How To Get Back To Dating After Breakup

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How To Get Back To Dating After Breakup like anything bro the

Ah what’s everyone saying welcome back. to the chop life channel where we chop. life so life doesn’t chop you. listen in this video i’m gonna be. showing you guys how to get back into. dating after a recent breakup fam and. trust me it isn’t easy fam it’s awkward. as but it has to be done and listen. just because you broke up with your. ex does not mean life stops. there fam life goes on so you’re gonna. have to move on and start getting back. into dating otherwise you could you’re. going to be a lonely bro if you. don’t start going out with new girls or. if you’re a girl with new guys or if. you’re gay new guys and if you’re. lesbian new girls. jesus that was hard to say but yeah. you’re going to have to get back into. dating advice yeah you’re going to be a. lonely person and plus dating is fun bro. like let’s be honest it’s fun.

That bro you can even see in my voice. bro i’m getting excited talking about. dating from you’d think i have an. addiction to girls from. i probably do to be honest and you’re. probably wondering you’re thinking to. yourself like where do i start you just. want to start somewhere but you don’t. know where to start. and listen there’s no correct answer you. just have to do it from just go out. there and just start meeting people. whether it’s using dating apps which i. don’t do too much but listen. it works. it gets you experience points you get me. so i mean there’s somewhere to start or. you can start going out with your. friends going clubbing them to events. like that and start meeting new people. listen there’s loads of ways of how to. start getting back into the dating game. you feel me but listen. let me warn you it’s weird as.

Especially if using a longterm. relationship talking to other girls or. talking to other guys it feels weird. from it it feels like you shouldn’t be. doing it but you should be doing it. because you’re single now you get me. like deep it your ex is probably getting. down. by a wood that was bigger than yours fam. and she’s enjoying that fam. she’s enjoying that so you better. go out and get some girls boy i’m. telling you if you’re a girl you better. go out and get some guys because trust. me your ex is doing exactly the same. thing and listen i’m not saying go out. there and just start trying to find your. next husband or your next wife you feel. me because yeah you need time to recover. you need time to build yourself back up. and just a bit of you time frame you. don’t want to jump in straight to. another relationship so what i mean by.

Dating it’s just meeting new people you. feel me meeting new girls meeting new. guys and just seeing where it goes. having fun going on dates you feel me. doing just fun from living life you. feel me and just because you’re meeting. new girls and you guys doesn’t mean you. need to get into a relationship with. them straight away you feel me i mean. you can do. but just not straight away i wouldn’t. advise that because yeah man you don’t. want to rush something like that fam. trust me but listen me personally yeah. if you’re wondering how i got back into. chatting to other girls i obviously. started a tick tock as soon as i went. through a breakup i just started a. ticktock in it and man’s attracting bad. girls on my tick tock bro like 95 of my. followers are girls in it so i guess. they just go at my instagram and then.

They just like see i have it easy girls. be sliding into my dms like not all the. time but a lot of the time from tick. tock they slide into my dm so that helps. a bit you feel me so if you want to go. create a tick tock and just hope go. slide into your dms you can do that. because i mean it worked a bit for me. but don’t get me wrong. i mean it’s not always the ten tens that. will be sliding into your dm so you. yourself might have to start sliding. into some dm as you feel me i mean when. i’m scrolling through tick tock here. i’ll be seeing the most finest girls bro. so i can’t lie i have followed a few. girls off at tick tock you feel me. because boy. it’s an easy way to find fit girls you. feel me and if you’re a girl it’s the. easy way to find fit guys i’m sure it’s. vice versa you feel me but the only. thing with sliding into dms from the.

Tick tock is this high competition bro. like bro a lot of the guys are thinking. the same thing as last you feel me. they’re all trying to get this one girl. so they have a lot of options so unless. you’re. one of the best of the bunch then yes a. long day for you a couple months ago i. was kind of against dating apps you feel. me i felt like it’s a waste of time. and all that in it but at the same time. i guess it’s good just for meeting new. people in that sense you feel me like if. you don’t go out a lot or you don’t have. a lot of friends to go out with and. things like that i guess dating apps are. pretty decent for just finding and. meeting new people and even making some. new friends you feel me not everything. has to lead into a relationship. but yeah just see where the goes. you feel me but listen back to the point.

How To Get Back To Dating After Breakup value upon value on

Where i said it’s a bit awkward and a. bit weird chatting to new people after. just breaking up with your ex listen. your game if you had game before the. relationship you’re not gonna. have game anymore you’re gonna be. dry bro like it’s gonna be so. hard chatting to girls like me when i. first came out of the relationship i. thought bro i forgot to talk to. girls like i felt like a little. bro so yeah bro it just comes with. practice just. like i challenge you yeah every time you. go out to like a club or a bar or just. to an event try and chat to as many. people as you can from and as you get. that experience again it boosts your. confidence so much bro just learning how. to speak to people again bro just you. just have to do something you can’t. really go around you just have to do it. and you just get experience more.

Confidence and naturally you just get. better at it it’s like anything bro the. more you practice the better you get you. feel me practice makes perfect you’re. done already now and listen listen yeah. i can’t let me personally yeah when i. came out the relationship. i wasn’t even like when i was going out. with my boys to clubs and that i wasn’t. even trying to find a most beautiful. girl in the club me. seven out of ten that’ll do you fam let. me just chat to you let me get my. confidence up let me let me start just. connecting with girls and just seeing. how it is again if i’m and just getting. my experience and my confidence up you. feel me because listen. when you just come out of a relationship. you need as much experience as you can. get from because where you’re gonna be. dry but yeah at the start don’t worry.

About how beautiful they are just just. practice bro it’s just like a it’s just. like practicing how to chat to girls. again fam you feel me and listen as you. get your confidence back speaking to the. opposite sex unless you’re gay then the. same sex but yeah as you get your. confidence back you can slowly upgrade. the kind of girls you’re chatting to you. feel me go from the seven out of ten to. the eight out tens to nana attends to. the ten out of tens you feel me then. you’re at peak performance you’re god. mode fam you’re comfy you’re living life. but listen there’s no rush you don’t. need to rush the thing take your time. try to just connect to as many people as. possible there’s nothing wrong with just. talking to people you feel me like me. i’m a shy guy if i’m especially now that. i’m single like i just feel like bro i’m.

Scared to talk to people but as i just. continued to talk to people and practice. talking to people at the club i just got. more and more confident. and i can’t lie. alcohol does play a part from when. you’re at the club you drink alcohol bro. you have unlimited confidence from so. yeah i i cannot i don’t even think i. could chat to a girl at the club unless. i have a couple shots so a. couple drinks are setting wrong because. listen that confidence goes from like a. six to a ten bro not even a ten twelve. out of ten bro because bro yeah that’s. one good thing about alcohol fam it just. gives you the confidence to go over and. just chat to anything bro it’s mad but. obviously the more confidence and the. more experience you get you all needed. alcohol as much you feel me because. listen you don’t want to be able just to.

Chat to girls on your drunk fam you want. to be able to be sober and still chat to. girls you feel me but listen i hope this. video did help you a little bit give you. some kind of value and just gives you a. little insight of what it’s going to be. like. after your breakup talking to basically. new people you feel me trying to go on. dates and just chatting to girls or guys. in general you feel me because listen i. know it’s scary bro when you just broke. up with your girlfriend or your. boyfriend and you want to get back into. dating again and you just you just bear. scared bro listen i know how you’re. feeling from but listen you just have to. do it something you can’t hide from just. go full force smack into it and just. start moving mad you feel me stop moving. crazy with a girl then what the guys. whatever you want you feel me listen.

There’s nothing wrong with being a hoe. listen let me say that no there’s. nothing actually let me not say that bro. because i don’t want to end up with a. whole family. but listen yeah there’s nothing wrong. with getting your experience up and just. just dating someone there’s nothing. wrong about dating bro like you’re. meeting new people you’re having fun. you’re going on dates bro it’s fun bro. so go ahead start doing it from and. listen you’ll be loving life again make. sure you subscribe to the channel. because listen we’re dropping value upon. value upon value on this channel so. please tell me. i can’t speak today god but listen yeah. make sure you subscribe to the channel. make sure you like the video because. that would make me very happy and. comment what other videos you want me to. post in this channel and i’ll see you in.

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