How To Make A Dating Simulator

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Spoilers ahead if you want to play the. game like in the description otherwise. here we go. halloween approaches and game developers. everywhere turned their thoughts to. making shitty generic horror games to. cash in on the season. of course me being an ultra chad i was. busy and did not have time. but last year i made a game for. halloween and forgot to make a video. about it so i’ll just do that now. so i’m like okay halloween’s coming up i. gotta make a horror game. what if what if i had it what if there’s. a skeleton in it that said. wanna bone. so yeah i ended up making a dating. simulator so every dating simulator. needs a protagonist and i wanted one. that represented the. average layperson but you know. halloweenied. so i made a pumpkin next i needed a goal. for the player to achieve so how about. you need to get a date with this wish.

At a party now i just need some. obstacles you have to overcome to. achieve your goal. how about there’s a there’s a bunch of. douche rats at the party who keep. hitting on you. preventing you from talking to the witch. and obviously they’re all generic. halloween monsters. so designing the antagonists first up. obviously need a skeleton. and i’ll just give him sunglasses see. that you know he’s cool and a beer can. so you know that he’s here to party then. i couldn’t think of anything else so i. just scrolled google images looking at. generic halloween monsters for. inspiration what about a ghost that. vapes so i tried a few different designs. i wanted to give them a soul patch. but it just looked like a mouth so i. gave him eyebrows instead. okay final antagonist how about a. vampire. so how am i gonna fuckboyify this.

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Let’s break down the important elements. of a vampire fangs. widow’s peak this collar thing let’s. break down the important elements of a. fuckboy. this haircut these pants sleeveless cut. off hoodies. now if we combine these together we get. then i realized if i put him on a. hoverboard i wouldn’t have to animate. him walking. okay now that i’ve got the antagonists i. need ways to. defeat them uh skeletons made of bones. so. how about there’s a dog at the party. we’ll chase them away if you pet it a. ghost. lure them in front of a fan to blow them. out the front door vampire eat some. guacamole with lots of garlic. and then you win i also put in some. detail elements like. disco lights and the ghost’s little. brother it was pretty chill. and then i wrote a bunch of pickup. lines for the monsters hey baby your. bloody deal me thing getting sucked.

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