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Believe in yourself and all that you are. know that there is something inside of. you that is greater than any obstacle. inner peace begins the moment you choose. not to allow another person or event to. control your emotions. trust yourself. you’ve survived a lot and you’ll survive. whatever is coming. if you want to be happy be. don’t believe every word thought you. have. worried thoughts are notoriously. inaccurate. the greatest mistake we make is living. in constant fear that we will make one. the greatest mistake we make is living. in constant fear that we will make one. when everything seems to be going. against you remember that the airplane. takes off against the wind not with it. we must be willing to let go of the life. we’ve planned so as to have the life. that is waiting for us. the greatest weapon against stress is.

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Our ability to choose one thought over. another. everything you have ever wanted is. sitting on the other side of fear. don’t let your mind bully your body into. believing it must carry the burden of. its worries. the best thing one can do when it is. raining is to let it rain. you can’t stop the waves but you can. learn to surf. many of us feel stress and get. overwhelmed not because we’re taking on. too much but because we’re taking on too. little of what really strengthens us. if you want to conquer the anxiety of. life. live in the moment live in the breath. peace is the result of retraining your. mind to process life as it is rather. than as you think it should be. if you don’t like something change it if. you can’t change it change the way you. think about it. physical comforts cannot subdue mental. suffering and if we look closely we can.

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See that those who have many possessions. are not necessarily happy. in fact being wealthy often brings even. more anxiety. it’s been my experience that you can. nearly always enjoy things if you make. up your mind firmly that you will. anxiety happens when you think you have. to figure out everything all at once. breathe you’re strong. you got this. take it day by day. in our daily lives we must see that it. is not happiness that makes us grateful. but the gratefulness that makes us happy. albert clark. anxiety is a lot like a toddler it never. stops talking tells you you’re wrong. about everything and wakes you up at 3am. anonymous. don’t be pushed by your problems. be led by your dreams ralph waldo. emerson. anxiety is a thin stream of fear. trickling through the mind if encouraged. it cuts a channel into which all other.

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Thoughts are drained. arthur summers roche. in order to move on you must understand. why you felt what you did and why you no. longer need to feel it mitch album. happiness is not something you postpone. for the future it is something you. design for the present. ginrone. you don’t drown by falling into water. you only drown if you stay there. zig ziglar. just when the caterpillar thought the. world was ending he turned into a. butterfly. proverb. sometimes the bad things that happen in. our lives put us directly on the path to. the most wonderful things that will ever. happen to us. no amount of anxiety can change the. future no amount of regret can change. the past. happiness is not a brilliant climax to. years of grim struggle and anxiety it is. a long succession of little decisions. simply to be happy in the moment.

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about. what may never happen. keep in the sunlight. we all have anxiety about things. we all have little insecurities but. eventually you have to face your fears. if you want to be successful and. everybody has some fear of failure. by being yourself you put something. wonderful in the world that was not. there before. most people are about as happy as they. make their minds out to be. you don’t have to control your thoughts. you just have to stop letting them. control you. don’t settle don’t finish crappy books. if you don’t like the menu leave the. restaurant. if you’re not on the right path get off. it. we live only a few conscious decades and. we fret ourselves enough for several. lifetimes. our stresses anxieties pains and. problems arise because we do not see the. world others or even ourselves as worthy.

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Of love. i know but one freedom and that is the. freedom of the mind. life is 10 what you experience and 90. how you respond to it. if you can’t fly then run if you can’t. run then walk if you can’t walk then. crawl but whatever you do you have to. keep moving forward. trust yourself. you’ve survived a lot and you’ll survive. whatever is coming. for us there is only the trying the rest. is not our business. actually spending 10 minutes clearing. off one shelf is better than fantasizing. about spending a weekend cleaning out. the basement. everything you have ever wanted is. sitting on the other side of fear. maybe you have to know the darkness. before you can appreciate the light. it isn’t what you have or who you are or. where you are or what you are doing that. makes you happy or unhappy. it is what you think about.

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