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Internet Dating Red Flags Online Dating

Hi everyone this is ingrid welcome back. to my channel it would be better that. when you meet someone online you would. be able to spot the red flags right away. before you get too attached and into a. longterm relationship with them. sometimes it’s natural to ignore red. flags because you like. the other qualities that person. possesses but you know what by doing. this you’re just actually delaying what. is supposed to happen. so. here are the seven red flags that you. should not ignore when you meet someone. new online one is they ask you for money. if someone you’ve met online ask you for. money. this is a red flag that you can add and. should not ignore. it’s one of the most obvious signs that. someone is talking to you for all the. wrong reasons remember that. no one you’ve just met should be asking. you for money and it doesn’t matter how.

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Much you have in common or what kind of. connection you feel. two is. they warn you about themselves. never ignore a warning someone gives you. personally about themselves if someone. tells you that they are trouble. believe it. that is not your job to find the good in. someone who cannot find it in themselves. you might not understand why they don’t. like themselves. but. take it as a red flag and move on. three is they say i love you within days. people couldn’t know they love someone. within days or weeks. and chances are it’s something they say. to people often because there are just. people who fall in love for every person. they meet if someone expresses their. love for you. and seems to focus on feelings rather. than getting to know you more. that is a red plan four is they don’t. wanna have a video call with you when.

Online dating it’s important to not only. get to know each other but see each. other as well you want to know who. you’re talking to if someone makes. excuses why they can’t have a video. called you chances are high. that they are lying you should know that. this is a very common tactic used by. people who are not being honest about. who they are five is they give a vague. answer on their profile an online dating. profile. is the first glimpse you have of. someone’s personality what they enjoy in. life and what are they looking for if. someone’s profile has vague answer or. they say ask me it could be that they. are boring or lazy whatever the reason. you should take this as a red flag it’s. not worth wasting your time when the. profile is supposed to give you a little. glimpse into who the person is number. six is they talk about their ex if you.

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Meet someone who seems so obsessed with. their ex. take it as a red flag whether they like. the person or spend the entire time. complaining about them they clearly. aren’t ready to move on yet and if your. actions are compared to those of their. ex this is probably not something you. want to deal with you will end up. feeling like you have to live up to them. or treat the person you’re interested in. better. than how their eggs treat them and. lastly the number seven sign is that. they go heavy on the sweet talk if. someone you have just met is sweet. talking you in an attempt to flatter you. that is a red flag they might tell you. constantly how beautiful smart and. unique you are they might act like you. are the best person they‘ve ever met. after talking for just once or twice. you might enjoy hearing these things.

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