I Met My Husband On A Dating App

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Hi everybody. welcome back. welcome back. um so. i should say welcome. because. this is going to be the beginning of. something. wonderful. and for those that haven’t seen my new. hair cut. okay. i it’s longer than this. i just slipped it back today because i. didn’t feel like dealing with it. so you know i’m doing a little bald hair. scallywag look today honey okay looking. like somebody mama. but um. anyhoo welcome. this is going to be um. a part of my testimonials um. it’s probably going to be broken up i. think look at my nose. we’ll probably smush some of the parts. together. this first video is not going to be that. long um. but. please. leave comments questions concerns. that you may have that i may be able to. answer based off of you know my. testimony my experience um and just. different revelation that god may give.

Me that i mean can give to you um. also um just. because i would like to talk to you all. my wonderful faithful subscribers. yes. but um but yeah so this is going to be a. new part of my testimonials um this is. going to actually. be the story. okay. of how i. met. my. god deed husband. okay. so. um for those of you that already know me. personally. i’m not going to spoil anything. but i’m going to start with how we met. so this first video um will actually. entail how we met. and. oh. let me see. my notes. and and i also kind of go into like. that’s the second part um just to finish. off the year because this began actually. in 2020. so. excuse me um even though. i just burped up my own video. um even though we just began 2022 um. it came in hot. so. i feel like we’re already halfway the. year but it’s only january. so um. like i said this story begins in 2020.

So. let’s get into it. all right so. i’m gonna just get comfortable. um. so to just avoid for me saying his name. i’m gonna call him. uh. chocolate. dr chocolate. i’ll call him dr chocolate. um. and hopefully maybe towards the end of. my videos like the different parts. um. maybe he will introduce himself. personally. so. how we met. um we met. in june of 2020. and. um. let’s see i. my exfiance and i um. was i used to be engaged um for about. two years my exfiance i broke up may. of. 2013. um and. that relationship was really. kind of doomed from the beginning. um per se. god said that. um because. and you know what that’s what i’ll do i. haven’t put out the video yet about. certain parts of my previous. relationship because it was a very. abusive relationship. um and i wanted to do that separately. but. to kind of ease into how i met dr.

Chocolate. um. that’s gonna tickle me every time. how i met him um i’ll just talk about. that. so. uh. may 2020 um by this time i think that my. exfiance and i had gotten back together. for the second time we had actually. broken up for a couple of months um and. then got back together. and i think we’re probably back together. for maybe about four or five months um. after that until we. indefinitely. ended things um for the better. um not by any bad blood or anything you. know at the end. of this particular breakup. um but. throughout majority of the breakup um we. definitely were dealing with a lot of. demonic spirits um that was in control. of the relationship instead of god being. in the center. of the relationship so it caused a lot. of problems it caused a lot of trials it. caused a lot of arguments. um you know. when we first started out being together.

Um. a lot of pride. disappointment. um shallowness fear and security doubt. you know you name it it was there. so thank god i could you know laugh. about it now. um. but. that’s basically how it was and so. when the relationship ended finally of. course yes i was upset um. but i knew that it. wasn’t going to work i knew that it. shouldn’t have worked so. because i was in this state of mindset. because like you all know my channel is. your full transparency i was in this. mindset of yeah i just don’t want to go. through that anymore. but i’m lonely. and so therefore. let me. go online. let me you know drive up some. conversation. with some people you know just because. and not to get anything out of it and. have any expectation. i just was purely lonely and i just. wanted the conversation um you know i. went strictly from.

Having a fiance you know having someone. i was living with for almost a year. you know having. this intimate relationship where you’re. supposed to be building this life. together you know um. to. you know basic poop. basically food. and so. it just kind of landed me in this place. so yeah what am i supposed to do now. so. end up with going to be faithful apps. um on this particular app and this is. the new by no chance any sponsorship but. i went to hinge for those that may know. that app. um i call it out because. i thank god for hinge. i thank god for hint i thank god. for. showing. um. showing me where i was from. and so. all right so we’re on hinge right. and so. talking to different people different. men getting to know different men. um you know casually. um. made it very clear. there’s nothing else more. to be explored here besides besides a.

Good conversation and along that. you know wavelength of different men. that i was associating myself with. um. i did end up eating. dr chocolate. and so. at this particular time. i had actually grown to really like this. younger guy. that i was talking to i thought he was. interesting you know very serious and. different. he had a wonderful. career um. and he was doing something for himself. and um. it was funny you know i thought he was. just great. i thought he was great honey. but uh yeah here comes out the chocolate. someone that’s older than me. um by about five years. and someone that does have something. going on with themselves you know it’s. not a laugh enough drug or anything like. that i don’t attract those type of men. you know okay. i don’t do that. but um. just. i wasn’t interested. i just wasn’t interested you know i was.

Like i met you know i talked to him like. yeah sure you know want to change number. you know kind of kept him. uh. on a long leash per se you know because. i really was interested in this other. guy. and. like i said not because i wanted to be. with him i just enjoyed talking to him i. didn’t really want to mix and mingle too. much after i found someone i really was. comfortable with. and so um that really mattered so. uh. because i was extra extra. and desperate and being very honest i. ended up you know talking more to both. men. um. and so. during this time you know i’m getting to. know everyone yadda yadda. and. i will never forget. uh the first conversation that i had. with dr chocolate. and it was over the phone. i was in the kitchen i think i was. cooking. at the time of preparing some food but i. just remember us.

Talking and i just. oh my god he’s probably gonna kill me i. was just not. as interested as he was you know. i thought. you know why not just you know use that. time. to talk to somebody you know. because. it’ll just. how it’ll give me something to do. you know but not knowing god’s plan and. not knowing that this conversation will. spark something in him. and so we talked i think it was about. three hours on the phone. and. and it’s still and i guess so funny like. thinking about it because then. i didn’t think that there was something. so special about this because i’m a. talker i love to talk i talk all the. time. all the time you know so it’s like. why would he get so excited about. um. where is my phone. making sure it doesn’t go off. why would he get so excited about that. oh. one second. and you know i remember him telling me.

You know how he was so shy. how he doesn’t open up to people you. know as fast how he doesn’t he gets. nervous and he doesn’t know what to say. you know to females and. i thought that was just like a ploy to. you know play game and you know kind of. just make me feel like i was special but. he really was telling me that i was. special you know. i’ve never seen him be shy. um at all like even now like i’ve never. seen him have this shy demeanor you know. um he definitely talks. probably as much as me i think i met my. match so. so you know i found that interesting but. he was so ecstatic. about this connectivity that. um we had automatically and. it blew his mind honestly you know he. thought there’s something there but he. didn’t necessarily you know jump the gun. on it he just kind of wrote that down. and so anyways um.

Time went on. and you know i said june so june july. august. um september rolls around. um september we actually stopped. communicating. um. and. then i think we. hop back on the bandwagon because. remember there was this other guy. that i was more interested in was. younger you know. more attractive. you know guy they’re both attractive you. know bobby chocolate is definitely more. attractive. but um you know this was this other guy. there were other men you know um. to. really emphasize on how my mindset was. and not just the. uh i guess you can say memory. of. how our relationship went just our. journey before me as a woman coming out. of that committed relationship of. engagement into singleness i was broken. i was very broken. and. it didn’t make sense to me. you know why should i trust god’s. process or. you know. this is someone who said that they knew.

That they were my husband. from you lord. but and i felt. that that was my husband and i never was. told that was my husband um. oh and i’ll i’ll just piggyback off of. that. you will know. man or female. who your spouse is because god will tell. you flat out. don’t always go with what other people. may say you know there will always be. different confirmations people will i. mean god will place people in your life. or people that you already know um to. speak to you you know from what the. father has to say but he would tell you. specifically. if this person is your spouse or not. and i can say without a shout out of a. doubt that i’ve never had an actual. accurate you know yes. this is your husband you know. um. never. you know there was a moment where i. thought it was because you know um i. felt that my spirit how what we got.

Together. then you know we will make hell shake. you know and i’m like okay cool you know. that means he must be his husband at. least we’re going to do some big things. um. but. you know that’s i didn’t i was not. obedient i can definitely say that in my. prerelationship and that’s something. for another video but i just wanted to. say that you would know. you will know that you know that you. know. that you know that you know that you. know. and i say that. because i don’t want to jump the gun. because it’s going to be in a different. part of my video um or. journey or a testimonial about my. confirmations. but you will know. and so anyways i’m broken during this. time frame. i’m looking for fulfillment in men. you know that i know i really don’t want. um it’s just you know to like i said to. just ease the pain to take up the time.

You know i started to. shift from the spiritual lifestyle that. i had that. you know was already a little bit shaky. because it was being um. tampered with because of my previous. relationship and so i just started to. give up in a sense you know i still. prayed i still read my bible but i. wasn’t as committed i wasn’t as. confident you know i wasn’t secure. in you know who god was as my father and. my lord you know someone that can be my. confidant you know like. i. i just felt like this is not for me. to be completely honest and so therefore. it led me to do. different things for different men. um you know and. i was everywhere to tell you the truth. you know it’s not like i was out here. hauling it you know excuse my language. but it wasn’t like i was out here doing. all that. um. it was just i was. i was all over the place.

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I was all over the place emotionally and. physically and so i placed myself around. different spirits that i didn’t have. that i did not need to be around to be. exposed to. um and it just led to different. trickling effects and. i believe that is why. um now i’m thinking about it thank you. lord that’s why. dr chocolate found favor in me. and i didn’t find favor in him. because if i did then my mindset. wouldn’t have been correct on the type. of relationship that i needed to develop. with him because i was brokenhearted. from my previous you know relationship. in my ex. and so. um. so yeah. so that’s how my mindset was then when. we first met. but he still was very consistent. um. he was. you know very persistent and seeing me i. did not want to see him in person and it. was crazy because i was seeing all these. other men in person now mind you he.

Lives out of state. but that didn’t stop him oh no no no at. that time he lived in out i live in. virginia he lived in northern virginia. so it wasn’t too far away it’s actually. way closer than what he is now but. i did not want to see him. i don’t know why but i truly believe. that was god’s hand on it i did not want. to see him even though i liked him i. thought he was you know interesting. enough but i didn’t want to see him. i didn’t want him to think that the. relationship was more than what it. really was because i knew there was. something about him i just couldn’t put. my finger on it and although i was doing. other things with other men. i never treated him the same way. as other men and so. for example. um. i was more aggressive with the other men. i was talking to more promiscuous. um. i was more insecure.

And with him i was more confident. um. i was slow to speech so. i mean i should say sort of anger but i. didn’t talk as much and i talk all the. time. it was like something in him allowed me. to just be at rest be at peace and not. have to put on this. front. to be this miss takitaki talking to grab. the conversation to control this to. control that you know. basically i’m saying control the. scenario and control the narration. um. you know just to entertain you know i. was able to sit back. okay. and so that was very refreshing but i. didn’t realize that you know but this is. how i treated him and when i did pray. you know i would hear and i and i did. not know but of course you know god has. god knows all i did not know and i did. not realize but. um he would tell me. to not do certain things with him to not. speak to him a certain way you know it.

Was like he was molding me. into this. white. for him before. we even had the mindset of being. even boyfriend and girlfriend you know. so it’s like. he was definitely creating this. mentality. and um. i wouldn’t even say in a sense like kind. of a routine. that i started to go through. just. at home my personal time like i would do. things differently at home that would. show me like i would be like walking. around the house cleaning this cleaning. that i know cleaning is you know. stereotypical but. tim it was one of the things that i. didn’t do before it was like i was in. preparation for something so it was. different things that i started to do. differently around the house um i. started to cook more again i stopped. cooking a lot because of my. prerelationship with my you know. i cooked all the time for my ex like all.

The time and you know never got. appreciated for that and so i stopped. cooking. i started cooking more um i was also. reading this wonderful wonderful book. um. let me see what i think. let me see if i can grab it. okay so i started reading this wonderful. book this is the old version. i. love this book that is a good little. okay photo. so. the book is called secrets of a. irresistible woman. um i’m sorry my computer just literally. went to sleep on me. but it’s by michelle mckinney hammond um. i believe of course she probably has a. new cover. but this book is older this book. actually it was my mother’s. and even though the title. is. probably offputting. um. it’s the most. incredible book i’ve ever read besides. the bible. no lie. um definitely selfconvicting um i’m. going to be doing a project with this. it’s not sponsored i just seriously want.

To share. the knowledge that’s in this book and. the revelation that god has given me. when i started to read this book and dig. in for real you know apply that word of. god to your daily life it will change. your life okay. it changed my life so. i’m. i’m a recap i’m broken. i’m single i’m lonely. and i’m running away from god. in this. everything. in this everything that’s going on. there’s a man that’s found favor in me. that sees the value in me. that admires me. that shows. compassion towards me. that i’m paying no attention to. you know and it’s amazing. how god worked in that way because. um i will say this. uh you know i’ll say this. i will say this. it was at one point i was talking to my. girlfriend. and i said i don’t know what’s up with. this guy. but. i was like it’s like i feel the love of. god. when i talk to him.

I feel warm inside i feel peace. i don’t feel. like i need to run away hide. be ashamed. you know it’s this comfortability that i. felt before but through the holy spirit. now mind you as i’m telling my. girlfriend this this is a man that. is spiritual. that does not have a relationship like i. had with christ. um even though mine was rocky during. that time you know he didn’t even have. the mindset of that that’s not even a. conversation that we had have had during. that time frame because i knew that. that’s not where his head was and i. wasn’t and that’s the majority of the. reason why i really wasn’t interested. because we weren’t on the same page. now was i being a hypocrite yes. yes i was because i was definitely. talking to other men that. definitely didn’t have a relationship. you know and i was definitely using them.

You know so. definitely not my proudest moment in my. life but. it was the beginning of something very. beautiful. it was the beginning to my end. as i was saying and so it was the end of. one chapter in my life in the beginning. of something new. that would be everlasting pure and just. holy. and even though all through. that that i went through. um as the months went on even through. the separation that we went through for. like a month we reconnected. and got back together meaning as friends. um and during that time the lord was. definitely. on rebuking me heavenly. on what was going on with me. um. and. i need to see if i can find that clip. because i recorded. the dream that i had um during december. 2020. um which was a rebuke. and a warning a strict warning for me. that if i did not get my life together. then i was gonna be left behind.

Okay. if you’re following me then you know so. i was going to be left behind and so. during this time i had cut off. all the little hooligans. you know i cut off all the little hood. rats. i’m terrible. you know um i got serious but i was told. not to cut off. mr dark chocolate. did i change his name. i think i did. i think it was dr chocolate. but um but yeah. he stayed. and. he wanted to stay. you know um. that was actually the beginning. of. the. second phase of my refinement um the. lord had me. going through this that wonderful book. but also going through the book of. esther again. um. reading about. abraham and sarah. and um. it was a rebecca and isaac i believe. just. different things he wanted me to know. that he wanted me to share that he. wanted me to be refined in i was. definitely being. purged. from all of the things that i.

That i put myself in in my previous. relationship and the thing that i was. entangled with you know during that time. frame as well. because he loved me that much. you know he literally could have taken. my life. that night that i had the dream. instead of showing me my wrong showing. me flashbacks of my life showing me. where i could be showing me all the. witchcraft i was a part of you know. he could have taken me out that day and. i mean that’s when i seriously buckled. down. because i know that god has a purpose. for me i know the plans not every single. thing down the road but things that he. has confided in me and told me in my. secret place with him. of what he wants me to do. and so therefore. this journey of me is telling you all in. my in process. my in process testimony because you will. understand by the next couple of clips.

What i mean by that is that i hope that. it encourages someone that. you know to keep going. don’t stop because god seriously. loves us so much. it is remarkable what he would do for. his children i mean besides the fact of. him besides the fact of him laying down. his life for us. i can’t really. tell you. i i can’t i honestly cannot put into. words. it just makes me emotional honestly how. much he loves us you know and it’s seen. throughout all of my life how he was my. father. and my mother from birth you know. i didn’t have that type of love for my. father or mother. and that and it hurt to think about that. in the past. but as i’ve grown. he’s been there. every step of the way regardless if i. thought i was alone or not. regards the fact that i thought that i. was the most hated person i was the. worst person in the world he was there.

And that’s why i fell in love with. psalms 27 because that’s one of the. scriptures um in that chapter is how he. will be. our father and our mother he will take. that place. you know. and love us unconditionally as he. already does but to show us in the way. that we’re looking at in that carnal you. know physical way of what a mother and. father should do. um. it’s amazing. to feel his love and to have a. relationship with him. and um. as i close off this video i just want to. challenge everyone to. talk to god genuinely. honestly vulnerably. broken before him to tell him your. concerns to tell him everything that he. already knows but he just wants to hear. you say it he wants you to call out to. him he wants to know that he’s needed in. your life and so regardless of whatever. state you’re in marriage or singleness.

You still need god. and that’s the most important. lesson that i have learned is that. you know i don’t need a man to fulfill. me i need jesus christ to fulfill me. and he will fulfill and fill up every. single whole. every single. clogged up. height you know. he would take it out everything he would. take it out remove it and fill it with. his peace his love his joy his. faithfulness. you know his long suffering every single. characteristic of his beautiful self he. would he would do it. and he would do it ever so. gently. you know it’s it’s just like a gentle. brush. you know he doesn’t want to rush us he. doesn’t want. to offend us he just wants us to love. him. and once we actually surrender that to. him. everything else falls into place. and so i. will end my video off with that and um. please stay tuned for the next part um.

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