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Good morning. it’s a monday january 10th. 7 15 in the morning. jacqueline’s leaving me to go to work. and be alone for all day today depressed. and hurting and lonely but she doesn’t. care i do care about being the great guy. that i am about to make her breakfast. before she had done so breakfast is. gonna be simple wait we’re just gonna be. making an omelette with pepper and. onions jaclyn did dishes last night but. she didn’t put them away so the. kitchen’s still a mess. i don’t know who it is. you know what i know this jacket let me. just pepper some onions. on everything. cut on the top of. the seeds. i should call her oh it’s because i. don’t. know i stabbed it. cut them up. and by the way that is jacqueline coffee. in the background she’s going to get. kovid tested today to the telly. but other than that she has to go to.

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Work all day so i’m talking. to a b conversation. thanks. omelette with toast and a little bit of. protein to start your day your socks. long enough. get away from it get a fish ready. thank you sweetheart mmhmm big sky. country. there she is. she wants to adjust. beautiful montana. it looks cold as duck. look at that airman daniels i’m a1c. thank you zombie you’re not airman. danielson or my airmen but still a1c. you’re still in airmen though okay i am. look how pretty. shut up. well let’s go get your phone wallet cat. chips. see it’s actually warm out today and not. cold. see it’s warm. it is but it’s not the witness. everything. bye y’all i see you after work. thank you i love you so much if anybody. knows how to be late it is definitely. her. love you. so it’s been an hour since jaclyn’s last. bored out of my mind it’s montana i’m.

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Just stuck here i think i’m gonna do i’m. gonna clean up this place let’s clean up. well look who decided to come back and. show up i’m back. ain’t work for a month and goes to work. for 10 minutes. but since she’s back we’re gonna make. her lunch and we’re gonna make her my. grandma’s airfryer wings. oh look at that. beautiful. you got ranch too yeah. yep so we got the chicken all season. jacqueline is going to be working on the. honey glaze air fryer’s preheating let. you know how it all comes out all right. we’ve got about 30 seconds left i’m. about to get jaclyn’s reaction she ain’t. left the couch since she got to the crib. oh ah not true i know she put together. this little bit of sauce right here. we’re gonna taste it i’m not much of a. sauce guy but we’re gonna taste it too. bad you ain’t sweet oh chips here he is.

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What you know about it look at that. hold on i gotta set y’all down hold on. okay. okay miss loretta i’m ready for the rest. of the tour. there’s loretta wow. kell yeah that was just golden crispy oh. you’re feeling good huh. john’s over here proud of his chicken. can to take a flicks. getting into the mangoes star chocolate. mango slap and i bet she would go oh. i bet you would go good in some. smoothies i’m reading a book reading the. silent patient so far i’m not into. anything juicy yet it’s just about a. woman that happened to kill her husband. shot him seven times it’s about a woman. that shot her husband killed her husband. and. she went silent i i just i guess there’s. a lot of plots list and i’m excited for. it i will let y’all know. if the book is as good as the height. test that it is are you shaving my beard.

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Or what yes. look that’s all i gotta do is ask if i. just kept asking he eventually gave in. and said okay i would have stopped we. would have forgot to this point he would. have just tried to get his way like a. big brat he is. cheers. nope you’re already holding it wrong. what now what i did yes. okay peaches. wash your hands. that’s what all there is to it that’s it. simple routine huh. after. about two hours of waiting on jacqueline. i think we’re actually gonna get ready. to leave here well we get spank is in. the car family what’s your worst weapon. what’s that. the belt try a sweeper wire that joint. hurts. so dontavian’s. creative cuisine dante we’ll see how it. goes i think i’m gonna get steak we’ll. see if it’s seasoned it’s got flavor. it’s probably not gonna come closer than. chicken wings we didn’t tell them how.

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Good the chicken wings were them joyce. was so good jacqueline was literally. cleaning the bones you love saying this. i like chicken. i love watching. this one this one. so y’all. we’re walking up to it and we just went. through all that ice them being a people. perfect perfect man people are looking. but it’s okay you set the dogs off. the dogs are set off i thought that was. game bigger than i remember we’re not a. kid. we. thank you. look. um. so just got done with dinner we forgot. to take a video. and stuff i got bacon wrapped filet. mignon i got sherpa and crab alfredo. which i thought was good we got. jacqueline’s leftover she took three. bites and it’s still here i was full but. that crowd that crowd was busting that. was like perfect crap better than real. lobster. but yeah it was pretty good not too bad. dante created cuisine.

So what would you rate it would you rate. our meal tonight on my scale it was good. i’d give it like a 7.8 i would give it a. 8.5 but i would give it a 10 for it. being in great falls because i’m telling. you the seasoning here in great falls is. not cutting it at all i had tacos on and. i thought that was going to be best man. took a bite of that i said this is even. better than taco bell talk about me. selling deer meat between all the one. ways and the no stop sign roads rig. falls makes me slightly uncomfortable. mark said oh i see how it is y’all make. stuff but y’all want to invite me over. tell walker to come over for wing night. after a long day’s work. the night has finally come we’re just. currently chilling watching the national. championship game roll tide hopefully. she’s getting ready to clock out because.

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