Is Dating While Separated A Sin

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To date or not today that is the. question but in today’s video i’m. talking about dating while separated. from your spouse what’s good my people. tasha here welcome and welcome back to. the channel so dating while separated is. it something that you’ve done do you. agree with it do you disagree with it. should people do it shouldn’t people do. it what do you guys think or maybe. you’re in a situation that you’ve been. separated from your spouse for like a. year and you just met someone and you. don’t know what you should do. if you date this one is that cheating on. your spouse or because you don’t think. that the marriage is gonna get back. together you feel like it’s okay to date. this person honestly in my opinion i do. not think it’s a good idea there’s just. too. much complications when you’re already. in a relationship that you’re getting.

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Ready to end. maybe and then you’re starting this new. relationship with usually a single. person i dated when i was separated from. my first husband i decided to get into i. don’t know if i could even really call. it a relationship because i was already. in a relationship with someone i was. already tied to someone and when you’re. dating someone while you’re separated. and while you’re still currently married. there’s almost like a force to where you. can’t move forward with that person and. you can’t move forward because you’re. still tied to somebody and also one. thing i want to add is having a. relationship while you’re separated. technically still married to someone. else i know there are probably some. relationships out there that that happen. and they’re still working. but the majority of relationships like.

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That they don’t work and it’s because. you haven’t given yourself time. to really even figure out who you are. sometimes when we’re with people. especially if we’ve been in a very very. longterm relationship we do not know. what it’s like to really be by ourselves. so you have to give your time to. readjust to being by yourself and to. even learn the lessons that you might. have learned in your marriage before you. move on to someone else sometimes when. you move on just way too fast you’re. bringing you’re breaking. baggage with you that you didn’t even. know that you probably had to fix but. you’re bringing baggage because you. didn’t learn the lesson here. so you’re gonna make the same patterns. in this relationship and guess what it’s. probably gonna end up the same way why. because you didn’t learn over here so.

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You’re gonna learn over here now also in. most states you have to be separated for. at least a year i don’t know too many. people especially nowadays i don’t know. too many people that’s gonna wait a. whole year just for your divorce to go. through so y’all can move on with your. relationship there might be some but i. don’t think most people are going to. wait just for you to get a divorce so. say if you met someone in six months and. you have six months left until you’re. you’re divorced or until you can file. for divorce a lot can change in six. months in six months you and your spouse. can be like you know what let’s get back. together let’s try to work things out. and then here’s that other person just. left in the wind or in six months your. spouse could tell you hey yep i want a. divorce i want this to go you know.

Clean and smooth maybe they’ll tell you. that they met someone else but i feel. like even if that’s the case for. instance when i was dating after my. separation i was still. confused i was being pulled. back and forth. at one point i wanted to fix my marriage. at another point i wanted to go i wanted. to get a divorce how can i be properly. stable with someone else if i’m if i’m. teetertottering with my own heart for. my spouse dating is already hard so why. would you even want to add the stress of. dating and worry about dating someone. else while you’re still married i get it. you’re upset you’re lonely and really. you probably are just looking for a warm. body and that’s pretty much it maybe you. tell the person everything. and you tell them that you’re married. and even if they agree to it just being. a fling and nothing more depending on.

How long it goes on. you might start talking to one another. you might get to know one another. and after a while you’re going to start. having feelings for one another and. that’s when it gets really really. dangerous or even worse what if your. spouse finds out that you’re dating this. or messing with this other person and. they’re the jealous type now they just. made your divorce proceedings that much. harder in this situation there’s just. too many whatifs and too many. consequences even if you don’t care. about the other person understand that. again depending on your spouse and who. your spouse is and how vindictive they. are if they find out that you’re dating. anybody else everything’s gonna be. harder for them well harder for you and. some spouses may even now say. that you cheated on them even though you.

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Guys were separated it’s that whole ross. on friends argument they were on a break. and then things just get more. complicated when there’s also kids. involved because how will you be able to. explain that to your children that you. and mommy are technically still married. but you’re over here dating somebody. else and even though i use a man. scenario i mean that for both sides. listen while you’re separated from your. spouse at this point at this stage you. need to do some soul searching financial. searching apartment maybe. searching there is just way too much. going on in a separation to worry about. another person to even worry about. dating somebody so again i think that. you should wait until your marriage is. done you get a divorce everything is. done and then worry about moving on if. you’ve met someone while you were.

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