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Got a match what question should i. ask him what is your favorite color. turquoise we’re meant to be. yeah that’s really not it hey. i’m gonna be talking about the five most. crucial questions that you should be. asking when talking to someone when. you’re dating online. this is online for love your resource. for online dating by the numbers. this whole video today is going to be. helping you figure out what questions. are best to ask. because when online dating you don’t. want to waste your time. you could be talking to somebody for a. really long time just to find out that. one detail. about them that completely changes. everything don’t waste your time. you need to know these crucial questions. the algorithms on dating websites and. dating apps can only do so much at a. certain point it’s up to us. to decipher if someone is a good match.

Or not as i list off each of my five. most important questions to ask. um it’s important to remember that you. should more likely. weave these into your conversation. rather than. bombard the person all at once you don’t. want to seem like you’re interviewing. them. you should also know that response rates. and chances of success. vary wildly between dating site and. dating sites what’s really important to. actually be on. one of the better dating sites luckily. we can help you out with that we. actually have a free online. dating quiz that will pair you with your. perfect online dating website or. app it’s like i said it’s completely. free just click the link in the. description it’ll take you to our online. for love website. where you can take the quiz and in no. time you’ll be paired with your perfect. legit awesome site and then you can come.

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Back to this video and finish watching. okay well without further ado let’s jump. right into it we’re going to start with. our first um example of a great question. to ask. when you were talking to someone when. online dating and that is going to be. what are you looking for with online. dating. this is probably the most important. question you could ever ask. because this is going to get you on the. same page and see where the other person. is coming from. what they’re looking for out of this and. if your thoughts. and and features aligned it’s a. straightforward question that will. quickly weed out the people who are not. suited for you. there are millions of people who are. online dating and they all have. their own things that they are looking. for and their own types of relationships. or nonrelationships so there’s really.

Endless possibilities of what they could. be looking for even if you. are quickly judging their profile and. you think you know what they want you. don’t. really in fact sometimes when people say. just hear until the right one comes. along sometimes it means they really. just want something casual but they’re. just saying that it’s important to not. just assume and just ask that person. might be looking for something longterm. marriage even or maybe they want. something you know just for one night. something you know some casual dating. maybe they‘re polyamorous maybe i don’t. know they’re a whole different sexuality. than you thought they were. you never know again just do yourself. the favor and save yourself the time. it’s really not worth it to waste your. time investing in somebody else just to. find out that it’s not going to work out.

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Who knows how long down the road or even. worse if you actually get on the date. with them and find out in person. that can be real awkward it’s also a. good question because it is sort of a. good jumping off point. for a conversation another honest. question out there to ask. would be me asking you if you could. politely please. hit thumbs up on this video if you’re. enjoying our content so far we’d really. appreciate it if you could give us a. like. thumbs up the video actually helps us a. lot because it shows youtube that people. are enjoying the video so it pushes it. out. more to see so we’d really appreciate. that thumbs up so our number two best. question to ask is. what about my profile made you. interested this is a compelling question. because it’ll really differentiate. quickly the people who actually read.

Your profile and who are interested in. you. and the people who are just sending out. mass messages the same thing to every. single person. it’s also really good to know like. genuinely what is it about you that drew. them to you not only is it interesting. for you to know. and you know just for personally good to. know but it’s also good you know for. your. future online dating endeavors to know. what actually works in your profile. but it’s also a fantastic jumping off. point for a conversation. it could also be an open invitation to. get a compliment out of them they could. just say something like. your beautiful eyes so i was just drawn. to your profile. there you go it can also just be a way. to get a compliment but more about the. conversation it’s also a great chance. for you to tell them. what you liked about their profile as.

Well so then you’re complimenting each. other. you’re talking about each other you’re. kind of reading into each other’s. profiles a bit you’re flirting. it’s all good good stuff this can also. show the personality of the person. you’re talking to so maybe if they say. something. that kind of is weird or like they’re. they were attracted to your profile for. some odd thing or. they’re like i don’t know i didn’t even. read your profile and you’re not jiving. with that. it can also be a good way to kind of we. have the people who are actually. interested and you are actually. interested in but what can help. lots of people love your profile is if. you actually check out our free online. dating profile guide for women and for. men just click the link in the. description it’ll take you right to the. guides on our online for love website.

Completely free like i mentioned and. it’s really helpful to figure out how to. make your best profile ever. the third best question to ask is what. gets you up in the morning. so this might be something you weren’t. expecting to hear but it is a really. good one because if you think about it. this question is going to answer a few. things for you it’s going to answer what. is their motivations. do they have drive what is their drive. you know do they have goals for the. future what are they striving for. they’ll find out if they’re passionate. or if they’re not passionate if they. have goals or if they don’t have goals. and judging by those answers you can. either be attracted to them. or maybe that’s not attractive to you. this can also be helpful if you have a. specific lifestyle if they get up early. and so do you that really works for you.

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If they wake up late but you wake up. early maybe that won’t work out for you. or if you have you know different. conflicting schedules in the morning. you actually just find out a lot by this. one question. because you know you’re asking them what. gets you out of bed in the morning and. they can take it a million different. ways whatever they see fit. they can say what gets me out of bed is. the thought of delicious. uh french toast where they can say that. what gets me out of bed is. thought of conquering the day and doing. my best at work or. i’m going for a morning run or petting. my dog you know it can give you an. insight into their personality. a fourth grade question to ask is kind. of in the same vein as the last one. actually but it’s. what do you like to do on a saturday. night just as the former question was a.

Subtle way to figure out what motivates. them. this is a great way to find out what. they like to do in their free time. you don’t necessarily have to ask what. do you like to do saturday night you. could say what do you like to do on the. weekend. on your day off something like that it’s. all in the same vein this can also tell. you a lot about them and see if your. lifestyles match up maybe they like to. go out partying maybe they’ll want to go. on a hike. visit family this is again a good. insight actually into their passions. because. beyond work you can see if they have any. other hobbies or any other interests or. side hustles and this could also. actually be a nice segue into a date. invitation if you play your cards right. you could ask a more pointed question. you know what you like to do for fun. what are your hobbies.

Um but sometimes it’s better to ask. these more openended. questions that um really encourage. conversation and thinking about what. they want to say to you and thinking. about what they want to reveal and. you can you know kind of judge their. personality or. view their personality based on the ways. they take it if you ask somebody. questions like. do you have hobbies or or questions that. are so pointed it kind of stagnates the. conversation sometimes because. we really want to boy yes or no answers. first off because that doesn’t give room. to. talk more about something so when you. have a question like this that’s not so. pointed you allow them to elaborate in. any way that they want to. and you find out more about them that. way actually most of the time. and then if they’re still a little too. big for you then you can ask way more.

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Pointed questions of course. so our fifth best question to ask is do. you live near family and how often do. you see them. some people really value and need. their family climb and other people are. not so much family oriented so maybe. that could be a deal breaker for them. maybe that could. make the whole deal for them people who. love family time. in general you know it’s a great thing. if you’re if the person you’re talking. to has a good relationship with their. family. with their parents siblings etc that’s. always good i would say though don’t. judge them if they don’t. you don’t know what happened you know so. either way it’s just good to find. something like that out because you know. the relationship with family. can be a real big part of somebody’s. life if you are somebody who wants. children one day. maybe this question would be very.

Helpful to see how they interact with. their. nieces nephews if they’re if they have. their own children. siblings things like that to see if they. are interested in family in the way that. you are. and to see if your futures will align. together you can just get a lot out of. this question. and again it’s just a great one that’s. openended and they can take it whatever. way they want to go. so that is actually all of our five. most important questions that you should. be asking when dating online. so hopefully you think um as well as us. that these questions are pretty. nonintrusive easy to ask great. conversation starters. a great way to find out more about the. person you are interested. in and not such a pointed interrogative. way. i’m really curious though what are some. questions that you always make sure to. ask when online dating.

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