How Would You Describe Yourself Dating

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I lied to you you see yesterday I asked. you to describe yourself to someone on a. first date but we’re not doing that. video we kind of Bamboozled you because. our counsel our terrible counsel took. your answers to this question and played. Matchmaker using your answers they. paired you guys up into lovely couples. or maybe thrupples I don’t know I. haven’t seen these yet I don’t know what. we’re getting into but I’m really. looking forward to getting invited to. all of your weddings so let’s see some. couplings this person would simply say. virginity magnet on a fair State that’s. just your opener virginity magnet but. what would your partner say I’ve had. like 100 sex don’t worry. certainly something that someone who’s. had a lot of sex would say naturally now. you guys can be turbo versions forever. my name is Alexis I can control the.

Weather I’m. half wolf and vampire as you can see oh. no and you can see I’m a little quirky. uh I was glowing pink eyes I changed. color based on moon BT dubs oh God who. did you get paired up with. so I’m like um well um I’m like um. oh give me a sec. I don’t know if this is a good pairing I. feel like Siz might be a little too much. for uh Panda Mobby to handle also I hate. that the council labeled this file as. Alexis confuzzles the song it’s just. like a My Immortal reference how many. Darkness Dementia Raven way sorry just. this next one comes from Riri I need to. pee and their Twitter handle is. rere-iped that’s already a match made. in heaven let’s see what they wrote I. usually let my Beta dates suck my suck. my Alpha toes before going out with them. just so you know all right working with. a foot person fun let’s see if we can.

Find their match the worst mistake you. can make it’s from did you know that. pink in the brain okay. I didn’t I didn’t as a as a huge. Animaniacs historian and lore expert I. did not know they were gay I also deeply. hope that you share rere I need to. Peace Love of feet I feel like that’s. crucial for the relationship could be a. big problem down the road your boy dill. pickle writes if you have boobs and are. like a little nice to me I’ll do. literally anything sorry just just. remember that this the question was. what’s something you say to someone on a. first date that’s all let me continue. I’ve claimed dog poop for a girl before. let me be yours sorry like your cute. little pet name cause if so women love. that all right let’s see if we can find. your mate bruh AKA Frogger pogger rights. I’m the kind of person who collects my.

Ex’s clothes so I have an excuse to go. over to their house oh my God you two. are destined for each other I thought. that sentence was headed towards I’m the. kind of person who collects my ex’s. clothes so I can make a little mini X. out of them you know like when you have. too much dog hair and you make a little. mini dog out of it but this works too. just a side note this file was called. booby creep and What’s creepy about. that’s not everything my my apology. when you’re trying to sleep and your. brain decides to remind you of something. dumb you said or did and you can’t sleep. because you’re more trapped in an. endless cycle of cringe I’m the. personification of that can we find your. mate I have 12K upvotes on armies yup. damn 12K up votes that’s a lot of. Internet points think through the gold. cringe loves cringe enjoy your many.

Years of bliss together cringe Lords. Benjamin writes yeah basically they are. found the crypto mansplainer one at. a time ladies yeah basically they’re. nonhungable tokens that are traded on. the blockchain it’s gonna legit change. the art and music game forever it’s all. ethereum based so kind of hard to. explain if you don’t understand crypto. great now I’m hard all right Benjamin. let’s see if we can find your uh crypto. match this is from Brother buoy hey I’m. a thesaurus. I’m a thesaurus so if you’re not a. dictionary we can’t date yes yes crypto. bro. meet astrology waste you’re both. repugnant a lid for every garbage can my. mom says I’m handsome. I could kiss I shudder to think at what. your match will sound like before I look. I predict uh something incestuous let’s. see if I’m wrong you know me we’ve lived.

In the same house since forever. wincest I’m jealous of this relationship. oh nice the council labeled this family. love more couples let’s make more dates. happen let’s go piece of crap man writes. I got 12 views on a YouTube video Once. yeah I guess you could say I’m famous. ooh sounds like we have an influencer. let’s find you an influencee American. Airlines once sent a cease and desist. letter to me for editing their Wikipedia. page so yeah I’m cool damn do you think. that’s true I really hope so me too. right I want to believe honey. actually a great first aid story this is. a claim to fame that’s actually kind of. cool. I know this is way cooler than getting. 12 views on a YouTube video what did you. edit there’s all backstory here that I’m. not getting I want to go no offense. honey you don’t take offensive I go on.

This first date with this person right. no okay I gotta get the Deets this is. from Mr prank. I’m sorry I I’m taken aback by a lot of. these user names uh Mr Prague slash iPad. such shitty comic all over again God. damn it Tuck’s hair behind ear yeah I’m. a proud owner of that. oh no it’s a flashlight. this is a show that’s right hey guy is. supposed to be family friendly who’d you. pair this creep with Joe Rogan’s nipples. writes registered. registered Flex offender I’ve never. heard that. but genius. yes you two need to have as many babies. as possible I have nothing else to say. to this how do you top that. misunderstood kind of like the Joker. just break that out over a candlelit. first date dinner all right and the. response I’m Gabe come on you couldn’t. find another Joker themed one you. couldn’t you couldn’t match two jokers.

Together Council well I’m a little. disappointed let’s see if this next one. disappoints me simple MC bungle weed. writes this tell her I’m like the guy. from The Big Lebowski but never specify. which one oh a fun little guessing game. for her Nito let’s see what your match. wrote hepatitis Mario call me Papa John. because I’ve got better ingredients and. better Pizza don’t ask where I get the. pizza. I don’t either this one’s a real Enigma. oh I get it you’re both Mysteries you’re. both the joker I’m a simp. shut up what a troll I’m a super intense. Minecraft player so far so cringe. Tristan writes I have the highest Temple. Run score in my neighborhood I want to. get with Tristan move over Minecraft I’m. a Temple Run Enthusiast I’m a purist. Temple Run gamers are way more intense. than Minecraft Gamers there I said it.

I’m sorry but once that baboon Beast. starts Chasing You pressure’s on scarier. than a million creepers also I don’t get. Minecraft still yeah I haven’t learned. anything but Temple Run I get I’m kind. of like that mustard that you find the. back of the fridge after seven months. really weird looking and extremely. disappointing mustard takes years for it. to go bad I would know there you go see. so tortoise already has a very high. confidence level let’s see if we can. match that I’m just a silly little guy. trying his best there you go low. standards low expectations you can’t be. disappointed. still are shut up physically thick. mentally sick it sounds like a sign. you’d hang at your home right next to. the live laugh love sign vaccinated. caffeinated and freshly masturbated oh. thanks Glacier dude cool you guys can.

Spend an eternity in Hell making more. fun little Rhymes to each other like. that oh nice and the council labeled it. rhyming Pals there you go. isn’t that fun I would say I take more. care of my Jordans and my mental health. because one that’s true and two that’s. true you aren’t Shaquille O’Neal I’m. leaving interesting both of these people. have very high standards which means. they’re both destined for disappointment. forever it’s tragic it’s really sad I. just got it I just got it Jordan Shack I. I literally just got that what can I say. I love sports so I’m kind of a shower. this is confident honesty if. only the rest of the world were as. honest as you max let’s see what your. Forever partner has to say sticky like. really sticky again the question was. describe yourself to someone on a first. date your first goto word is sticky I.

Have a feeling both of you will be uh. shower for a long time together. and that’s beautiful I’m a lone kid in a. trench coat trying to sneak into an. Rrated movie who needs to find another. kid so they can stand on my shoulders. and I look taller you down let’s see if. the scheme Works mom said we only have. an hour so let’s eat quick so we can. play fortnite oh my God it’s a throttle. can we hurry this along my mom wants me. in bed by 7 PM love at the Kids Table. good news it sounds like you guys are. finally gonna see that Rrated movie. together your parents loved you they. just hate you oh no they knew I was far. too delicate to see any Rrated movies. before my 21st birthday. shut up I’m trying to be cool I really. like the thought of someone saying can. we hurry this along my mom wants me in. bed by seven on a first date I really.

Rubberdolls Rubberdoll

Like that thought I don’t like the um. the mom said we only have an hour so. let’s eat quick so we can play fortnite. one I’m the guy the neighborhood watch. signs warn you about so nice to finally. meet you face to face I always wondered. who that guy was he always looks so cool. in his trench coat and big hat and lack. of face I’m the guy that stares at you. from across the street every day oh my. God soul mates counsel Pat yourselves on. the back you did it you found the. perfect couple they can stalk and stare. at each other for the rest of their. lives let’s wait for the matchmaking. plane oh no oh no I’m not your typical. girl makeup what is that OMG look oh I’m. sorry I’m just so Random see I told you. I’m not like the other girls youbaka wow. is it cringe in here let’s find your. lover oh I’m just a little.

I’m just a little scrunkly a scribblow. of Phoebe Boba a scribbly bob kiss a. skiddly walk to Baba a scrambunctious. little guy little dude up and. evil oh cool and your avatar is even. doing this as I imagined you as you said. that you guys can absolutely marry each. other can we just make sure you’re. spayed and neutered first oh nice that. was the last one honey we have a lot of. weddings to go to in 2022.. enjoy your newfound relationships. everyone and don’t forget to wrap it up. hey if you liked this video please. subscribe and check out my community tab. where I give you guys new questions and. prompts all the time let me just make a. face for the thumbnail you don’t have to. do anything with this editor this is. just for me. leave your answers in the comments below. how big my favorites in the next episode.

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