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What’s up spine is just somebody is. trying to flirt with my yv Quaid is a. hacker the center row me after this long. scavenger hunt they ran into a laptop. and it was a promposal chad you tell me. that somebody you went to school with as. a kid is asking you to prom right now. not just anybody. it was a hacker that asked me so hacker. was my best friend I think we met at the. g kc school together. i mean that’s the only reason why they. would know me right do they not watch. our videos do they not know that you’re. already married what’s he doing asking. you to prom well good I’m glad you told. him no let’s go back to the safe house. what I didn’t say verbally yes it was an. invite so I actually clicked yes well. you were to click yes I don’t care if. this is a date they can think it’s a. date but is not a date because as a.

Hacker and I’m about to find out some. information about us as kids Chad okay. so for you it’s not a date no not at all. I’m not interested in anyone Hey okay. you convinced me I’ll let you go please. I don’t need your permission okay wait a. second I’ve got a most genius idea ever. I will go to the prom I’ll be your. chaperone all the spine then just to go. Daniel and Regina should go it’ll be a. party all four of us will go it’s gonna. be a blast we’ll do some dance moves in. between great we can do our ticktock. viral dance move together as a group. wait but isn’t are we supposed to be. social distancing right now how we gonna. go to a prom well it’s an online virtual. prom. oh okay so how do I get tickets how do. we get better let me just call Daniel. Regina okay yeah do that phone V huh. hey can you stay right there Daniel hey.

Man he found her exboyfriend you won’t. believe what he did he invited her to. prom and I’ll my virtual prompting what. the prom we’re not in school look at. this invite I got on V spawn right here. I’m snooping on your phone V hope you. don’t mind. Oh exclusive virtual prom and masquerade. what’s a masquerade Daniel looks like a. ball where people were these fancy masks. it says invite only must have a date. it’s a married man this is super weird. that some other person asked v it’s. weird. Daniel and Regina I have decided that we. all need to go to prom. not just me but all of us what what. we’re going to okay Daniel Regina you. guys try to find a date or actually an. invitation would be first and I will do. the same. we’ll make it a spy ninja prom a ninja. prom alright see you guys later. yeah yeah they gonna day you’re not.

Nervous Regina we gotta go to a prom we. got to get a date Daniel you’re acting. crazy right now I’m scared okay you know. what I have a confession to admit I’ve. never been to a prom before oh that’s. why you got a case of the nerves wait. you’ve been to prom before you don’t. even remember your past how is that. possible. Daniel traffic circle holds proms I’ve. been to three projects are no prongs. back when you were a Kurd oh come on I. was never invited to these proms and I. was peasy one you never got the email no. one ever sent me anything. there’s projects are going proms this is. just great I’ve never experienced a. problem before and I’m gonna go to this. prom looking like a doink don’t worry. I’m a prom professional and a master of. disguise I could help us find dates via. online dating profiles I have a simple.

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Threestep process to finding a. successful date Oh. step number one the trip. what what’s the trip you’re like style. your swag okay Daniel we have to find. the perfect outfit for you you’re right. I mean this is pretty cool it’s black. red you got the dragon print right there. CIBC logo Chad wild clay thesaurus okay. it is very cool I’m wearing one myself. but you’re just in a honey Daniel you. got to make yourself look a little more. fancy yeah yeah a little more pippip. oui oui okay well I guess there’s a. closet over there is a bunch of my. different clothes what if I wear some. clothes and you tell me if they’re a. handsome enough cuz I gotta get a date. all right try some outfits on for me all. right here I go. are you ready Daniel show me what you. got Oh what do you thing do I got drift. yet Virginia not only is this shirt.

Handsome but it shows that I’m a fun. dude and I’m a little bit cute because I. wear some cow ears I love it but I also. don’t it’s a little too fun don’t girls. like to have fun isn’t nervous there’s a. song like that whatever I’ll just try. something else all right um. this has gotta be it Regina look at that. the slicked back hair. nothing says handsome like that what’s. up with the golf bat I’m going for what. you skal a preppy look Regina oh you. want to make the girls think you own a. yacht I attend all the parties I have. lots of dollar bills to my name and on. the weekends I like to hit some balls. yeah I just don’t like it I think you. just look a little silly I want to help. you Daniel I want you to succeed and. this is just not it I’m sorry it’s just. not fine I’ll try another wardrobe okay. this is a little weird but hear me out.

Okay Daniel your legs okay so never. exposed like that what is this this is a. Shrek costume shrek is the best movie of. all time and there’s probably pretty. girls out there who loved the movie. Shrek and when they see me they’re gonna. beg Wow he’s a man of taste. he loves motion pictures like I do I. don’t reveal my legs too often but. that’s because you’re the best part of. my body and they only come out for. certain events like a prom or a dating. profile I don’t know if that’s a good. first impression this outfit is kind of. small you can’t really tell it’s Shrek. and then the legs are a little blinding. tone it down a little bit you don’t want. to scare them away tone it down a little. bit and I think you’ll get it all right. fine whatever get out of my swamp Daniel. maybe the girls in the dating site would.

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Be like wow I want to go to Hawaii with. him kind of like a little buttonup look. here going forward it’s a little more. fancy and the fun little print you got. it says I’m a fun guy you think I’m a. fun guy I think you’re a fun guy oh yeah. so I think we got the trip now we can. move on to step 2 of our dating profiles. the photos we got take some good photos. of us you know what we’ll get all the. babes what oh well I sure do love it. when your cute little puppy in someone’s. photo we just need to find a puppy oh. wow what you darn well know that I lost. my dog Douglas a long time ago there’s. nothing we can do about it okay. oh I’m sorry I forgot that’s a sensitive. subject with you puppies no no you know. what I got the next best thing though. hey it’s me again circling. there this is a pretty cute dog right if.

A girl sees me and Douglas together. they’ll have no choice but to swipe. right they’ll be swiping right on me. Daniel they’re not gonna swipe right on. you with those big ol eyebrows of yours. hey his eyebrows are honky you know I. don’t like dirt list I’m gonna be honest. we gotta take this forgot what you. looked like underneath that mask I think. this is as good as we’re gonna get to an. actual reallife puppy a picture like. this yeah okay okay this looks perfect. make a bunch of different faces and I’ll. take some photos okay okay a little more. natural try mysterious cool body shot oh. yeah what if I attack Daniel by this. nose that’ll be a good picture oh my. gosh oh one more I think this one will. be the best one yet look off into the. distance I know I just think about that. new promotion they’re having a subway.

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Buy one get one free with a bag of chips. those are great Daniel you think so yeah. I think we’ll need one more picture and. then your profile will be on its way to. success what if we take some like candid. photos you know her you know I’m not. gonna take advice from you anymore what. do you even know I’m gonna get a. different opinion than yours. think I’m gonna call my old best friend. Melvin feel like you last person I would. call fine go ahead okay hey Melvin I. know this is kind of way that I’m. calling you but I just need your help. okay can you help me out what’s going on. tan lines I’m trying to go on a dating. website and get a date for the prom. you’re trying to get a date to a prom. how old are you anyways you’re not gonna. score a date now with the way you dress. I’m trying to fix that you know I’m.

Wearing a different shirt but apparently. on these dating websites you need an. awesome picture so I wanted to know if. you could give any suggestions like what. my picture should be what I should be. doing in it well girls love feeling. secure with a guy they’re wimps so make. sure you show them that you can keep. them safe by flexing you got to show off. all that strength and all that muscle. that you have or lack thereof hit the. gym Daniel Oh flexing your right okay. Melvin thanks good luck hope she’s a. nice girl who’s willing to accept you. for all your physical imperfections. Daniel are we in the bathroom because. that’s the best lighting I’ve seen. people do this all the time blocks their. muscles Oh what about a little bit of my. booty cheeks on the sink you’re gonna. take a mirror selfie right now yeah.

Is Daniel And Regina Dating me again circling

I’m your friend and I need to be honest. with you that’s what good friends do I. don’t like this side of you oh that’s. exactly it huh what good friends right. Daniel stop having a temper tantrum and. grow up. have you forgotten do you have to go to. the prom you have to get a date we’re. taking all this time to take good. pictures of me what are you so confident. in yourself I don’t have to dress up. nice. I’m already beautiful give me a break. you need to take pictures of you in a. different outfit if I can’t wear the CWC. merch you can’t either this actually. brings me perfectly to step three of how. to see it in dating online edition. finding the perfect filter okay Regina. what exactly you’re talking about here. okay so for my photos I kind of want to. do something cool and be really hard to. see with my photos check it out okay.

Artsy fartsy huh as you can see we have. a popular crater liza Koshi 18.5 million. bulbs. oh she makes me giggle whoa that’s a. cool pose how aren’t you balancing like. that. oh she’s just the best and she’s doing. it in heels. I see we were getting at maybe Liza. coast she’s gonna be on this dating app. and she’s gonna swipe right on me I’m. gonna go to prom with Liza Koshi. what I’m getting at Daniel I’m gonna. become why mikoshi. check it out I got a picture of me hmm. and a picture of who I want to be so. what I gotta do. if cut my face out like so well you’re. an expert at this Regina I love it new. me. Regina this looks super weird ah it’s. kind of atrocious hey yeah don’t you. don’t get offended it’s not really you I. mean that’s not Liza. that’s not Regina that’s some weird. hybrid human I think it’s great and I’m.

Gonna upload it to my profile Tom just. hook up our dating profiles. I’m so excited one of these before for. Tina I already told you I never had a. girlfriend before so no I never had a. dating profile okay I mean I don’t. remember my memory got erased by. projects or ago that’s true I’ve never. had a significant other either. I mean V doesn’t even know about her own. past apparently she’s had some sort of. bestfriend thing whatever going yeah. well no matter what the case is I’m. super excited to see what kind of girls. like me oh yeah you know I only know. like seven people yeah I never leave the. house so this is what I need you think. maybe a girl with blue eyes is gonna. like me or a tall girl or a girl who. likes lasagna I mean the world is full. of girls. whatever Daniel it’s time to set up our. dating profile oh yes it starts with an.

About Me section you want to let the. other person know what you like what you. don’t like who you are I don’t need any. of that they’re just gonna see a picture. of me and my nice blouse and say count. me in no Daniel. is really important to know people. beyond surface value okay okay I’m gonna. put in my profile awesome at hacking. spine ninja since 2018 yeah yeah and. then I’m gonna put footlong lover french. bulldog lover and lover holo how could. you say no to that now we’re gonna do my. about Me section I’m gonna put comedian. eighteen point five million Instagram. followers what and really good at doing. this blitz you’re describing Liza Koshi. the person you put your head on because. I want to be like that I’m just showing. my potential dates what’s to come. what they have to look forward to it’s. just not true what’s gonna happen when.

They do match with you and then they say. Oh PU she can’t do the splits. I’ll PU she’s not making me laugh hey. I’m funny yeah why should they what you. know you are pretty cool in real life I. think he’s gotta be yourself I know that. guys would like it that’s the one that’s. flexing in the mirror okay fine what do. I know I never been on these dating apps. before let’s just post them so Daniel is. going to a prom maybe the rest of the. spine in jizz are going to I want in but. you can’t show up to a prom all alone. how lonely is that I must find me a date. and obviously you know who I’m gonna ask. okay here’s the fun part finding our. matches okay so swipe left. oh all right Daniel swipe left if you’re. not interested in the person and swipe. right if you are this is fun are you not. even reading it the description is.

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You’re just swiping right on everyone. look nice okay you do you so daniel is. going to a prom maybe the rest of the. spine in jizz are going. I want in but you can’t show up to a. prom all alone. I must find me a date and obviously you. know who I’m gonna ask if you’re. watching this pre Leda these are the. five reasons why you should date me. reason number one coolest I have a bunch. of different hobbies whether it’s. defeating hackers or even battling spy. ninjas I’m up for the task. I could rollerblade I like pancake arts. I know a little bit of tennis I’m. basically super wellrounded number two. I got swag I’m here my mobile command. center just chilling in and joined the. Sun and I also got these nice rings and. this new watch wrist check so why. wouldn’t you want to date somebody with. a sense of style and clouds reason.

Number three with me you’re basically. invincible I won’t let anybody roast you. and hurt you mentally or hurts you. physically because you know I got him. hurt on both ends gotcha back you don’t. say number four I’m also pretty decent. with technology you see me busting out. these youtube vids and making these cool. edits operating cameras and even knowing. how to hack stuff I got big brains. inside this big head of mine and number. five I’m just ready to share my soul. with somebody else willing to devote 110. percent of my attention to someone who. cares about that’s all so are those. reasons good enough that you would. consider me being your date for this. problem if so let me ask you out. formally and you know where to meet. if you accept this promposal you’ll know. where to find me. a rather I’ll know where to find you I.

Didn’t think about that yet. but I know I’ll see you later good bye. deal I got a batch what no way yes who. max with you all right check it out. Daniel whoa whoa he looks hunky whoa. Jeremy Davis. Wow yeah so many are people like that. online on dating apps let me see your. forehead that’s normal Regina do you. know what’s going on here it’s because. of your profile picture Regina you did a. bad job cutting out your face and. putting it online Satoshi you made. yourself have a pointy forehead oh he’s. sending more messages you better say. something nice this time he’s saying I’m. fake but he said I stole these pictures. from wise Akashi hey no he didn’t do see. Gina you should just listen to what I. said you have to be yourself okay you. would have had way more success if you. just were yourself you know be your true.

Self be genuine there’s definitely. people out there who will like you for. you you don’t have to try to be anything. else really you might think you’re weird. or you’re not goodlooking or you smell. bad but there’s definitely tons of. people out there who love just that you. are awesome and you got to embrace it. okay okay yeah you’re right. I can’t believe I did that I’m so stupid. how are you doing on your dating profile. did you get any matches let’s see let’s. just go into the folder of matches right. here okay okay um did somebody unplug. the internet why is my match folder. empty no girls swiped right on me I. didn’t match with anybody no way let me. see well we’ve been waiting for hours so. like you got to have at least one match. right I mean I’m unless he likes me it’s. my eyebrows I knew it no Daniel where is.

The razor no no Daniel brace your hunky. eyebrows they’re great I showed off my. muscle. I had the cool dog have the Aloha shirt. you know what Daniel I think maybe we. both got. went a little overboard with this whole. dating profile I mean you weren’t. exactly yourself either the flexing. photos you know they’re cool and all but. they’re just not Daniel I think I was. trying too hard to be somebody I’m not. yeah i mean i silly shirt I know I saw I. thought the makeover would be a good. idea but you probably would have been. better off in your CWC hoodie I mean. that’s a really fashionable hoodie. that’s the real Daniel right there the. guy where I see WC merch and doesn’t. afraid of anything. oh we’re never gonna get a date to go to. the prom and then because of that we’re. never gonna find out who these. exboyfriend was and then we’re never.

Gonna find out about her past. Oh be ruined it all wäôre Gina what hey. I got an idea I know how we can go to. prom I know how we can both get dates. I’ll be right back okay. I wonder what Daniels idea is to get us. both dates to this prom oh he just. texted me Regina I need your help doing. laundry boy what are you doing laundry. right now like I thought he was working. on getting us dates he’s just wasting. time and why is he even asking me I. don’t know how to do the laundry Oh. Daniel. why is this Daniel is he really wasting. my chicken nuggets I was gonna have. these nuggets for lunch. what the heck Daniel why I oughta Dale. will you be the chick and to my nugget. this is for you. oh shoot. ah ruined it well you know Regina I just. saw you know we’re so dumb. why didn’t we just be each other’s dates. of the prom you’re right why do we go.

Through all this trouble and finding. real dates when you were just there the. whole time I mean a perfect idea Daniel. you and I we just pretend to be dates. and then we both get into the prom yeah. pretend I mean it’ll still it will still. have fun you know going to the prom too. with each other it’ll be cool yeah and. then we’ll get the mission done yeah I. mean the mission the mission is cool we. definitely gotta focus on the mission. that’s for sure but definitely this is. what we’re going for. it’ll be dancing us something okay let’s. go let’s go to prom. okay spy ninjas in the next video we’re. gonna have to get invited to the prom. and then when we get there we’re gonna. prom it up me and Regina that’s gonna be. so cool we’re gonna go on this date I. mean we’re at this mission to figure out. who is v’s exboyfriend and once we.

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