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Hi it’s Joe here and I’m in Sumy Ukraine. let me ask you have you seen all the. pictures of the amazingly beautiful. Ukrainian and Russian women on the. Internet you know the dating marriage. agency the mailorder bride websites and. thought you know this industry is just. one big scam and con from beginning to. end. there’s no way I’m ever going there or. are you maybe like I was before I came. to the Ukraine and thought I wonder if. it’s possible I wonder if there’s a. sliver of truth to this ugly industry I. wonder if maybe a younger beautiful. amazing ‘ukraine Ian’s life is waiting. for me in the Ukraine well the story has. a happy ending but the thing is I’m. shooting this video so that you can. avoid the painful costly mistakes of an. I met made on my quest so you see when I. came to the Ukraine for myself I just.

Had to know what’s the truth when. seriously really and I went to agency. after agency and I could see with my I. could feel I could see the corruption. and the agencies the lies so the way the. only way I could find to get to the real. hidden truth was by talking to a myriad. many many Ukrainian ladies so what I’m. bringing you in this video series is the. truth through Ukrainian ladies every. lady that I’ve interviewed I know for. some time some are married some single. younger beautiful ladies are gonna bring. you the truth to this mailorder bride. or marriage agency business here in the. Ukraine and they’re gonna give you a ton. of tips so that you can be successful in. your pursuit you’ll learn all the. landmines to avoid you definitely want. to study this video series and learn. everything you can before you venture.

Out on your own so I wish you the best. of luck and much happiness in your. pursuit looking for love looking for. your other half in the Ukraine well. hello ladies. hello Natasha hello you’re the star of. the show today hello hello era hello. she’s our translator and she’s going to. be translating for in this fashion hi. today we’re talking. the marriage agency business in the. Ukraine and Natasha’s going to give us. her opinions on the industry and the. Ukrainian lady and it’s going to be. fantastic so thank you for talking to me. today. okay the type the first question what do. you think of this industry the marriage. agency or the mailorder brides business. here in the Ukraine I think there are a. lot of opportunities in this kind of. industry because people are always. looking for you have a beautiful smile. by the way and today and nowadays they.

Have no limits so that so there’s a big. opportunity do you mean there’s a lot of. a beautiful single lonely Ukrainian. woman looking for a man but they just. can’t find ya during ten years. many women are in search but they can’t. find the man ten years hundreds dead ten. years you know some woman for ten years. of with agency and they can’t why. you think they can’t find a good husband. in finding her and through agency. I think the reason is that some marriage. agencies do not do their work well they. don’t do their work work well what how. do you mean that what what did they do. wrong. I think they should they should describe. women as they are and they should. explain men their mistakes you do incest. which they make during their search. according to the photos on the website. of the marriage agencies and the.

Description of those a ladies with we. can say can I ask you. these are little issues that little. issues from from the 30,000 foot view. tell me about their agenda they are good. they want to help man. meet woman and get married they want. this yes or they don’t want they don’t. care tell me I think they’d rather not. interest are not interested in this they. don’t care not all of them but most so. what thing what do they care about what. is this industry about. they are concerned in their income in. mourning so they don’t really care about. the woman that she find a good man and. they don’t really care about their. clients the man that pays big money yeah. if you look at the website you will. understand it at once how they make a. certain kind of photos a man they make. photos to depict ladies like sexual. objects not like individuals the.

Descriptions the descriptions of the. ladies maybe not true as well so if you. see pictures on websites of depicting. women sexually like in bikinis and stuff. like this it’s not a good agency you. think what do you think I think such an. agency is not interested in marriages. perhaps this woman a is doesn’t. participate in the correspondence with. men directly and they just use her. profile that happens a lot in the. industry where they have a picture of a. beautiful inaudible chest and she is she. is there and they’re just using her. picture and then they have an. interpreter maybe even a man sometimes. send. doing emails to the western man. pretending to be this beautiful model. you can be sure that even the women. right from from behalf on the cob and. you can be sure that women are are the. translators are female who write from.

Who writes on behalf of the ladies but. it’s not the point that it’s not the. lady writing right it’s it’s it’s. something it’s it’s the lady is in the. picture and there’s another person. pretending to be this lady writing. letters this is my question is this. usually the case I understand your. question yes and I think it happens it. happens very often okay so but I make. sure but I do not speak about all the. agencies perhaps say you will be like. and you will you will rock with the good. agency so I’m trying to understand it’s. a lot of Ukrainians ladies that are. single looking for a husband. between 25 and 40 there’s a lot of them. or or what do you think I said okay. enough. what quite enough quite enough quite a. lot quite a lot huh and of course we. know there’s a lot of single Western men. looking to connect and find a good woman.

A friend and eventually oh I so why. there aren’t more marriages you think. Humberto. three parts are involved in this and it. depends on them women are too busy to. answer the letters agencies are not. interested in honest rock and they just. use women and men correspond for too. long they do not want to come so the men. are writing letters too long yes so they. should be you think they need to come to. the Ukraine to have a faceto-face. meeting with the most important thing. and when men do not do it it’s a mistake. and of course in the industry I’ve read. and seen many things that less than 3 or. 1 percent of men that write emails to. ladies in Ukraine ever come to the. Ukraine well maybe that’s a big problem. in the industry it’s a big problem they. even do not know whom they write letters. to somebody else is it somebody else.

Perhaps as I just like correspond then. there was something perhaps they want to. get off the couch who knows okay let me. ask you what do you suggest to the. Western man if he wants to be successful. what he should do once you find his love. and his wife in the Ukraine maybe what. advice you would give him go but the. salient the wrong machine a couple of. nights here. oh great okay mother steal it first he. should understand what she wants and. what kind of a woman he’s looking for. second and it’s obvious I think should. believe believe in this and ask God for. help so if he is looking for a woman. he will take an advantage said oh he can. meet the same woman and she will take an. advantage of him too for example if he. is going to find a woman to take an. advantage of her she will she will use. him too so that’s a recipe for success.

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So he should come to the Ukraine young. do not write too many letters. yeah anything else. perhaps he should search her for a woman. who is not too young for him won’t be. he’s a grand daughters bingo not too. young so on that subject what is an. acceptable age difference you think. between the man in the woman for to have. happy family. those nobody voicing it to my minds age. difference. shouldn’t be too because so it’s a they. wouldn’t look as a father and daughter. okay yes obviously so what what what. number do you think is the maximum age. seventeen that’s your number let’s talk. about roles of the wife and the husband. in the Ukraine. what is the woman’s role in the marriage. and what was the husband’s role in the. marriage in the Ukraine. again due to the economical and. political situation in Ukraine men and.

Women in the family should do almost. everything by themselves perhaps in. other countries it’s easier to pay for. some rock for some job men do allmale. work at home man that male male man’s. work every sandwich it concerns repair. woodwork electricity Mendozas and women. care about children take care about. everything which concerns so meals. closes they so they need last time men. are not so active in home duties at home. they do not do a lot. peps is a broken so hard it’s a main job. Natacha let me ask you what is you think. the Ukrainian woman looking for in a man. that she would want to have as her. husband. what kind of man attracts Ukrainian lady. what his characteristics what’s most. important believes that crimean woman. wants to remain help the female energy. and that’s why she is looking for a man. and male energy and of course here.

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Should possess some features here should. be responsible strong it’s hard to. describe you should be kind responsive a. lot of I think for our women it’s very. important not to feel lonely in her. family couples should have common ideas. common values common goals. and every woman every woman needs her. her special man her half yes yeah that’s. why we can’t we could we can’t explain. it in some particular characteristics so. it’s true the Ukrainian woman is not. just looking for a man to take care of. her but she’s looking for one man her. half to complete her I think it’s true. for every woman uhhuh. and so let me ask you this a tough. question I know the Western man is very. afraid because they see all the scams on. the Internet. all these women that want to get out of. the Ukraine and want him for his money. looking for rich men scams you know so.

He’s afraid he comes to the Ukraine and. maybe she wants him not for him not for. love him but what she can do a passport. maybe Armani what do you think of this. is that a big problem or it’s it’s a big. problem and it depends on the man for. example if a man is looking for a woman. much younger than he’s here it means he. is going to taken advantage of her and. she’s gonna take advantage of me and I. know it’s gonna be a mutual I use you. you use me really yeah sure you’re some. bass and Sarah with yourself so if I’m. understanding you you’re saying yes it’s. a problem there’s training women looking. for to get out of the country to marry a. rich man but this is the situation where. there’s a big. two big age difference maybe like. daughter and father age difference. this is where the problem is is that. what you’re saying.

Problem after machine Nisha to seen the. melodic silly and of course men should. me have personal meetings with sometimes. women can accept man was some short. comments he doesn’t have to be perfect. really what shortcomings you think she. can accept she means her she means that. and if a woman can accept a man with. some shortcomings so why he is looking. for a perfect ideal he should see the. beauty was a Superman and it’s possible. in when you have contact person the. contact with her a photo want to tell. you about her character sometimes you. see a picture of a man and it’s a K he’s. handsome but when you communicate when. you begin to communicate with him you. understand you didn’t like him I. understand and so coming back to what. you said about problem that I was. talking about this problem about a. Western man afraid she’s going to marry.

Him for to get out of the Ukraine and. money you can avoid this problem am i. understanding correctly you can avoid. this problem by looking for a woman that. is mmm like you say within in 1517 years. age difference maximum so that’s mutual. there’s a mutual physical attraction and. you both have something to give to the. relationship then if you if a man looks. for this type of situation this type of. woman he will find a good woman. more like chances better chances Sheena. each attention was premium limousine. it’s a little harder she toward now. seriously choice but the tada. only smooth edges filter plating I think. it’s true he should pray and he will. well it’s a Chung. man it’s a Chung for house from God to. find your heart surely you should know. what he wants and it’s half of his. success knowing what he or she wants is.

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Half of your success yeah so Natasha. you’re talking about the characteristics. that Ukrainian woman is looking for in a. man you know it’s interesting cuz I. didn’t hear you say he should be. handsome and slims this sort of thing. how important is physical appearance to. the Ukrainian woman like if he’s a. little fat maybe bald or gray hair and a. little older how important is it. important to ukrainian army every woman. has its own opinion but i see that my. friends who get married for the second. time. their second husband is a less. attractive than the previous one. say they chose them perhaps they. understand the inners in the beauty of. this person and all the people get to. say you more they value the small they. have some experience interesting so you. think it’s not that important to the. Ukrainian woman not very important but.

It should be houses yes and not love. himself right sure can I ask you why do. you think Ukrainian women signing up for. an agency to meet a Western man why so. many dr. Hodgins put it by him it’s a. big topic some men some women are. disappointed in all men some women. doesn’t see their future life in this. country. some women just search for their are. their half around the whole room so each. woman may have her own reasons that make. sense those are all good reasons so that. makes sense some women are looking for a. better life you say so they think maybe. I marry a Western man I have a better. life in another country some women like. this. for example if you live in the. countryside and you come to the city to. find a man there it doesn’t mean that. you do you are doing something wrong no. oh bad you just want to change your way.

Of life to to get acquainted with men of. another mentality and I think I’m I’m. sure that many women just like. foreigners why do you think but you you. set that question of why do you think. many Ukrainian women looking for foreign. man but you attention they should not. answer but you want him Robert Hubbs. wrote is in curiosity they want to try. something different. they’re looking for something different. any specific reasons they might look for. a Western man any different any any. maybe qualities in a Western man that. they think are attractive to them maybe. I’m linking you and she’s got the. political economy perhaps it may be. because people are different. mmhmm yeah I understand let me ask you a. couple questions one about women of the. Ukraine where do you think are the most. wholesome. women in Ukraine would they be in the.

Big cities like Odessa and Kiev or would. the more be like in Sumy or other small. towns like Poltava just on my close. attention somewhat where are the most. pure and is there a difference of some. type of one it’s a small town bunch of. I’m from a big city but I think because. that women are more attractively in. small cities I do not mean the. appearance there they’re inside. interview and also features of character. they have more experience in life they. face difficulties which make their. character more precious yeah when you. face difficulties in life it shapes your. character my right and they have more. doctor mmhmm makes sense so you’d. suggest for the western man look more to. the country to find the girl than to the. big city the Soviet developers got your. Genovia with my link you had a tough. time so I would advise to search in the.

Small cities small cities on that note. Natasha thank you thank you for talking. to me today. and hey it’s Joe here this video is for. you if you were one of the countless. guys that personally emailed me after. watching our undercover video series. love me love me not you ask me Joe how. can I meet a real sincere Ukrainian lady. can you point me in the direction of. some good agencies so I’m gonna share. with you my number one agency. recommendation in this video but before. I do let me share the backstory with you. how this came to be you know like you I. began my journey back in Canada at my. computer you know looking at the myriad. of websites with all these beautiful. incredible model like beauties Ukranian. beauties and I found these sites are all. the same you know and I was I was. skeptical but you know I got my butt on.

A plane and flew to the Ukraine and just. jumped in with both hands and feet I. quickly found out that these are some. pretty sharkinfested waters right and I. just wanted to know what’s the truth I. want to know what is the path. potentially for my success to meet a. sincere honest Ukrainian lady for. marriage right for love and marriage so. I became kind of an undercover. journalist and went to agency after. agency after agency and went on a lot of. dates met with the owners and my spidey. senses were always tingling I came to a. point honestly where I gave up I thought. this is not in the cards for me and. that’s when I met this diamond in the. rough agency and I got so excited when I. met them at first I was really skeptical. didn’t believe their stats are. unbelievable 91% marry success rate over. 800 marriages over there 16 years in the.

Matchmaking business but then I met with. the owner and met with her a number of. times and she’s so genuine sincere I met. with their lead matchmaker. Tatiana who she’s been married over 30. years herself and she loves her job. matchmaking and she’s got a background. in psychology she meets with all the. ladies personally so they’re genuine. sincere ladies and that is HUGE. I think that’s 80% of your success is to. choose from a full of ladies that are. well vetted and you know they’re you. know they’re Janey. sincere ladies that’s huge so I got so. excited cuz I said you know everybody. needs to know about this agency because. I couldn’t find another honest agency in. Ukraine. so I said everybody needs to know about. this and the bottom line is I join. forces with them we partnered up we’ve. rebranded as match guarantee with a wide.

Calm and we’ve done some incredible. things differently because I realize in. this industry especially we need to earn. your trust. you know we need to do something. different to give you a chance to check. us out right to feel what we’re all. about and check out our ladies so what. we’ve done is we offer some incredible. free services so you get to like I say. check us out completely free so what. that includes is you get to meet up to. 10 ladies we’ll personally introduce you. to them send them up to 20 emails 20. emails and you get to talk to one lady. on skype completely free ok so that said. that’s match guarantee with a wide calm. on a final parting note guys I just want. to say that I’ve been where you are. right now you know I know what you’re. going through. I’ve taken the lumps I’ve learned. through the school of hard knocks and.

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