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John and Rose deserved so much better did you  guys buy valentine’s chocolates for yourselves  . maybe okay you guys need valentine’s day what are  you talking about i had a very fun and productive  . day planned i was gonna start my phone fold some  laundry pick up some dog food stare at the wall  . oh my gosh i need a girlfriend joke’s on you  guys i have a nice dinner for two planned  . were you gonna eat both meals  yeah we need valentine dates yeah  . yeah guys it’s not every day that a perfect  girl just walks on by yeah right no he’s right. here. like that why can’t that ever happen to us oh  wait all right here’s the plan first i ride in  . on the giant elephants and then josiah comes in  with the mariachi band and then judah releases  . the doves in the fireworks where are we going  to get all of that well i’m a lot about ideas.

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Okay so on instagram she has a mutual friend  that has a facebook friend that has a mom that  . has a cousin that has an instagram  account that attacked her in a post  . she like starbucks i can work with this and  leave it in your draft all right watch this. whenever you have the time uh yeah  it’s 12 30. thanks and that’s alex  . put your hand down one of you guys needs to  have an actual conversation with them no watch  . how it’s done gentlemen oh i know that you’ve  been you’ve just given us your biggest secret  . hey josiah right i think i’ve seen you around here. yep uh judah you’re up buddy yep. ready i got you hey i think i’ve seen you around  here before right you definitely have something  . yeah i saw you earlier just one second real quick  . or something weird he must have laughed yeah maybe  i guess that’s so funny i’m elijah by the way.

Do you need anything. just talking to them is not an option okay  judah next time we see the girls what do we do  . no no no no no no no okay you guys just be  yourselves i really think you’ll impress them  . you’re right we do need to impress them yeah  . did you even hear what i said yes yes  this plane does work perfectly in my. head we have got to get that guy to the gym. hey so i saw you earlier and you  looked really pretty and i had a  . really important question i wanted to ask you  . what’s your favorite lego ninjago because mine  is green because his power of being green that  . was so much worse than i could have ever  imagined yeah yeah should have gone with red  . wait wait i wasn’t finished so are you gonna say  anything anything nothing you can say you could  . make this worse sometimes i dress up as a giant  carrot anything but that no that made it worse.

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That was that was the worst yeah absolutely daniel  man i just want to say thank you again for saving  . my puppy from that fire he saved my puppy not a  problem yeah and then you donated that hundred  . thousand dollars to charity it was a hundred  thousand dollars it was like 20 bucks it was only  . like 20 bucks that he donated oh uh 20 100. you  don’t need like two thousand dollars to charity  . yeah it was nothing it was like i  spent nothing he was super grateful  . i am not a baby i didn’t say you were a baby i  said pretend to be a baby listen i’ll pay you  . five bucks jenny jeez babies are extortionist  drink did you get today oh it’s just this odd  . drink it’s just a mocha frappe extra whip  light ice almond milk instead of regular  . no wait that’s my favorite drink no way we have  so much in common me too same time as a baby.

Johnson what are you doing you’re probably oh. some of that was successful and some of it wasn’t  yeah yeah yeah does anyone have a valentine’s date  . just date my cat count. look guys we can’t force this yeah you know maybe  if we’re meant to be alone on valentine’s day  . i might be alone on valentine’s day yeah. we’ll have a dinner for two planes if  anyone wants in me yeah i’m going to okay. hey we just wanted to say. oh this isn’t about you anyways we were  just wondering if you guys had any plans  . for valentine’s day by the way my favorite ninjago  is blue but nobody really knows that i like this. and jocelyn told me how emotional you are  and i kind of have a thing for sensitive guys. i owe that kid 20 bucks. john ambrose just deserved  so much better i know right  . i am my favorite honey i am so cute there  is a valentine’s day sale on the march that.

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