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Aces angels what up y’all so today we. actually have a pretty cool video for. y’all we’ve talked about this a couple. of times before and a lot of couples may. have a hard time at some points in time. in a relationship with us early or later. on in a relationship starting. conversations with one another so right. just the basic you know that gets boring. sometimes people will buy you know day. to day say hello how’s your day oh it’s. fine it was good that’s it to dig a. little bit deeper into how they really. feel you know what’s going on with their. lives what’s happened in the past all. together so these are questions we don’t. know that we’re gonna disease other. questions see what happens what’s the. hardest lesson you’ve had to learn oh. boy the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn. is how to deal with college debt or just.

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Debt in general but majority of my debt. is from college so just having to work. through that and budget and you know be. able to put things together to where it. actually works I’ve definitely learned. that I would never want to take out with. that amount of debt again but loves to. whatever it is you know I’m saying look. we’re hesitant I’ll buy the house. because of the fact that debt lingers. for a long long time in a debt like that. can linger for a very long time and also. I learned that I do not want my kids to. have any debt either okay so what are. you the most sentimental about what you. said a bit about no tears me floor. because it’s cold outside I think I’m. the most sentimental about the time the. passing of time but what I mean by that. is that’s very deep I get very emotional. when I think about what I haven’t done.

Yet and time has passed or I get. sentimental when I think about something. that maybe I didn’t. fully embrace like when Maxine was born. I feel like looking back on that time I. didn’t fully embrace him as a baby. because I was too stuck on just emotions. so I feel like I’m very sentimental. about just moments in time so a lot of. things that I cherish the most some. memories I’m like man that passed too. fast and I can put myself back in that. memory and know that I did not I was not. totally present but I think that a lot. of times when time passes we’re just. trying to get to work where we’re. looking so far in the future that when. the future comes we think back to the. past and we’re like man if I could go. back I would have slowed down it would. have been a better time if you could. just be in the moment people are sensing.

Into about their possessions but I’m. sentimental about about top that’s why. she’s more she she would prefer and. experience over an item if you received. a salary to follow whatever passion you. want it to woo I would travel yeah. travel over which is crazy because this. is what we want to do like this is what. we really want to do with this YouTube. channel we want to be with our family. they want to travel we want to engage in. a community all at the same time I would. travel and review the world like. critique restaurants and and places to. go and things to see and think you know. things are done they just show people. the world I want to be a person who. someone else can live vicariously. through efficiently I would love to get. like a 3d camera put it on my head no. this is wrong get a drone or whatever.

Get a 3d camera so these videos that we. give to y’all can be like breathtaking. 4s my go that’s what I want to get to so. well maybe that dream might come what. was the most productive and least. productive times of your life thus far. so I think in general I’m not the most. productive person but I think that I was. most productive my early 20s because out. like I just did so much like I started. my own business I got myself I are old. press releases for myself I got myself. on to news stations I was a fulltime. nanny parttime college student and I. was doing it. Oh like with no like I felt like I. didn’t have any guidance but like I made. time to do everything like I really did. and I wish that I could just go back to. her and put a little bit of her in me. again cuz I feel like sometimes I I lose. hurt a little bit to people but like I.

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Lose what I had then sometimes now I. like habit and Emmas gonna that I have. it and then it’s gone I want to be. driven and ambitious just like that girl. that was 22 and least productive I would. say probably when I first stayed home. well that’s kind of hard. I wouldn’t say when I first day home. nothing because I was a new mom but I. would say this second time around. I felt like I was the least productive. I’ve ever been in my life what do you. mean second time because when I first. stayed with him I was like working and. kind of working but out but I had him as. a newborn so I stayed with nothing in. the first six months and I really didn’t. work that much this time around I. practically don’t work at all. I work but I’m mainly at home in the. beginning not right now but in the. beginning of this new transition.

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I was the least productive because I. didn’t know where to put my time so I. was just doing stuff but I felt like I. didn’t get anything done and it was so. frustrating but but there was no set. like when I was in my twenties I had to. be a nanny and I had to be a student and. I had to do my business but those things. all had a set time because they all had. set times like I knew when I could work. on my business because that’s meant when. I wasn’t in class and I wasn’t a nanny. and I knew that when I had to be a nanny. and I knew when I had to be a student. when I transitioned into becoming just a. mom and a wife and running businesses it. was like oh wait when do I do everything. because I could just clean up the house. all day okay so next is for my what were. the three most important turning points. in your life when I was born I think the.

First most important turning point was. probably when I went to college I think. that really started to shape me as an. adult being on my own for the first time. not having mommy and daddy around hills. and to be in a couple hours away even. though my school wasn’t that far I. wasn’t was only two hours away from. Chicago I was working teacher but for. me you know I I had loving parents but. having to be out on my own even though. you know you still get a care package. every day I think that me being on my. own and having to make these decisions. and get around and figured out this and. that that was that was very important I. would say going back even before that. before I went to college I think my. first job was a huge turning point I. worked a birth to cofactor for years. about all again like five or six years.

My first time we’re gonna burn the. cofactor when I was 16 years old I. actually told the book told the the. higher magnitude that I could only work. after work from like four to four to. nine only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. crazy. she was like whoa hold on one second I. was like cuz I was playing basketball. every time I’m like you know what I. gotta practice this day understand I got. to be here that time so I was like all. right well I need and I have a very live. in the schedule and every light will. look come back to us when you’re ready. to work full time so my dad actually had. to take me back to the job like look he. don’t know what he’s talking about. you know I’m sad because we had a talk. and I saw him look I really want to work. I really want to make money he asked me. like what I really want to do I’ll tell.

Him I really want to make money. we’ve been twin back and talked to the. boss and tell her you know this is the. first time I’ve really ever doing this. and they hired me at that time and I. just focus on making money instead of. playing ball so you know now playing. ball is recreational for me and number. three is oh that’s a tough one. that’s a tough one I’m gonna say and I. would say is between what we got married. or what we had not seen I’m gonna have. to say when we had not seen because like. I was getting married I was getting. married it’s like okay there’s just us. but now it’s legal right basically we’ve. been dating for we have a day for five. years before we get a baby so anyway. which I love you I love you too but I. would having nothing that was a whole. experience could never predict in we. would never forget it just brought some.

Of the emotions and I even to this day. man I might shed it’s here thinking. about those first days that he was born. so it’s just it’s crazy. stick with me forever very last question. what small seemingly insignificant thing. did your parents or someone else say. when you were a child that stuck with. you all this time like honestly what. comes to mind to me which is actually. negative. I know people say positive things to me. so what what sticks out to me is like. being bullied. yeah I guess you don’t have to be a. thing somebody said it could be a. thing somebody. oh great teacher she I loved her like. she was the best teacher ever and she. would always come and ride down our. street when she went home that’s where. all the teachers rode town they always. drove down our street and she made a. point to like stop by every once in a.

While as the years went on and I would. go visit her and she will come with me. well when I got to high school in. English class we had to write a letter. to a teacher in the past that had made. an impact on our life. so I wrote a letter to her she got that. letter when I graduated from high school. she had her brother in law who was I. think unlike the board the School Board. of Education I think he was like on the. school board but um she had him come up. to me and he’s like oh are you Jessica. and so I’m like yeah and so he tells me. how she really enjoyed that I wrote her. that letter and he was kind of like the. spokesperson for her it’s as if he was. her in that moment work and so he told. me how she felt about the letter if he. told me that she he told she told him to. find me at graduation. we were not even in the same district Oh.

Minutes away district oh yeah cuz you. switch okay we happen to work in this. district so she told him. and she had him switch everybody got. their diploma from like president but he. specifically when I didn’t even notice. until I got to him but he went on stage. and just for me he switched places with. the principal to give me my diploma and. at that moment it was like the Diploma. was coming from her because he was like. her representative yeah I will never. forget that and I have not heard you. define I teach his name but like that. was so special to me like my favorite. teacher yeah. my favorite teacher did that like that’s. what teachers are supposed to do yeah. like impacts your life so much that you. never forget that he take a snack break. that was a good video yeah that was a. very good video man I like the concept.

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