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Hey everyone welcome to my channel my. name is vanessa ferran. and for the first time ever i’m doing a. video with somebody else. it’s hard to share the spotlight i feel. like i don’t fit. but um this is orlando he’s my husband. sort of. he’s my husband sort of and i mean well. you know on paper but we haven’t had the. ceremony yet. um and this is basil he’s right here oh. thank you i love you. yeah he’s been a little bit of a how. would you call it um. clingy clingy ever since his surgery he. got in order like last week. but um he’s gonna be here under my lap. on my lap. it’s right here so if you. yeah now that we’re both seated and at. his level it’s gonna be a little bit. hard. but today we are filming we’re doing the. video sorry bobby. we’re doing the video about how we met. and it’s. oh it’s funny because i was doing a tour.

Falls. uh on my instagram pretty much i. told you guys about how we met on tinder. and how we had a long distance. relationship for about. three years and now we are here married. with a house and a puppy and. sort of married sort of married sort of. yeah um. so i i asked you guys if you have any. questions for us. um we haven’t seen the questions because. i wanted it to be like organic and i. wanted. you know for us to be i guess unprepared. i guess that’s where you. you tell like the most honest opinions. i’m just in the spot and you don’t think. about what’s right or what should you. say. but i thought that we should start by. each of us saying how we met in our own. in our own words and i feel like i. always talk about it and i’m going to. give the batoon i guess or give the. microphone to you. because i’m the all i’m always like the.

One that’s talking about it and being. and he’s like yeah. so how do we met so there’s two sides of. every story right. and then the truth is somewhere in the. middle of it. so we did meet on tinder um. would have been back in 2015. um doing a lot of traveling was hanging. out with the boys. vacationing partying and with that came. the great idea of. hey why don’t we set up. uh some dates in advance meet some. friends if we’re going to be partying. it beats having you know having to go. out there and try to meet people on the. spot well we can just already know. people. and have some rapport and have some. friends to go hang out and party with so. within that on one of the trips to. her native country colombia which by the. way you’re alright. you have to say that you’re okay you’re. also like i’m not okay. that will go that will go yeah go ahead.

I just had to. there hanging out there with some. friends so on tinder we matched. and so happens that she was currently in. the city that i was planning to go to. shortly and so we matched and. um she told me hey i’m just here looking. for. someone to show me around i’m new to the. city and. that’s when i was like oh so you don’t. live here. or there rather and she was like no i’m. actually going home. three four days from now so i was like. oh okay well. in my head i’m like well that doesn’t do. me a whole lot of good um. she doesn’t she’s not gonna be around to. hang out with me when i get there so. um the conversations ended up just. we kept going uh we actually developed a. pretty good friendship. along the way even though i knew that we. were not going to hang out in person. we uh would still whatsapp you know.

Every so often. share stories um kind of filling her in. kind of like what my plans were over. there she was letting me know what’s. going on in her world in barranquilla. where she was living. and so nothing much came out of it um. other than you know friendly text. messages. for about four or five months or so um. timeline wise heading kind of toward the. end of 2015 i knew she had a sister in. florida. and i knew she had a tourist visa and. oh hold on i skipped a step we actually. did try to meet up. um when i was passing through her city i. went to visit there for a few days we. tried to link up. um she had some other plans and couldn’t. happen it ended up not happening so. i was like oh man you know this would. have been a good opportunity to meet my. friend in her city. didn’t happen that’s okay we’re still. friends we’re still pen pals.

Via whatsapp um and so. then i was like hey you know your sister. lives in florida right she says yeah she. lives in fort lauderdale i was like. when’s the last time you went and saw. her she was like well. years ago it’s been a while me and my. sister um. you know don’t talk as much as you know. we used to or whatever and so. i was like hey well why don’t you come. to the u.s and. visit your sister and then come here too. at the end of the day i ended up. shooting that i’m not good she skipped. florida. and uh so i was like all right we’ll. just you know we fly out here to atlanta. so she came out here and we met in. person for the first time right after. christmas. the end of 2015. and then. um she was gonna stay for a week in a. couple days. um and then after that was like all. right i’ll go. and see my sister i can’t she probably.

Figured okay i can’t. be in the states and not see my sister. being so close atlanta and florida not. that far away so. she came up and the first day was pretty. awkward i went picked up at the airport. and keep in mind having never met in. person so. i’m just looking for a tall girl. to show up at the airport um and only. have pictures to go by. oh by the way i’ve never sent you a. picture so it’s just like pictures that. i was not very like. you know into social media but no i. wouldn’t post as much. so i don’t think yeah i uh a few. facebook photos and your instagram. photos. i don’t even think we really even video. chatted never and i asked her once and. she was like yeah no i don’t do that. so so i’m like all right i’m looking out. for everybody that’s. you know rolling up the escalator at the. arrivals portion of uh.

Atlanta airport and i finally i was like. okay that’s gotta be that’s gotta be her. it looks like the girl from the pictures. and she’s. about my height she’s pretty tall for a. woman and so i’m like. you are i mean yeah but for a woman i’m. pretty tall. for everybody okay uhhuh okay that’s. that that’s fair. so at the airport it’s just like hey. good to see you. and um i this part is fuzzy to me but. according to her i did one of those. little halfway hugs where you just kind. of one arm. tap a little bit and it was just. kind of a little bit awkward and um. we’re just. waiting for the bags it took forever for. the bags to show up and so we had to. make awkward small talk which of course. uh is now. you know you have like the nerves of. like being the first time it’s no longer. like oh whatever it’s just. a name on a phone of a friend that i’ve.

Never met before and probably never will. and so now it’s like okay it’s real now. we’re here in person like. she’s probably scared to death first. time in atlanta with you know. someone that she had never met before. and just putting a lot of faith in. you know her pen pal to you know show. her a good time for nine days. oh show her a good time that sounds so. wrong you’re a good time around the. world. okay okay okay this is important so this. was around. the new years i’ve never had done. anything cool new years. like ever because you know i have like. an old family like i don’t have. classes my age i you know like i live. farm like you know i. just want to have a good time for new. year’s you have to put that in because. it’s a good time i could be like. i don’t know okay sorry good morning no. not like that i’ll show you a good time.

That sounds. so wrong as a host you know you want to. take. someone brand new to the city to your. tourist attractions and things like that. right the typical. and that just kind of stay inside and. it’s like okay why did i come all the. way to atlanta for right i want to see. what atlanta has to offer so. the thing is um my flight i was supposed. to arrive on. 26 but it got delayed like three hours. and i 25th it got delayed three hours so. pretty much i ended up having to it was. like a connection flight i ended up. having to. travel to miami and then spend the night. at miami and then wake up at like three. in the morning to have a flight at five. in the morning to arrive at atlanta like. it was like hell so i was so tired and i. was you know i had like no sleep so i. was extremely tired that’s why i slept. you know i needed to pick up something.

Like i think i met you and i hadn’t even. showered that was really bad. but i was just so tired but i’ll tell. you a little more when it’s my time to. turn the story. and so then the next day we had a. um a whole thing plan where we would go. see downtown atlanta we went to the. aquarium which was kind of one of the. few of atlanta’s big tourist attractions. biggest aquarium or second biggest. aquarium in the world or whatnot we went. down there. um she really liked it and i just. remember thinking. at one point we were seeing the penguin. display. and you kind of come up you go. underneath. and you come up and there’s like this. little glass encounter like. thing over your head right so you can. kind of go up into the. the frozen environment they they stay in. the cold and so you can kind of get. close to the penguins.

And i was in my little cubby and she was. like. just down there in her little cubby and. we both kind of popped up at the same. time and she was really happy seeing the. penguins. and i remember making eye contact with. her and just seeing her. happiness looking at the penguins and. that’s kind of like when it hit. hit for me like oh she’s like really. pretty and. i i think you know what if there’s. potential for more in this and just kind. of starting to. to look at things a little differently. kind of like okay. maybe i maybe i like her like maybe you. like me yeah i think i think maybe i. like her and. and so for me that was kind of like the. big moment of. the the shift between like okay we i. knew we were just friends i. zero percent expected anything other. than friendship to come out of this. and that was uh i know it was only like.

The second day but it was kind of like a. turning point where. i started to look at it a little. differently so. i was in my dean um i was in medellin. for a fashion show. and this is my first time ever going to. medellin uh i was like. you know first row in the fashion show. i’m super excited i. did not know anybody you know imagine. and i was scared and nervous because. it’s my first time traveling by myself. ever. um i had i had downloaded tinder before. um but it did not ended up working with. you know this guy that i met and it was. just you know what i i deleted it. completely and then i remember being in. the uber immediately i’m like. oh my god i like i’m gonna be in this. fashion shows and i only brought like. two pair of shoes. and i have no idea where to go i need. somebody. you know to show me around to like show.

Me the city and. tell me you know now in hindsight like. being on tinder looking for a guy who. shouldn’t take you shopping. did not sound the best were people. thinking no did not tell the best but. like that’s what i you know that’s what. i was like looking for so i started. i turn on the other mind you guys know. about colombia imagine. it’s like a lot of like pretty girls and. a lot of like a lot of tourists go to. meet the girls so. i was i wasn’t gender looking for guys. that look colombian. because i wanted somebody that looked. that was from the city. to take me to places to you know it’s. like hey this is this is that you know. like. i’ll show you around whatever no. foreigners no foreigners. you know because because when you’re. from colombia and you’re not interested. in four years you’re like oh foreigners.

Only come to look for girls to have fun. and then they leave that’s like what you. think that being a colombian girl. so i was like you know i need somebody. to help me shop for sure. we match but i didn’t talk to you at. that time. because um i was very popular in tinder. mind you but. i had a lot of messages and i would. never read them um but he was. kind of like patience with me not. responding but i’m like huh he kind of. cool i’m gonna give him my laptop number. because i’ve never. i was never on tinder so we connected. there and we talked about we. talked later on when i was already like. back back at home um because the fashion. shows honestly like it was amazing and. it was such a great thing i saw i got to. saw. alexander ambrosio like almost falling. down the stairs. and i was like super dark it was so fun.

But um yeah i was all by myself um. i guess then we linked up and he was. telling me about. how he was gonna go to barranquilla for. some reason. uh and and he wanted me to help him out. like. a like you know help him out with like. places and locations and all these. things and like tell about it. you know like where to go blah blah blah. and then he was like oh by the way you. should come out you can come hang out. with us let’s go let’s go party. in my mind i’m like i’m never gonna meet. this guy like this is a guy from the. internet i’m never gonna meet him i mean. i’m nice with him and he’s fun and he’s. very nice but. i just did had no interest in meeting. him ever. like just because i know he was from he. was from the states he was a foreigner. like i was like nice to him but i just. had no interest whatsoever.

Um and i remember i even tried to. i even tried to like send you out. contact from my friend karina by the way. i’m like oh you know. because my friend couldn’t is from l.a. but she was living in my in barranquilla. with going to school with me i’m like. oh you know i’m sorry i’m not available. but here this is my friend if you want. to hang out with her. she’ll like she you can take her like. club and whatnot because he wanted to. repay. me helping him with like where to stay. and all this stuff. look with like i know paying for my. drinks while partying i’m like. i’m good like thank you but this is my. friend if you want to figure out. so he came and then he left and nothing. happened. i mean we kept talking on on on our. phones i remember. he was telling me about the girls that. he met in baraguia and i was telling him.

About the guy that i was seeing. in that moment or whatnot i remember. even telling my picture what not but it. was very like friendly um. i was not interested in him whatsoever. sorry love. uh i was just a friend and i remember i. remember that. uh well when everything the whole i mean. like the whole. flight thing came up because i was like. bored i did not want to spend christmas. with my family because i was just. i was just dawn of my parents are really. old my. you know i was kind of lonely my friends. were gone um. i just had broken up with my. exboyfriend at the time. remember well a couple of months ago so. i was like very like okay i don’t want. to spend. christmas and you know just suck inside. my house because my parents are old they. don’t do anything really much for. christmas and half of my family is.

Jewish. so yeah i was like you know what i want. to live. something like i want to experience i. want to travel like yeah let’s let’s. make um. georgia happen or whatever happened and. that’s pretty much where everything kind. of started like. it’s so funny because i remember telling. my friend like she was she was like. are you sure you’re not into him like no. like i consider him as like. my gay friend like what yeah i told i. told you in may like no you were like. you were like. pen pal and gay friend that’s very. different well i mean it. actually the point i think there’s. nothing ever going to happen between us. i swear to delay as my best friend i. started like not there’s nothing there. and then i remember okay it’s funny. because like i remember. when i when i got there i was so nervous. and i had like he told me oh yeah it’s.

It was supposed to be like a four or. five day thing like don’t worry about it. we’re not gonna we’re just gonna. go out he told me like don’t have high. expectations and i’m like well cool. honestly. i remember making the luggage and i only. packed uh gym work clothes because i’m. like i don’t have anything. to anybody to impress and that was like. kind of like the highlight of it because. you know how like with guys you’re like. oh my god you have to look. turning away since i had no expectations. like you know. i had like nothing’s gonna happen there. i literally i don’t think they even. brought like makeup i. literally just brought like all sneakers. all like leggings workout clothes. i remember that was like my whole attire. for the whole time that i was here. because i had they look good in those. leggings. i had nobody to impress so i remember.

I Met My Husband On A Dating App pick up the phone and

Like i had to go buy a. dress for um for a comociama for. yeah because i have nothing to wear. because i did not. think about impressing anybody when i. wear my one seat my onesie of wonder. woman i’m like. this guy i don’t i don’t care what he. thinks about me so it was just. me literally being me um without i. forgot the onesie. yeah so unsexy yeah i know you rocked it. though. yeah like tada that’s my pajama it was. like a onesie. and i don’t care it was like. me being 100 myself um so yeah that’s. how we met. um since it’s so long already i’m going. to. go ahead with the questions if if if. that sounds good for you. i mean we can always do a second part. for this but i feel like this video is. already going to be. extremely long haha my aunt is so she’s. still old she’s like what’s tinder. i’m like i’m not i’m not gonna answer.

That if you don’t know what tinder is. then tinder is definitely not for you. this one is okay tips for longdistance. relationship oh we didn’t. well okay sorry about that so. after that after we became a thing uh. thankfully i found the job here it was. like a fashion job. so it’s like a market job so i was still. in school in colombia. but i found a job for um like. wholesale fashion shows so i would have. to come. every two months uh and travel you know. do a show here in atlanta that’s like. like four days and then. travel to dallas and do the show in. dallas for like other four or five days. and then sometimes there was like magic. show which is in vegas. and then i would come here and i’ll. spend time with him and then we’ll go. back to you know to columbia. to school and that was like my thing. every two months so.

My schedule was insane but i i do feel. like that’s a huge. part in why our relationship worked. because. my life within colombia but i found a. way to be able to. come here every two months i think i. would stay like a month every time or if. not like two or three weeks so. it was pretty uh like cool that we got. to see each other however. um it was very like married couple and. then. me in colombia like saying nothing yeah. no in between. and at that time he was leaving with. like two single guys so it was just very. weird because like he was like you know. going dancing and doing his tingle. whatever. with his friends and i was like in. colombia i’m like okay well. it just sucks because i i should. like we should be going out you know on. a weekend kind of thing so it wasn’t. really rough because it was like yeah it.

Was all or nothing. tips for long distance relationship uh. now you can start with this one because. yeah i think one of the things that kind. of led to a lot of rocky uh. moments was okay so we had the all or. nothing thing going but then. um while we were apart for also. three four five weeks at a time at times. um i know people say this all the time. and. it’s true and it feels like okay duh but. okay communication really is key and so. neither of us are talk on the phone. people. and i feel like that’s one thing yeah at. least on my part i should have made a. bigger effort to. pick up the phone and make more calls um. because. there’s only so much you can communicate. via text right so we would text you. ping pong back and forth throughout the. multiweek absences but it’s not enough. especially when you’re dating someone.

You really you know. want to gauge more like how was your day. you know the highs and the lows and. things you want to share and sometimes. you just can’t get all that across on a. text message so. um that’s one thing that i think is. critical for any longterm relationship. is you have to. really make an effort to communicate. more than you would otherwise. and so i feel like a lot of our issues. up a lot a lot of the many. yeah we’re you know communication based. it could have been better if they were. better communication. and so um the number one thing for me. is just do what you can to really. communicate. in multiple ways not just textbook text. calls. video calls um you know when you can’t. be there in person. uh fair we went through a lot like we. broke up three times. in our whole like relationship i think i.

Think at least three times minimum. ah yeah and there’s a lot of issues but. i think like that like oh. overclaimed overcame overcome overcome. those issues and us being here. with a puppy uh and it just you know we. kind of like know what we would both. have done different i feel like when we. jump into this relationship i wasn’t. very scared like he was he’s my second. boyfriend in my whole life. um and you know my first boyfriend was. my first kiss was for everything so. i had like no experience and. relationship whatsoever so i was not. very vocal of what i wanted or what i. expected from my relationship. and we got into this relationship not. knowing like. how like what we wanted of our future. like. what we had in mind like in my head i. mean our communication was really off. in my head like i was doing my i felt.

Like the beginning three years. i was the one doing more like i was the. one traveling here i was the one. that you know i couldn’t have friends in. colombia because i was here and i. couldn’t i didn’t know anybody here. because i didn’t know anybody you know. um. like his best friend was his. exgirlfriend so i was like very like i. mean she’s nice but no. like weird like you’ll be like she’ll do. like this weird talks that i was not. comfortable at. so i really didn’t have any girlfriends. here and i didn’t have any friends in. colombia that i could hang out with so i. felt very like. i’m the one traveling i’m the one that’s. you know my life is a whole mess like. i’m depressed. i don’t know where am i like i felt like. half the time well i was still trapping. a lot of my sisters too so half of the. time i was like my stuff would be here.

Or myself would be in colombia or. my sister and i’m like my life was a. mess. while his life was just ongoing like his. life was just fine. perfect and i felt like i was the one. that was sacrificing more. the reasons probably the biggest one of. why we broke up in a while was because. he didn’t know where this was going and. i was. i didn’t want to push him or i didn’t. want to ask him like hey where do you. see. ourselves i did ask him once and he was. like i don’t know and like. are you kidding me like after three. years how can you know no. how can you not know where we’re going. when i’m pretty much. like i don’t know what’s gonna happen. with my own life with my own career. because i’m waiting for you. to like figure it out like and this is. the thing you cannot. start a fully committed relationship if. one of y’all.

Don’t have a plan to move it’s not gonna. work if one of y’all. doesn’t if one of you doesn’t have a. plan or doesn’t know. like hey i’m going to be the one moving. towards you know. moving to your place or i’m going to be. the one moving to the other one. there’s it’s never going to work because. yeah what’s the point because one of you. have to how do i. like sit it like just give in. yeah like you didn’t move a. longdistance relationship it’s not. gonna be. long distance forever there’s no way. there’s no way that that’s gonna work. out. you have to talk at the beginning. because what’s the point on wasting time. in a long distance relationship where. none of you are gonna commit or you’re. gonna be like hey. you know when you move here when i move. there or whatever it’s just not gonna. work out. establish a plan right yeah like sample.

The plan when the relationship is gonna. stop being long distance. i guess in my case i never really wanted. to rush this kind of thing. but this kind of thing right like. like you know getting the thing you know. what i mean. but i guess i was treating it more like. a local relationship where it’s just. like okay what’s. what’s the rush but when it’s long. distance it’s just so different. and sorry sorry to cut but you were. doing that because. you were not you were not we were. putting nothing in the line. i was the one that was traveling i was. the one that felt like i had like. i was homeless because that’s the reason. i had like my instability issues was so. raw for me like mentally emotionally. however he did not know that well he did. know that but he did not. know like how it felt because it was not. him so for him his life was linear.

You know fun time when your girlfriend. comes around but. it was just very meh you know i was like. the one that. i was graduating college i needed to. know where i was gonna go like where. we’re going to do my. you know my school my work look for a. job like my. like the other job was very like every. two months that’s not a stable job you. know like i had to like. save money to pay my school and then i. would end up with nothing so it was just. like. yeah i was very unstable yeah yeah when. you’re in a local relationship. just you can both people have their. individual lives and. when the moment’s right you know you you. know it and you can act on it but with. long distance it’s just different you. need to establish. uh longterm goals and you know. make a commitment to to stick to them so. the second one. haha did you ever go to sleep with a.

Video call on. okay i’ll answer that so i lived in kind. of like a farm. it’s not really a farm there’s no. animals but it’s like pretty far away. from the city and i had like a really. bad. internet connection now imagine you. being like. you know okay i had a really rough day. and living with my parents like my dad. and i used to fight a lot. and sometimes i just want to talk with. my boyfriend and be like hey you know. this is what happened we had a really. but like not a texting not voice no like. having like an actual. face to face you know like even if it’s. just a hug like that just matters a lot. so when i couldn’t like even like. spacetime him. like we didn’t have that because my. internet connection was so bad we were. just very. comfortable of on how things were at the. moment you know just because. we knew that in a week or three i was.

Gonna fly. but in that specific moment when i was. like going through it. it was rough like i just did not want to. be a part like i was just done with. everything. so yeah we’ve never really had a video. call um. much we didn’t do that very much uh to. be honest like in a whole different. unless it was like five minutes like hey. i’m at the local mall. or like the city mall which is like 30. minutes away from my school. somewhere with good internet and so it. wasn’t a quality conversation it was. like okay here i’m seeing your face. everywhere. okay but yeah and so in the times of and. he doesn’t have. an apple like we couldn’t even facetime. like it was like oh what’s up like. yeah he’s stupid samsung but he yeah. so this one’s spanish i’m gonna say in. spanish but i mean we can translate it. because i know for sure.

She does english. which means like she asked if our the. feelings with the feelings were born. um while we were in different places and. how was our first date. so actually again we were just friends i. had an opportunity for him. i feel like i so oh the moment for me. was when i saw him with his family to me. isn’t very. important to like just family values are. really important for me and when i saw. him with his mom. on that new year’s thing it was like huh. he’s a good person. my mom has always ingrained me when a. guy is a good son he’s gonna be. a good husband it’s not like i was. looking for a husband at that moment. whatsoever at all hey you know i thought. of me. getting married like a 32 but um i just. seem like. he’s a good person we didn’t really have. a first date because we just went in. from france to like.

Dayton and but it’s to me our first date. it’s. big it’s like the time that we. right after the earthquake i think i was. so tired and i was so hungry and he. can’t cook. like he at best will boil an egg and. sometimes he ruins that. so i mean is it am i lying on my line so. um he took me to chickfil-a which at. that time i hate it but. i love it now and he was like going out. about like the lemonade so i’m like. i don’t like i don’t drink anything. about water so i was like huh. cool so that was like your first date i. was just like you know no makeup i was. tired i’m. super sleepy and yeah right after the. airport. he needed to feed me because i was. hungry and he couldn’t cook so that’s. what. that’s where it took me and it was not. really a date we went and had lunch at. chickfil-a. oh yeah and she sent a picture oh it was.

Right there right next to her we need to. eat something yeah. and she sent a picture of me to her mom. who was like oh he’s kind of good. looking. and i was like yeah she was like nah. okay mom. whatever you know things started. changing everything after. and then he told me after that when we. were at the airport he looked at my butt. you told me that and i was like huh not. ashamed i did i told you you look good. in those leggings. but still it was just more like oh but. not like i like you but. everything that happened after that. second day at the aquarium to me it was. just approached differently. um as far as like yeah they weren’t. dates but okay when we would go do. something it was just a different. dynamic to it. i mean i think i met his mom like at the. fifth day of meeting him so i’ve never. done that with anybody.

I mean i did not even meet my. exboyfriend’s family so yeah we all. hung out with my family. so that was like whoa i was like wait. like it was way too fast but it was like. you know i was like a friend i was not. like interested in my girlfriend i was. like a friend. um but it’s funny now that i’m thinking. about it so in order for my parents to. let me. go to georgia oh god um i told him. that i had met him and his fake sister. imagine and that i was friends with both. of them. um mostly his sister and i’m like. you know how are they gonna know like. they’re not gonna know like they’re. never gonna meet him this is gonna be. it’s my friend we’re never gonna see him. again pretty much. mostly like he just took it once you. know like once in a lifetime kind of. thing like i’m never going to go back. to georgia again so i told him that he.

Had. a sister called patricia um. and then i was like oh yeah like he took. me to dinner because patricia is in. school. and work whatever and my mom was like oh. he’s kind of cute. like you know for some reason this. sister was always busy. yeah i was never around yeah how. convenient. and the joke wasn’t me because i mean. here i am married to you. and till this day my mom has not asked. me about patricia thank. god i’m sure she found out and she felt. like. embarrassed for me she should never. really like ask about it. but lucky me i’m currently in a long. distance relationship tips. of day to day stuff to make us feel. closer. it’s tough with long term i mean after. you know just. after you have a face time conversation. you know what what else really is there. to do i mean that’s that’s about as. close. as you can do with current technology is.

Fia okay so we were long distance like. he was in. um in the states and i was in colombia. so it was kind of rough but i still kind. of make it work i’m not very. how do you say in. yeah english not the same thing okay so. i’m very thoughtful. in a way so i would like i would i. remember like i would do all these. things like i would send him little. packages little care packages. i remember like for like her six month. anniversary i sent him something like a. package with like you know like the wall. like things that you need like i kind of. patented them tricks that you need. and just things like like a wallet with. like something like cute with like some. pictures which i don’t know where it is. but i’ll show it to you guys this is a. lot of work. um but just little things that i know i. i think i’ll some. i bought you some gummy bears once i.

Think it’s like one of my friends. shelley even like tell me like put some. gummy bears in in your in your. yeah she orchestrated a couple things. yeah and it feels like the fact that. like. when he’s not expecting him it like just. because i’m not there physically. it does is it doesn’t mean that i’m not. thinking about him. okay well that was it you guys let us. know if you like this video. um we try to be as yeah as honest as. possible uh i hope. hopefully this is not a such a long. video but i mean we did have a lot of. stories and we do have. way more um way more that was just the. surface i only got to the second day. that we were. hanging out i know but you see how like. if this thing just goes like it’s like. time. there’s still more stories from the rest. of her stay in atlanta and then. you know some of the uh trips that i’ve.

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