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Are you looking to find your love from. russia well you come to the right video. hi welcome to online for love your. number one resource for dating. by the numbers like i just said we’re. going to be going over one of the best. websites for finding. a russian lover and that’s russian cupid. now most of these people who are using. this website. are either russian girls or western guys. but there are other people who can sign. up and use this website. right off the bat if this doesn’t sound. like something that you’d be interested. in then you should definitely take our. online dating website quiz. this quiz will ask you some personal. preference questions as to what the best. online dating website is for you. personally. and at the end it will let you know what. that website is exactly if you’d like to. take this quiz yourself you can check it.

Out in the description down below or by. clicking the link that’s popping up. above my head right now. and after you take that quiz hopefully. your answer from that quiz is in a. result on our deals page our deals page. has some awesome discounts available. from multiple different online dating. websites so if you’d like to save. yourself some money. who the heck doesn’t be sure to again. check that out in the description down. below or by the link popping up above my. head in order for me to go over this. review make it a little bit easier for. you the viewer to digest i’m going to. break it down into these five categories. and that’s the features. the user demographics the prices the. ease of use and the success rates. so without further ado let’s jump into. number one on the list which is the. features. of russian cupid registering on russian.

Cupid is extremely simple and it. shouldn’t take you longer than three. minutes. you just need to give some basic. information like your first name. your email and some other stuff in order. to sign up this will lead you to be able. to fill out your profile. add some photos be sure to take some. good ones to make your experience a. little bit better and then from here you. can start exploring the features of the. website depending on what type of. account you have you will have. more access to all of the features if. you are a paying member but you don’t. have to be a paying member in order to. use this website but we’ll get into that. later the first feature we’re going to. talk about is making contact. and once you click on a person’s profile. there’s five. vital options that it gives you that you. can use to interact.

With people now if you’ve read over. their profile and you like what they. have to offer. the first feature that they have is. pretty much available on almost all. online dating websites and that is a. like feature where you would let them. know that you like them or that you’re. interested in that now if you like. somebody a lot there’s another thing. that you can do that’s a step further. than that and that’s to add them to your. favorites list. if you add somebody to your favorites. list on this website it’ll let the other. user know that you have added them to. your favorites list it’s a great way to. express to somebody that you like them. very much and it lets them know that. you’re going that step further the next. option is to be able to send them a. message now. everybody can send a message on this. website however.

Only paying members can see the messages. that are sent. and see the messages that are sent to. them however if one of the two members. are paying member. then that paying member and the free. member interacting with them will be. able to have contact and communication. with that person now the other two main. options are to be able to report an. account if you do find that they are. being suspicious a scammer or something. along the lines of that. and if you don’t want to interact with. this person ever you can also add them. to your block list. this way the community can keep itself. healthy keep out talks as. individuals who are looking to scam. other people and it really does make a. better environment for everybody on top. of that there are a lot of search and. filter features that you can utilize as. both a free and.

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Paying member and it really does help. you narrow down the right russian person. that you may be looking for. of course paying members have some more. access to bigger. search and filter features however the. free members do also have a pretty solid. search and filter feature available to. them as well you can search for people. based on if they want kids what their. religion is if they smoke if they drink. what their hair color is what their eye. color is what their height is what their. weight is there’s so many things that. you can search and filter through on. this website apart from that you can. also. change and search cupid tags now cupid. tags are like a hashtag that you attach. to your profile so let’s say you’re. somebody who likes to travel a lot. you can put the travel tag on your. profile and somebody searches for people.

Who travel. then you’ll be the person who comes up. on that and vice versa if you’re looking. for somebody who wants to travel. then you can search the travel cupid tag. and you’ll see other individuals who put. travel. on their profile another feature that. russian cupid has specifically for those. premium paying members. is messages translation so you may. interact with people on this website who. actually don’t speak any english and. they only speak russian. luckily this website has a feature where. if they type something in russian to you. the website will automatically translate. it to english so that the language. barrier isn’t affecting your matches now. they do also have another section on. this website for those who are. interested in getting married through. this website and they actually have a. form that you need to fill out.

That form is called their international. marriage broker regulation act or imbra. and users will need to submit their. marriage and criminal history as so as. to keep everybody who is using the. website safe from stalkers predators and. abusers and so on russian singles will. crossreference this information and. verify to make sure that you are telling. the truth now before i move on to number. two on my list i do want to ask you guys. to make sure you are hitting like and. subscribe. seriously it really does help us out. with that all notorious youtube. algorithm. and it helps push our video out to more. individuals who could get great. information from us here at. online for love so this moves me onto. number two on my list which is the. demographic makeup of russian cupid of. which there are two million total users.

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Using this website. even though this is a pretty significant. number of users it is important to note. where these users are actually coming. from so. i’ve divided it down into the top five. countries and. what percentage of users are from those. countries first of which is russia with. nineteen percent of users the second of. which is the united states with fourteen. percent of users. and then ukraine with eight percent of. users italy with seven percent of users. and germany with five percent of users. the rest of the percentage of users is. split among 247 other. countries looking at these raw numbers. it’s pretty clear they see. that the most popular areas for people. using this website are the united states. and russia. and as far as the male to female ratio. goes on this website. most of the users are actually female.

With about 66 percent of their users. being female and 34. of the users being male now again i do. want to ask you guys to make sure you. are hitting like and subscribe it really. does help us out and we super. duper appreciate it and this moves me. onto number three on my list which is. the pricing. of russian cupid now there are two types. of memberships on russia cupid and. that’s the gold membership and the. premium membership it. comes with its different benefits gold. members get the ability to communicate. with all other users whether they are. paying or not. they no longer see ads and they have the. ability to browse anonymously and they. will receive. vip support when needed platinum members. get all of those benefits. plus they also get to see that they are. ranked above other members on the. website. they’ll be able to put twice as many.

Photos on their profile. your profile will be highlighted among. other users on the website. you’ll get access to indepth match. ranking algorithms and. you can get the messages sent to you. automatically translated to english if. they’re not already as far as the prices. go the gold membership looks like this. for one month you can pay 35.99. for three months you can pay a total of. 69.98. or 23.33 per month and for 12 months you. can pay a total of 139.99. or 11.67 per month and the platinum. membership prices look like this. for one month you can pay 40.99 for. three months you can pay a total of. 79.98 or 26.66. per month and for 12 months you can pay. a total of 159.99 or 13.33. per month now if you’d like to save. yourself some money on multiple. different online dating websites that. are out there you. have to check out our deals page our.

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Deals page offers multiple different. online dating website discounts for. multiple different online dating. websites so if you love to save money. who doesn’t be sure to check out that. deals page. right now this brings me on to number. four on my list which is the ease of use. of russian cupid and i have to say this. website is. really easy to navigate through. everything is pretty clearly labeled. it’s easy to go through the different. sections and i don’t feel like i’m. getting lost. whatsoever it’s really easy actually to. also see. who’s a verified account not because. they put a little green check that is. next to all of the. profiles who are verified you can verify. your own account if you would like. yourself by. uploading a photo of a government id. such as a passport or a driver’s license. you can also easily recognize premium.

Members as well since they’ll have a. special logo next to their name too. when we talk about profile pictures you. can see all of people’s profile pictures. whether or not you’re a free or premium. member which is really great for those. who want to explore the website first. before they put money into it as. mentioned above as well russian cupid. offers some. really detailed profiles and they do put. a ton of information on these profiles. there’s a ton of question prompts. there’s a ton of information physically. about who. you’re talking to and it’s a really. great detailed online. dating website in comparison to others. that i’ve reviewed and while you’re. exploring other users websites as well. if you filled out your own profile you. can see. other people’s profiles and their match. indicators and if you. match in desires that you’re both.

Looking in for each other you’ll see. that. your desires are in a green box and if. you don’t match let’s say they’re. looking for a different age range that. you don’t fit in. then it’s going to be a red box at the. very end of the page you can see some. additional information shots has the. type of looks their lifestyle their. hobbies their interests their background. and cultural values as well. and lastly beneath that is something. each user has written about themselves. in a few sentences. across the top of the main page you can. see current members online. your matches search messages and. activity tabs. on the right side of the header you can. see your settings your profile setup and. lastly a little globe that will give you. some information on different types of. websites. that cupid media has to offer in.

Comparison with other online dating. websites i think that russian cupid does. a really good job of keeping their. website clean and organized and not. filling it up with all of this. distracting clutter whether you were. tech savvy or not i can’t imagine that. you would have a difficult time using. this website now again i do want to ask. you guys to make sure you are hitting. like and subscribe seriously it really. does help us out with that youtube. algorithm and we super duper appreciate. it so this moves me onto number five on. my list which is the chances of having. success on this website. and that really does factor on a few. things it depends on if you’re from. russia or the united states because. that’s where most people are located on. this website. it depends on what kind of relationship. you are looking for if you’re looking.

For something that’s more casual. or a hookup then you’re definitely not. going to have success on this website as. most users are looking for something. that’s serious longterm and could. potentially lead to marriage it should. be worth noting as well that most. male users on this website are from the. western world like the united states or. canada. and most women on this website are from. russia so if you don’t fit either two of. those categories then you are going to. have a bit of a rougher time in this. website than people who do fit those. categories right off the bat if you. think that this website isn’t going to. be a great website for you. based off of that information i do have. to recommend our online dating website. quiz. this quiz will ask you some personal. preference questions as to what the best.

Online dating website is out there for. you personally. at the end of the quiz i’ll let you know. exactly what that dating website is. after you’ve taken our quiz be sure to. check that result on our deals page our. deals page offers multiple different. online dating discounts for. multiple different online dating. websites it allows you to save money and. who doesn’t love to save money so if. you’d like to do that be sure to check. out our deals page. with that being said if you’d like to. check out some more videos from us here. at online beloved be sure to check out. the two that are popping up on my left. and right. and i did want to ask you guys if you. have used russian cooper before and what. your experience on the website was like. was it good. was it bad was it mediocre let me know. in the comments down below.

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