Introvert And Extrovert Dating

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Hey good humans before we start this. episode we’ve got a big announcement to. make we’re going to be having a are you. tired of seeing this guy intro every. single jubilee video. what about sick christians versus one. atheist oh i like that or how about. republicans and democrats perfect are. you tired of seeing the same episode. ideas over and over again do you have a. better idea for an episode that you’re. dying to see. meeting in five minutes. are you tired of always working do you. need a vacation well jubilee is doing a. sweepstakes where you can win the chance. to appear in an intro on set for one of. our videos one lucky winner will get one. minute of fade but that’s not all you’ll. also get your ideas heard because you’ll. win a chance to help us decide on a. topic for one of your favorite jubilee. series but it doesn’t stop there we’ll.

Fly you down to la pay for your save for. the weekend and to top it off we’ll give. you tickets to disneyland. you can enter the sleep stakes by buying. any item of merch from our store. starting now through friday august 27th. at 11 59 pacific time one lucky customer. will be chosen at random and contacted. via email please see the link in the. description for complete and official. rules must be 18 or older and a u.s. resident not eligible for rhode island. residents no purchase necessary woodwork. prohibited. i teach little kids how to code and i. have to deal with them all the time. photographer now but i used to work at. apple retail give me a number. a trampoline. we brought together seven extroverts i’m. an extrovert i am an extrovert i’m an. extrovert i’m an extrovert i’m an. extrovert i’m an extrovert i am an.

Extrovert. one is an introvert if the group. discovers who the liar is they’ll split. a cash prize. if the liar survives they win the entire. prize. who. is the odd one out. so okay not everybody talk at once yeah. first. thought that comes to your head when you. think about what an extrovert is. outgoing and friendly outgoing. and enjoys uh meeting new people. yeah because we like get energy from. being with people yeah. not the same as talkative there are some. introverts who talk yes. that kind of was like overcompensating a. little bit maybe i don’t know it was. just a lot of energy i think it’s valid. to realize that you need to have a. balance though as an example yeah yeah i. think what a lot of people don’t know. you should also just take a step back. sometimes i’m in a bad mood and like it. doesn’t mean that i’m an introvert it.

Just means that i’m a human being yeah. it all fluctuates or like do you ever. like just like kind of you can just um. reflect energy from other people yeah. like it’s easier. to just reflect energy yeah brian i. thought he was either introverted or on. a blurry line of extrovert to introvert. he seemed like he was acting a little. bit an extrovert who has good people. skills and can lead a group isn’t always. talking the most that’s yeah yeah yeah. i’ve been in a lot of like small groups. for like 20 size people and i love those. sizes because you get to meet a lot of. people but you’re not always talking. already. it was just an eeny meeny miny moe. choice between allah and zed and i was. like allah didn’t talk. she was the quietest in the group i. thought maybe she was just kind of like. cutesy and quiet. we counted all the votes and we have a.

Extrovert Dating An Introvert

Tie the tie is between zed and brian. each of you is going to get 30 seconds. to state your case. funny um. i just got a little nervous in the. beginning but i like to heal people out. first and then i start like getting. energy. but i felt a lot of energy from ellie a. lot and we did talk over each other a. lot. so i mean. okay. but uh yeah um i’m very outgoing very. fun all right y’all i am super. extroverted literally 100. i mean entj on myers briggs and i love. talking to people all the time literally. planning on getting all your phone. numbers after the show because we should. hang out usually the show votes off the. most like stereotypical person first so. i was trying to not be like super. lovely but i like love people. i have to do it. zed could have been overcompensating but. he did seem very assertive in how he.

Felt about. i’m so himself. it’s okay i’m sorry. it’s fine. girl. like honestly that’s the. i was just at a low energy spot i was. feeling it out and so i was like okay. whatever so i wanted to talk about the. elimination and let me let me say my. thing and then i want all of us to do. that too if that’s okay yeah i don’t. think he was the mall i thought you were. the mall and i voted for zed because. i felt like he was just overcompensating. i definitely wasn’t over compensating if. anything i was under compensating but. you were the one out of the group that. was really over excited and i was just. like he did stand up yeah. for sure i honestly would have tried you. not. i’m sorry it was so confusing it’s okay. i could not hear anybody talking there. were like two people that stood out. but you’re just like so cute and sweet.

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And like oh you’re so cute. who did you vote for you i’m sorry i’m. sorry i’m sorry. no no no it’s okay. i didn’t know anyone so i just had to. choose someone i was so excited. if you don’t know it’s because you’re an. introvert and you know that you’re the. mole i wasn’t sure because he gave a. very convincing answer. but then you went up to speak and dude. i’m gonna be honest you just seem like a. genuinely very nice guy if i were. extroverted like yeah i’d want to get. everyone’s phone number i’d be like hell. yeah man oh. that’s weird because maybe he’s slipping. up right now maybe he. is an introvert and so that’s why he. said if i were an extrovert we have we. have like six she’s like a question i. was thinking yeah yeah so if you wanted. to go first and then you want to go next. yeah i was do you have a specific like.

Question or question okay because she. took the lead she seemed very assertive. very sure of herself and that felt to me. like she was just doing everything she. could to throw suspicion off of herself. what do you guys do as hobbies okay. i like that can i go first go first all. right just kiss yeah okay so um what do. i do is hobbies. so um let’s see i’m an actor so so just. oh oh no way so like so you know like. you got them right there right there i. mean same way you have to be extroverted. um well because i was gonna say i. actually didn’t wanna say i was an. actress because i was worried they would. plan to see that they’re like oh she’s. faking but i’m not just on stage i’m. actually a filmmaker she started talking. about acting because i brought up acting. she seemed to get very defensive and she. avoided eye contact i love going to the.

Ocean i play the ukulele awesome and. like i’m in sales so. like that just gives you a lot for what. i do as a job i actually work at build a. bear you have to be like an extrovert. and someone who’s good with people to. work there and it’s like oh it’s so. lifegiving i love it i actually have. all mine in seas christ coffee cycling. computers cameras and chests. alliteration. so i work at a trampoline park right now. you can’t work there if you can’t handle. kids teens adults but my hobbies i love. being outdoors i’m a dizzy fanatic so. when i go to disneyland and i see. birthday pins i literally go up to. random people and i say happy birthday. okay. these people are. most likely extroverts but at the same. time are their occupations and their. hobbies like really giving us the. information we need. something really quick yeah because.

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Everyone’s talking about job and in the. same time. i teach little kids how to code and i. have to deal with them all the time i do. filmmaking but i also i’m also a. mediator he helps kids code. a photographer now but i used to work at. apple retail for three years give me a. number. big air a trampoline park. yeah yeah. mostly because she seemed a little. lowkey low energy and it seemed like. she was trying to push her energy. she like admitted that she didn’t know. who to vote for and like she was just. really good at acting like bubbly. so we counted all the votes and we have. a tie oh my god. another one. the tie is between aaliyah and ellie. you guys are gonna get 30 seconds each. to tell us your most extroverted. experience so first of all when i was. taking the myersbriggs personality test. i scored a 99 in the extroverted.

Category second of all the big like. extrovert experience was two weeks. straight in guatemala with a big group. of people we like did things nonstop it. was so fun also. i have plans right after this and i’m. going to hang out with people. immediately after that. so i told you guys about job. so we don’t get to ever see each other. in person even the people that live. close by like we just like don’t hang. out too often one of our coworkers who. lives in oregon he actually came in for. two weeks and he was in town and i. literally brought everyone together like. i was one to bring her into my house and. then on top of that like i’m just laid. back guys but i’m like for sure. extroverted that’s all i gotta say. it’s definitely her. wow. i am such an extrovert but good luck. besties i didn’t vote for you this time.

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Oh so sad i really wanted to be able to. win this i wasn’t like the biggest. personality but also i was able to talk. so maybe they just voted me because i. was just kind of in the middle please. raise your hand if you still have doubt. and want to continue playing the game. because i want to ask a question. specifically to you okay yeah because. right now straight up my doubts i’m. gonna trust my gut it’s still yours i. still have that’s about you and i have. doubts about you just because. i don’t know what but. you when you said your occupation like. okay filmmaker you you write plays and. stuff but when you look at like famous. people right now they can be extremely. extroverted when they’re on the stage. and then you leave and like you’ll watch. like behind the scenes and they’re like. sitting in the corner on their phone i.

Wanted to ask you. what’s something that’s like extremely. extroverted that you do at work you. don’t understand this okay when you’re a. director you are literally in charge of. everything you’re holding the strings on. every single person you need to make. sure everyone’s doing what they’re. supposed to be doing you need to make. sure everyone’s safe. it’s crazy and insane and a lot of. people i think they think because you’re. behind the camera it means that you. don’t want to be seen you don’t want to. be in the spotlight but i really thrive. in that kind of environment while she. was talking she was trying to gain her. energy back she was talking about what. she does for others in the environment. but not very much what she felt that’s. what about you what’s something really. extroverted that you do i was at a party.

Right okay and i got. super drunk and i woke up and had so. many people’s instagrams followed on my. phone oh okay i don’t know how this. happened but this somehow did and like i. i think that just goes to show like i. love talking to people in 2015 i went to. like a church potluck a sunday afternoon. everyone wore name tags because that’s. what you did at potlucks accidentally. went to a grocery store afterwards with. the nametag still on. two different people made the same joke. it’s like oh hey zed how’s it going and. so i realized that’s two people i met. that i wouldn’t have otherwise met i. literally wore a hello my name is. sticker for an entire year after that no. way so that i could have more. conversations with you that is so that. is. very sweet. that is a very extroverted thing yeah. you’re you’re not you’re not an.

Introvert i’m a big reader i’ve read my. whole life so if you brought up like. football or like you brought up. filmmaking i’ve read something about. that because i hate not being in the. know. so that that’s that’s why i know a lot. about introverts right guys honestly. i don’t think the mole’s here. i know or something. i just. but like you also have been taking lead. and you’ve been doing a really good job. like if you are lying yeah wow. i don’t know why because you’re the one. that’s like taking control and i feel. like if i was an introvert that’s what. i’m saying exactly. i don’t want to say that it’s you but. okay i felt. sad because i thought they betrayed me. honestly that’s how i felt okay seven. six. i voted for her because she seemed like. she was voting for me. even though i loved that all i was. taking initiative maybe she’s just it’s.

All for show. we have a tie yeah the high is between. allah and alia oh we’re gonna now go. into another round of votes. i saw that coming. i honestly didn’t dude. yeah. this game you’re back i. dang like. you’re wrong like. please raise your hand if you want to. continue. majority has voted and we will end the. game. now. hopefully you guys voted out the correct. people and you guys win wow if the light. turns green that means you have voted. out demo and you win if the light turns. red that means the mole is still in the. box and you lose. oh. is it you or is it alex. why didn’t you all raise your hands is. it yours i really thought it wasn’t. yours or alex. i had a feeling something felt off i am. mad not only that i lost i was the only. one who raised my hand. will the introvert. please step forward and reveal yourself.

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