How To Make A Dating Simulator

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Shout out to squarespace for sponsoring. this video. hello everyone in this week’s video i’m. creating a dating simulator because i am. single on valentine’s day when i am. posting this video it is the day before. valentine’s day so i guess i still have. time to not be single but i doubt a date. is going to drop out of the sky within. the next 24 hours so because i have no. hope of finding a valentine how about we. make one. it sounds weird but also kind of fun so. let’s jump into it. a few months back i was looking into. visual novels and if there were any easy. no coding ways to make them i ended up. finding this free app called kocho they. aren’t sponsoring this video. squarespaces. but we’ll talk about them later. anyways kocho lets you make visual. novels without needing to know any. coding which is really nice because i.

Know very little about coding the only. coding i’ve done is making a minecraft. mod and even then i had a lot of help. with that. if you’ve never played a dating. simulator or visual novel type game. basically they are a story based game. where you can make different choices. your choices can affect the story and. how characters react or treat you i’ve. never actually played one of these games. the closest thing i’ve played are games. like harvest moon story of seasons and. stardew valley they have different. marriage candidates and there are heart. events where you pick what you want to. say or do. and depending on what you pick your. relationship with the character will. increase or decrease so that is. basically what i’m going to create today. also please don’t expect anything. amazing. this will be a super short and simple.

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Game nothing fantastic uh because i’ve. never done this before i’m kind of just. learning and trying new things uh so. yeah so to start out i wrote my script. it’s a pretty simple story the player is. alone on valentine’s day and the. player’s roommate offers to set them up. on a blind date with one of her. boyfriend’s friends. like i mentioned before what the player. chooses can change how characters react. so i need to write out different. responses based on what the player picks. i color coded my script to help me keep. track of everything. after writing my script i start working. on the art for the dates or date i was. going to have there be two date options. the first one is the one you are seeing. now he is really nice and sociable the. second candidate was basically going to. be the opposite sadly i didn’t have.

Enough time to add the second candidate. this all took a bit longer than i. anticipated when i was creating the art. for this character i wanted it to be. easy to modify i’m going to use this one. drawing to make a bunch of different. facial expressions that way the. character can react to the player’s. choices so i made sure to keep things. separate on different layers things like. the mouth and the eyebrows i also made. it so the irises can be moved around. freely so i don’t need to redraw them i. did this by placing all the other layers. except for the whites of the eyes above. the iris layer i also make things like. blush and sweat beyond their own layers. that i can turn on and off so i start. making a bunch of different expressions. and saving them as their own png file. also learn from my mistakes. you should have where you want your.

Character to be cut off be at the bottom. of your canvas i had him rounded off. like this because i thought i’d be able. to move the character up and down in. kocho so this area would be hidden but. it turns out i can only move the. characters side to side so i had to. change all of the files to have it be. cut off at the bottom. so now that the character is done let’s. go over to kocho and start creating our. story also i had recorded the start of. the process with my camera but then i. remembered the ipad has a screen. recorder so i had to rerecord the. beginning part of the process to show. you what i did uh so yeah. anyways this is kocho to make my own. game file i click on workshop then i. click on this blue plus button to add my. novel then i need to name it i’m going. to go with something super simple and.

Not very creative. i tap on my file and it’ll take me to. this area where we will create the story. i start by adding a new chapter by. pressing the blue plus button and i’ll. name this prologue this will be where. the main character is at home. complaining about being single and all. that stuff i click on the chapter and. add the first scene i tap the scene to. start editing it i can add many new. things to the scene by pressing the blue. button we can do things like add choices. change scenery and so on i need to add a. background so i click on change scenery. i don’t feel like drawing a bunch of. backgrounds so i’m going to use free. ones from ibis paint and clip studio. paint like i mentioned this isn’t a. super serious game and it’s mostly for. learning purposes uh so yeah i’m going. to take some shortcuts also the game.

Screen size seems to be 1920×1080. so that is the resolution you should. make the backgrounds so i added in my. background and named it. now it’s time to add dialogue so i click. on the add text button in this area i. need to make a new character so we know. who is talking and i’ll call this. character me it’s not me literally but. it’s the player now the box has this. little box in the corner that tells us. who’s talking i proceeded to type my. dialogue into the box later in the. process i figured out how to. have my script and coaching open at the. same time so i was able to paste in my. text from my script instead of needing. to type it in not all devices are able. to do this my ipad and my new phone can. have two apps open at once but my old. phone wasn’t able to do this so you’ll. have to see what your device is able to.

Do also you can change how the text. boxes look by going to the main area and. then clicking on gui i change the boxes. to how i want them to look i change the. colors and make them rounded because i. think it looks kind of cute if you want. you can even add your own custom text. boxes so they look on theme with your. game uh i think that’s really neat so i. continued to add the dialogue for the. roommate and the player also i realized. that when the roommate is telling the. player about the date that i didn’t name. him yet so i looked up a top 100 boy. name list and liam was at the top so i. went with that he looks like he could be. a liam. i also wanted to have him be studying. something at like a college or. university. so i used a random generator and i got. film director uh so i guess he’s into. movie making and stuff uh so now we are.

At the point where the character needs. to make the first decision do they go on. the date or do they not go on the date. so to add a choice i click on the add. choices button choice one will be go on. the date with liam to make the game know. which choice the player picks we need to. add things called variables i name this. variable yes and set it to plus one. the second choice is don’t go on the. date with liam once again it needs a. variable i name this one no and set it. to plus one so basically when the player. chooses to go on the date it’ll make the. yes variable increase by one point. if the player chooses to not go on the. date the no variable will increase by. one point so if the player says yes the. roommate will get excited and call liam. i don’t want this dialogue to play if. the player chooses to not go on the date.

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So i need to set a condition. to add a condition i click on the three. dots and then click on conditions the. condition for this dialog to play will. be variable yes needs to equal one point. if the player chooses the no option the. roommate will be kind of bummed i only. want the bummed dialogue to play if the. player chooses to not go on the date so. i make the condition for this dialog to. be for variable note to be equal to one. point. i basically had to do the same process. whenever there was a choice for the. player to make. i ended up having a lot of different. variables like choice one good and. choice one bad and so on. i’m not sure if there is a more. effective way to go about doing this but. this is the way that worked for me there. are some choices that don’t change. anything so they don’t need conditions.

Like liam will ask the player if they. have been on a blind date before. and liam will give the same dialogue no. matter which one the player chooses so i. don’t have to set any conditions for. that so after finishing the prologue i. need to make the date portion of the. game so i made a new chapter called date. the game will only play this chapter if. the variable yes equals one so if the. player says no this chapter won’t play. and the game will just end liam will be. appearing so i need to add him into the. game i go to the character section and. click the blue button to add a character. i name the character liam to add liam’s. art into the game i click this button. and then add expression. i name it happy and then click this. button again to find the art of him in. my files i repeat this process for all. of his expressions so to add liam into.

Our scene i click on change characters. and select liam and i also pick what. expression he is making now he is in the. scene. also for most of these i turn fading in. and out off especially if liam is only. changing expressions because it looks. weird if he fades in and out even though. he’s just changing his facial expression. also when i don’t want liam to appear on. screen i change the character to me. since the me character has no art it. won’t display anything i basically just. keep repeating the process of adding. dialogue changing characters changing. scenes and adding choices. one last thing i do want to mention is. that there is a good ending and a bad. ending there are four choices the player. can make on the date each time the. player makes the correct choice the. variable hp will go up by one point to.

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Get the good ending the player needs to. have three or more hp points so for the. choices they have the variables i. mentioned earlier like choice one good. and choice one bad but i also add the hp. variable to the good choices so the game. can keep track of how many good choices. the player makes so yeah we have the. good ending and the bad ending the good. ending will play if the player has an hp. point value equal to or greater than. three the bad ending will play if the. player has an hp point value that is. less than three also to make the good. ending kind of special i added this. bonus illustration that the player gets. to see you don’t get to see it for the. bad ending so it’s kind of like a little. reward in a way so after finishing the. story i customized the home screen i. made this super simple background for it.

Oh also lastly i added music by clicking. on the add bgm button i used music from. the youtube audio library i made sure to. use music that doesn’t require me to. give credit so there aren’t any. copyright issues. i think it’s okay for me to use them in. the game uh when i was looking at the. rules it says you can use it for a. different projects. so i think it’s okay especially since. it’s a free game and i’m not charging. money for it now that the game is done. we will take a look at it i do want to. mention that if you want to play the. game for yourself here is how you can. one get the kocho app it is available on. ios and android. uh two download the game i uploaded my. game file to google drive so you can. download it from there three once your. file is on your device open kocho and. click on the add novel button.

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Go through your files and find the game. file to open then it’ll be added to your. library i’m kind of sad i forgot to give. it an icon. but yeah this is how you can play the. game for yourself if you want to anyways. now let’s take a look at the finished. result. do. do. do. do. do. do. so yeah that’s my little dating. simulator it was a lot of fun to make an. experiment with if this is something. you’d like to see me do more of you can. let me know thank you all so much for. watching and i hope you all have a nice. valentine’s day even if you’re single on. valentine’s day i often try to focus on. the people i have in my life that i love. speaking of awesome people i have in my. life thank you so much to my awesome. patrons for helping support this channel. it means so much to me. and thank you to squarespace for. sponsoring this video we will end this.

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