How To Be More Chill When Dating

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How To Be More Chill When Dating you some interesting

Hey psych2goers welcome back to our. channel. your ongoing support means a lot to us. because it helps us make psychology and. mental health more accessible to. everyone. so thank you all so much for the love. that you’ve given us. now let’s continue do you feel that your. dating life is in a bit of a slump. does it feel like everyone who asks you. out has red flags. are you looking out for all the little. clues that will tell you whether your. date sitting across the table. is a keeper or not the way your date is. chewing with their mouth open and. spewing food everywhere. may be a red flag or maybe. you’ve had bigger red flags like if they. bore you to death or. can’t stop talking about past. relationships or. has an odd obsession with cat outfits. you might be ticking off the red flags. so much that you miss out on the green.

Flags. that’s right there are good things about. the person sitting in front of you. so here are six green flags on dating. you should be aware of. number one you can talk for hours but it. seems like minutes. you can lose your sense of time when. you’re with the right person. sometimes hours can pass by when a. lively conversation with a great date. grabs your attention. this could be a sign that you genuinely. enjoy hanging out with your date. and aren’t just checking off boxes to. see if they’re a perfect fit for you. number two they actively listen to you. if your date makes it a point to keep up. a healthy conversation with you. like remembering to route back to. certain topics and refers back to points. you made earlier. that’s a green flag this means that they. are actively listening to you. they’ll genuinely keep the conversation.

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How To Be More Chill When Dating healthy conversation with

Going because they want to hear what you. have to say. when you like someone you want to know. as much as you can about them. what are their interests what’s their. taste in music what tv shows are they. watching what kind of hobbies are they. into. what makes them laugh you want to get to. know these things about your date. because you’re interested in them and. want to show enthusiasm and getting to. know them better. if they show that same level of. enthusiasm and getting to know you. then that’s a very good sign either that. or. they’re secretly a spy number three. they’re kind to the waiter how your date. treats the waiter can be a valuable. insight into their character. is your date going out of their way to. complain about your weight or to you. do they lose their patience with them or. are they kind. and patient and respectful of your.

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Waiter if you pay attention to how your. date treats the wait staff. it can give you some interesting details. about who they are and how they handle. stress. even if it’s just being patient enough. to wait for your order of chicken wings. to arrive. chicken wings is this making anyone else. hungry. number four being around them feels. natural. you can get nervous around someone that. you like that’s normal. but on the flip side if you find you’re. calm and comfortable around this person. then that’s a green flag everyone gets. some nervous butterflies on the first. date but if those flutterings in your. belly give way to a sense of. ease and comfortability as the date goes. on. then that’s a very good sign that there. could be a positive. lasting spark between you two number. five. they’re not distracted by their phone if.

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You find yourself on a date where the. other person isn’t consistently eyeing. their phone. then this is an obvious green flag if. someone isn’t interested in what you’re. saying. and they aren’t honed in on you and the. date they might bring out their phone to. occupy themselves. putting their phone away and giving you. their full undivided attention. shows they want to be fully engaged with. you it shows that the time the two of. you are spending together. is important to them and number six. you find yourself smiling all the time. did they make you laugh do you feel. comfortable talking to them. are they kind to you do you feel happy. around them. do you like who you are when you’re with. them these are all types of questions. you can ask yourself to see if you want. to go on a second date. if you find yourself coming home from.

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