know again when. she first came in she thought she was. ready within a few months after doing. the work she found that she wasn’t ready. at all and then of course you know her. desires got the best of her and several. months ago she went out and and got into. a relationship and after about a month. with this person the individual that she. was dating just walked away just said. this is insanity. because over the 30day period of time. there were two or three incidences with. her former to be husband that got really. messy and you know she was all over the. board then and if and I even though I’m. giving the example of she because I’m. working with a woman who’s going through.

This right now the same thing could. happen with a guy and they are not. emotionally available when you’re going. through a separation you’re not. emotionally available you still have a. legal tie first of all to the person. that you’re divorcing and you have. immense emotional ties now sometimes. those emotional ties are sadness that. you haven’t dealt with that the. relationship is over. sometimes it’s intense anger because the. relationship is ending sometimes it’s. anger because the proceedings aren’t. going the way it doesn’t matter. for what reason you’re not emotionally. available you’re not so I’m going to. just give you this advice and again this. is for 95% which means almost everyone. and if you think you’re in one of the. five percentile well I hope you are but. the odds are pretty small I’m going to.

Ask you to do this keep it simple keep. it light wait for it to get over wait. for the divorce to be signed to be. finalized and all that kind of stuff and. then there’s still a period of time. before people in the world of coaching. and counseling and therapy recommend. that anyone get into a serious. relationship there’s too much at risk. involved not if you have children. there’s real huge risk for the kids to. see this yoyoing all over the place for. the person who’s going through the. separation and even afterwards there’s a. lot of risk and for the people that. you’re pulling into your chaos and your. drama and that’s just the reality of it. and I’m not pointing fingers I’m just. saying this is just the way it is so go. ahead and casually date have fun tennis. movies bowling dinners lunches all those. kind of things but when it comes to a.

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Solid fullblown monogamous deep. sexually intimate relationship with. hopes for the future I think it’s time. to wait for that if I can help you in. any way whatsoever and I am here to. bring the truth I hope that you can look. look at that and and accept it for what. it is and and let me know if I can help. you oneon-one or maybe you know someone. share this video let them know what the. true rules are in regards to dating well. separated so that we diminish the chance. of emotional hurt and pain. and we actually encourage the healing. process to continue and you’ll get there. much quicker you’ll aspirate the prep. process if you do the healing work with. a professional on your own while you’re. single okay and also don’t forget to. sign up for the YouTube my channel here. right on YouTube and every one we we.

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