Honolulu Dating

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Honolulu Dating not uncommon for  that to

Oh such an amazing island i extended my stay from  four days to eight days to 15 days and i was there  . in march 2021 i loved it and i wanted to share  with you a conversation that i had with one of  . my friends the other day she asked me christine  would you recommend i go to oahu right now and to  . be totally honest i said yes you absolutely should  it’s such a great destination even right now but  . there are a couple things that you should know  and so in this week’s video i’m giving you those  . things you should know as well as some helpful  tips so that you can be a smarter traveler while  . you’re there and if you’re new here i’m christine  with where in the world of ciel and i make travel  . videos every week to help you get updated travel  so if you like to travel consider subscribing.

Let’s dive in to give you some context on this  first one i used to live in san francisco for  . many many years as well as new york city and so  living and being in a place where homelessness is  . a problem is not something that’s new to me but i  was caught off guard with the homelessness problem  . in oahu and the reason why i want to share this  one first with you is when people would come and  . visit me for example in san francisco i used to  own a condo there they would say oh my gosh i had  . no idea how bad the homelessness problem was and  i was like yeah it’s it’s really common here and  . that’s what i want to share with you about oahu  is that there is a large homelessness problem  . there and i encourage you to do the same thing i  just google searched and read some articles around.

Is homelessness a problem in hawaii and it was  interesting to see some of the stats that came up  . i’ll link some of the government and news articles  below if you want to learn more but my tip for you  . here and my tip from my friend who’s traveling to  oahu is twofold the first is just about everywhere  . you park your car at hikes at viewpoints etc  there are always signs around locking your  . car because breakins are a problem i was solo  traveling for a lot of my trip and so that made  . me feel a little nervous given i was on the trails  alone and that my car was unattended but it’s one  . of those things where i was always choosing to  do these hikes or these activities during the  . most busy part of the day so that i would never  be completely alone the second thing is just to  . be aware that it’s a problem and i i didn’t test  out to see if it was a problem an example would.

Be there were some really beautiful murals at  a school it was a saturday so i wanted to go  . take some pictures of them but the homeless camp  and a lot of the tents were set up right outside  . and so i just didn’t really want to risk parking  the car and walking around the school in that area  . in general and here’s another one i’m in chinatown  and i’d love to get my takeout order and eat it  . somewhere around here but to be honest there’s so  many police there’s also so many homeless so many  . homeless people here that it’s not that i feel  unsafe per se because it’s daytime but it’s just  . not the best to be honest this is difficult  for me to talk about but again my goal here  . is just to help you to be a smarter traveler i  definitely recommend oahu right now and i have  . tons of videos about helping you to travel there  on my channel all right let’s dive into the next.

One this next one is about coveted restrictions  when it comes to dining one of the things i  . wish i would have known beforehand is to not just  choose a restaurant and always have a reservation  . but to have a backup place where you might get  take out and have it be close to the beach and  . have a picnic blanket with you so here’s an  example this has happened to me a few times  . where i’ve gotten take out and i just want to  sit down somewhere and eat it and a lot of places  . even like public spaces are blocked so that you  can’t sit there at the international marketplace  . like all of the seating there is blocked off  and so i am yet driving and just parking my  . car somewhere random and i’m gonna eat in the  car again so hot how are you gonna get in there  . this might seem like a silly problem but it was  one that kept happening again and again because i.

Honolulu Dating lot of areas

Would often times pick up takeout from places and  i would walk for very long periods of time around  . waikiki with it because so many of the normal  spaces you can sit down at are closed off so just  . be ready for that get ready to head to the park  get ready to head to the beach and bring your take  . out there and always make sure if you’re going  to a restaurant you’ve got to have reservations  . oh you know what you don’t need reservations for  the shrimp trucks on the north shore so delicious  . make sure you check out that video link in the  description below and if you have other helpful  . tips drop them in the comments below so that  we can all help each other this next one was  . a challenge with getting around and i’ll give you  three examples here one of my favorite ways to get  . around when i’m traveling to a new place is just  to use uber and one of the things i like to do pro.

Tip is pull up the uber app and actually look real  time how much would it cost if you were to take a  . ride from one place to another and so that’s one  way i get a gauge for what it looks like but one  . of the things i realized as i arrived in oahu is  that the number of uber drivers that are available  . is pretty low and so the original price that i  expected to pay for my uber ride to waikiki ended  . up being way more when the time actually came to  take the uber so that’s one i didn’t really expect  . i ended up using other ways to get around but i’ll  give you one more example when i was in waikiki it  . was raining that day bad and i didn’t want to  walk to the coffee shop and so i just wanted to  . look at the price and you can see this distance  is very very small and this is the price it costs.

To take an uber just from the hotel to the coffee  shop so just be aware of that if you were planning  . on using uber as your main way of getting around  and actually my recommended way of getting around  . this works really well if you’re just cruising  around waikiki is to use beaky bikes it’s the  . bikeshare program i absolutely loved it it’s  basically four bucks a ride but do it this way  . where you buy the plan for 25 and it gives you 300  minutes to use ongoing so whether your first ride  . is 10 minutes your second ride is 30 minutes  etc i loved using biki bike as my main way of  . getting around and that works really well but  only if you’re saying within waikiki i did ride  . the diamond head that was kind of a long uphill  ride and it also only works if it’s not pouring  . rain outside so the natural next question to ask  if it’s not a bike and it’s not uber then how are.

You going to get around and that’s renting  a car and i have a couple tips for you here  . that hopefully will save you some money my first  tip for you is to look for a car rental that’s  . not at the airport so this was the original  car rental that i was looking at with a pickup  . at the airport i found that off airport car rental  places were significantly less so this is the car  . rental i ended up going with you can see i saved  a ton of money here the second tip i have for you  . is around parking and especially in waikiki that  can be a challenge which by the way i have a whole  . video on my recommendations on waikiki in the  description below so make sure you check it out  . but one thing that i didn’t know until i was  there is there actually a lot of areas around  . waikiki with free parking so before you pay those  high rates at your hotels make sure you just peek.

Around and read the signs because a lot of areas  are free this last one i got for you it’s the  . best i’m really fortunate in that i grew up in san  diego and traveled to hawaii a lot as a child and  . my sister got to college out there so i’ve spent  a lot of time on the island and i don’t know how  . i forgot but i forgot that bugs in particular  cockroaches are kind of a problem it’s a funny  . story in hindsight but at the time it was not that  funny but my first car rental that i had in oahu  . had cockroaches in it and it’s not uncommon for  that to happen and every time i’d open the door  . they would scurry around and i just i’d open  the door let them settle and then i would get  . in the car oh so gross i was constantly vacuuming  that rental car before i just returned it and got  . another one but one thing to be aware of whether  they are in your hotel or whether they are in.

Your car rental cockroaches are just they’re just  they’re just there and they’re waiting for you and  . you know ants ants as well really really common in  my first airbnb while i was there tons and tons of  . ants i would put any food that i was finished with  that was trash back into the fridge and then throw  . it out directly into the garbage can afterwards  but just just know about the cockroaches and  . be ready for the ants can i tell you one magical  thing that happened in oahu i was flying my drone  . it’s a beautiful sunset a whale is jumping in the  background and there’s a baby turtle running into  . the sea and i was like this place is magical so i  cannot wait for my oahu return if you had some fun  . with me in this video choose that like button  and consider subscribing sign up for my travel.

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