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Five weird relationship women with boys. number five nineyear-old boy marries a. 62 year old woman in 2013 9 year old say. Nia Macey Lila. became the youngest groom in the world. when he married 62 year old Helen. Shabangu and a year later he completed. the feat again when they were remarried. in a similar ceremony the ceremony took. place in the village of sim Hungary. India malanga South Africa in front of. 100 villagers who served as guests. however the ceremony is not legally. binding as helen is already married her. 66 year old husband was in attendance. for both weddings number four have you. ever thought that if a 11 year old boy. was married to 26 year old w0m en. according to information from a news. magazine Danny J’s Elmer in Rajasthan. such a malaise which pervades the boy. married the girl three times is twice.

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Her age and the women of the family. elders also exercise their rights it is. physical abuse to any half of this area. is in Pakistan do not be nervous. this unique story of child marriage is. the truth behind the second the truth. behind this is a message that such. courage young today in many parts of our. performance number 371 year old woman. marries 17 year old boy three weeks. after meeting him at son’s funeral they. say love knows no age and no barrier but. when an old woman marries someone of the. whole other generation it is tough to. believe in quite shocking. seventy oneyear-old Almeida Earl was. paying her last respects at her son’s. funeral when she met 17year old Gary. Hardwick it was then followed by a. romance for three super a long week and. then they got married. number two fourteenyear-old boy marries.

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