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Greensboro Dating okay she has no

All right everybody we’re back with time. for just one more thing. all right now at the beginning of the. hour. wXII correspondent Letha Vickers told. us about Jamie who is a 29 year old. modern southern belle now she was. nominated by a close friend who wanted. me to help her find a date. Jamie is at this greensboro restaurant. right now and has no idea that we are. about to serve her up a delivery date so. Talitha introduced me to delivery date. John well this handsome hunk over here. has been waiting he is so excited this. is John and John how you feeling. feeling a little nervous not gonna lie. but excited at the same time. seems like Jamie’s a great girl looking. forward to see what happens and I think. Steve did an awesome job matches up so. we’ll see what goes okay Talitha jaw is. time to go for it all right.

Let’s do it okay come on come with me. John here we go we’re gonna go in you’re. feeling good John you’re feeling good. all right all right the big surprise. okay she has no idea there’s no idea she. think all right hang on Jamie. excuse me Jamie Jamie can you come here. for a second. sorry guys to interrupt come on Jamie. come here. Hey I know you don’t know me I’m Talitha. Vickers with wXII I’m sure you watch us. all the time and you are beautiful by. the way and because you’re so beautiful. we want to introduce you to to somebody. else over here Jamie yes. daddy this is Steve Harvey hi. don’t sound so damn excited okay listen. to this though. a good friend of yours told me that. you’re a really great catch and you. can’t seem to find mr. right. but I think there’s a pretty good chance. that I may have found someone that’s.

Great. his name is John he’s 31 years old he’s. 6 foot 5. he works in construction and does. mission work building orphanages around. the world John is your turn now thank. you so much. basically Jamie you look absolutely. gorgeous and you know I am a Southern. gentleman I am working on my masters and. I like to also sing like you do from. what I’ve heard of her great things. about you and basically I’m looking for. a relationship possibly more and so here. it is Jamie today right now let me cut. into your plans and take you on a date. right now what do you say Jamie and John. I got a limo waiting for you to take you. to print works Bistro that’s in downtown. Greensboro where you go and you have a. nice enjoyable afternoon no pressure. just have a nice time see if you can. enjoy each other’s company and you never.

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