How To Be More Chill When Dating

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How To Be More Chill When Dating is somebody who

In this video i’m going to be telling. you how you should play your cards in. dating based on your looks in other. words depending on which category you. fall you’ll have a different set of. procedures to get the best bang for your. buck out of dating any blue box is an. action you need to take for example. looks maxing and any green box is a. question you need to ask yourself the. first of which is are you a sub 5 normie. or chad and if you don’t know which. category you are here are the examples. shown from the beginning again and. here’s a few more extra just for good. measure i also want to point out if you. are both a normie and exceptionally. short eg five foot six or below you. should answer sub five for the first. question anyway for the next question. we’ll take a look at the normies if you. are a normie the next thing you need to.

Ask yourself is have you looks maxed. this means ticking all if not the vast. majority of the boxes i showed in my. looks maxine guide video especially the. important ones such as your body and. hygiene if your answer to this question. is no you’ll need to temporarily put the. brakes on your dating life and instead. focus on maximizing your appearance. there is also one other group that needs. to follow this box and that is the sub. fives answering yes to their first. question which is can you look smacks to. normitier if you answer yes to this box. you also need to drop everything and. looks max for the time being the purpose. of this question is to make a separation. between sub fives with and without. potential a sub 5 with potential is. somebody who can look smacks their way. to being a normie which mostly applies.

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To sub fives who are merely overweight. meanwhile a true sub 5 is somebody who. cannot look smacks his way out of. trouble. anyway if you’re in either of the two. groups who’s currently at this box after. you’ve finished looks maxing you rejoin. back to the main normie path which leads. to the next question. are you neurotypical this is essentially. asking if your character personality is. generally normal you don’t have any. psychological disorders and you don’t. have any learning difficulties if your. answer to this question is no you get. sent back to the sub five path alongside. the true sub fives where the next. question is do you have money there’s. different ways of measuring this but a. few ways of measuring is if you have. over 200k on the sidelines or you. currently work and by the end of the. year you have over 25 000 left over.

After you’ve spent money on all the. other things that need to be paid for. anyway if your answer to this question. is no move on to the next one which is. can you make significant money in future. and if your answer to this question is. also no you move on to the final box of. this path which is an action box and. states you need to find fulfillment in. other areas of life besides stating this. might be sports hobbies video games and. so on the reason this is the action you. should take is because it’s the path. that is most likely to lead to the most. amount of happiness based on the. previous questions you answered. rewinding by one step if your answer to. making money in the near future is yes. then you also need to move on to an. action box which is money maxing this is. similar to looks maxing where you drop.

Everything for the time being and get. done what you need to do and once you. accumulate enough resources you move. back onto the main path for sub fives. where the next question asks you if. you’re willing to uptake either one of. two extreme measures. travelling or surgery if you choose to. travel you move on to the final box for. this path which is moving abroad to. different countries with a dating game. is much easier a good example are the. countries of southeast asia such as. thailand where i believe the youtuber. hamza is located now i think this is an. excellent option to take because in. these countries the other men are a lot. shorter have less money which overall. lowers the bar for yourself in dating. alternatively going down the surgery. route the next question is can surgery. make you a normie if your answer to this.

Question is yes this implies there are. certain procedures available that can. bump you up to normity in which case. you’ll be able to head back to the main. center path along with the other normies. who answered yes to being neurotypical. however if your answer was no and you’re. in a position where surgery won’t help. if this is the case then your only. option will be to travel the world like. the other subfives anyway that’s the. complete tree for the subfives done and. part of the normies too so if you’ve. enjoyed what you’ve seen so far now is a. good time to press a like button and. leave any thoughts you have in the. comments below as it helps the youtube. algorithm now carrying on with the path. for normies the next question is. probably the most important are you. looking for a relationship or looking to.

Date casually have a long think about. this question i suspect this is going to. be the biggest fork that will split my. audience right down the middle as i. believe a lot of you watching are still. deciding what’s best for you at this. point in your life i personally pick the. relationship route but first we’ll. explore the casual dating option if. you’re only interested in casual dating. you are again asked if you have access. to money if your answer is no the best. way forward for you will be to. prioritize day slash night game as well. as online dating to maximize your. shortterm dating options just to. provide a quick explanation there’s. three reasons why you’ll want to. prioritize these if you want to date. casually 1. these environments have the. highest concentration of women who have. a similar mindset of pursuing shortterm.

Dating in other words the women here are. more promiscuous which is actually a. good thing for male casual datas. two there is a near infinite amount of. options as there will always be more. women to swipe on and more bars and. clubs to approach women at and three. your reputation is totally safe as you. don’t run the risk of being accused a. player by people in your social circle. now obviously if you’re going to take. this path as a normie it will take a lot. of optimization and work especially in. terms of perfecting your online dating. profile it’s not easy for normies to get. a lot of quality matches online unless. they have a simon leviev tier profile. however there’s still nothing stopping. fully looks maxed and wellpresented. normies from having a decent level of. dating options adding even more to this.

If you also have money going for you as. a normie and still want to date casually. you can go one step further by traveling. the world and approaching at the same. time the strategies of online dating and. cold approach will more or less be the. same but it has the added aspect of. travelling as well this can literally. put your dating life on steroids if. you’re a normie from the west you should. be able to get 10 times better results. if you travel to the places mentioned. earlier compared to what you’d usually. be getting running the same approaches. in western countries anyway that’s it. for the ways to optimize your dating. life as a casual data now let’s take a. look at what the best path is for those. wanting relationships which is my. preferred path chad’s also come to the. picture here for the first time as the.

First question for them is the same if. they’re looking for casual dating or a. relationship so if you’re a chad looking. for a relationship you’ll follow the. same process as all the other normies. who are also at this point anyway the. next question for both of these two. groups is if you have any dating options. from within your social circle this. means school college work social groups. sports and so on if your answer is yes. to this question then you should. prioritize finding a partner from one of. these environments which for the record. are called warm approaches. the reasons you should prioritize these. is because they provide the best. opportunity to meet a high quality woman. who you’ll likely have many shared. interests with another major advantage. is since you’ve already known each other. beforehand for some time you’ll have had.

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An opportunity to know more about her. personal history before considering her. as a potential dating option in other. words you’ll have some knowledge of what. she’s like in person whether she’s had a. promiscuous past what she was like in. her previous relationships if she’s. smart if she’s good with money this. contrasts online and cold approaches. where it’s possible you may meet a woman. who wants to hide one of these things. from her past that she doesn’t want you. to know about the last reason you should. prioritize warm approach for. relationships is because generally. speaking the women in your social circle. are going to be far higher quality on. average compared to places like. nightclubs and dating apps. so if you’re looking for relationship. material and warm approach isn’t an. option good luck finding it on tinder or.

In a nightclub this leads to a. problematic situation for some men out. there because what if your answer to. this question on having options within. your social circle is no unfortunately i. know for a lot of you warm approach. isn’t an option especially if you work. in a field such as software development. or construction so if you work in such a. field where there are very few women you. need to answer the next question which. is do you live in a big city and. hopefully you do as this will still. provide lots of opportunities for day. game approaching as stated earlier if. you’re looking for a relationship online. dating and nightclubs aren’t going to be. the best in terms of meeting high. quality women but if you’re approaching. women in the street coffee shops. bookshops there’s a higher chance a. woman here will hold good values and be.

Relationship material how about if you. don’t live in a big city if you live in. a small town of say under 25 000 people. if this is you it means your situation. is quite precarious because they’ll. likely be next to no dating options you. can pursue not even day game because a. town might simply not be big enough. therefore if you’ve been following this. path till now your only option will be. to relocate somewhere larger and then. follow the same process of maximizing. day game finally exploring the last path. of the flowchart which is chad’s looking. to date casually if this is you you also. have to answer if you are neurotypical. if your answer is no you should focus. exclusively on online dating because. this means you won’t have to worry about. your conversations ruining your chances. in real life i actually have a friend.

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