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Hey guys welcome to my channel. i don’t know about you guys but when i’m. going on the first day i am stressed and. vexed like. so here are some topics i’m hoping that. will help you get the conversation. started. the first thing i feel like in 2022 that. you need to start off with is the kovic. conversation what is their vaccination. status i know that is such an awkward. thing to ask but to be honest with you. most dating sites that i’ve been on. recently have a check mark for if the. person is vaccinated or not. this definitely depends on your level of. caring i guess i personally don’t care. if a person is vaccinated not but it. definitely will affect what you guys do. so maybe if the person isn’t vaccinated. they’re not comfortable going on certain. dates that you are comfortable and going. on maybe they don’t want to be in large.

Crowds maybe they want to stay at home. most of the time this is kind of your. way of asking them like what are we. going to be doing if you’re not. vaccinated i know in new york. you need that vaccine card to go. anywhere so. that’s literally going to cross out a. lot of things for you and that’s. something to consider i would also like. to ask that person. okay why did you decide not to be. vaccinated um maybe they have some crazy. conspiracy theory or whatever the case. may be this also gives you some time to. get in their mind to kind of see how. they think again there’s no wrong or. right answer um if the person chooses to. be vaccinated that their business i am. not here to judge um but that may limit. some of the things that you guys can do. so travel that is the buzzword for the. past couple of years everybody wants to.

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Hop on a flight and go like jet set. around the world you know everybody. trying to get flute out let’s go so what. trips have you taken what stamps you got. in your passport where are we going most. importantly no i’m just kidding but no. you want to know where this person has. been and where they’re trying to go it’s. okay if they’ve never traveled before. maybe you can be the first person that. brings them along or maybe you are the. first person that is going to go. traveling with them i don’t know it’s up. to you but i will say traveling is. something that’s super super popular and. most people my age are wanting to. explore the world and i’m here for it. i can show you the world. okay that’s that’s as much singing as. y’all gonna get for me okay but anyway i. definitely want to know. how often this person travels i.

Personally dated someone who was out the. country every other month and that. didn’t work for me we’re not doing it. but yeah so you want to know how. frequently they travel if they don’t. travel at all maybe it’s something you. want to consider it might be a deal. breaker i know for some people if the. guy doesn’t have a passport or has no. desire in getting a passport. it’s not going to work and honestly i. feel them i feel them because we’re in. the age we’re in this day and age where. people want to go out people want to. explore i’m trying to be dora the. explorer with my backpack. like we outside you coming or not. the dreaded. the super super common where are you. from. listen if you want to get someone. chatting let’s talk about where you from. where i feel set. let me just start off by saying but. people in general love talking about.

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Themselves it’s a narcissistic in us but. it is what it is like i’ll take it. because it makes for a good day so any. questions that you go to ask a person. unless they’re like a psycho killer most. of the time they want to tell you about. themselves uh maybe that’s just a new. york thing i don’t know but when someone. asked me where i’m from especially. because i don’t live in new york right. now i am ready ready to tell them all. about my state that i don’t want to live. in because it’s too expensive but i’m. ready regardless so if you definitely. want someone to start talking more this. is the way to go. of course you’ll get the standard answer. oh i’m from new york but maybe. they’ll dig in a little deeper and be. like okay but i grew up here. my town was like this and i grew up. mostly around this this definitely gives.

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You an idea of the type of person you’re. dating if your person grew up in a rural. area. you’re gonna get that country boy. person grew up in flatbush brooklyn then. you’re gonna get. a caribbean man most likely i’m just. saying this definitely helps you get an. idea of who that person is and where. they’re trying to go. build on what you already have if you. know that this person works for amazon. ask them some questions about amazon if. you know that they have five dogs ask. them some questions about the dog like. he mentioned that he works at a pizza. place i’m just using an example let’s. like dig into that. how do you make your pizzas. what kind of sauce do you. definitely show that you’re interested. and that you actually want to know um. because that just makes you look. like a willing and able person like.

Let’s not let’s not reinvent the wheel. here if they gave you information we’re. gonna use it don’t let that conversation. get dry because he’s gonna be staring at. you like. okay this actually shows that you’re. listening. and you’re paying attention when you ask. him questions about things that he. already told you about and this is not. only for girls to guys this is guys to. girls and we women we know we love. um. i love. when a man recites something i said. earlier because it’s like oh. you listened you paid attention. i love you. i love you. what is their idea of a good life. are they comfortable where they’re at do. they want to do more. this is definitely for the person who’s. interested in not dating a lazy man or. maybe not even lazy maybe he’s already. there and doesn’t want to do any more. and maybe you’re okay with where he’s at.

So. that works too. but. this conversation gets you into. what he wants for his future what you. want for your future what y’all want. together with y’all future. like. we all make it happen and see if our. goals align with each other and we can. be beautiful babies. i’m just kidding. maybe later but this just gets you an. idea like okay this person is currently. going to be working on this and that’s. probably where most of their time is. going to go so that kind of helps you. gauge whether the relationship is going. to be that important to them or not. because. personally i feel like guys can only. focus on one thing at a time but. anyway another great topic to start off. with are deal breakers and when i say. deal breakers i don’t mean like surface. level oh her nails have to be done every. day or he has to be six five like no i.

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Gotta talk about unrealistic things i’m. talking about like okay if you know that. you want to have kids then an important. question to ask someone is hey do you. want any kids in the future because if. you are dating with a purpose and you’re. looking for that husband you want to. make sure that you guys are on the same. page off that because let’s be real. we’re in our 30s and we do not have no. time to waste and i know people hate. hate when we say that as women but. honestly. it’s true our fertility clock is. literally ticking. are you gonna walk away if he tells you. he has a oneyear-old. that might be a deal breaker i know for. some it is that’s also a red flag too. it’s just a added bonus. if you are not the best person with. starting conversations and maybe the. person you’re dating isn’t either make. sure you have an activity plan for the.

First day i always suggest not going out. to dinner and not doing like movies. first of all movies is probably the. worst date you can ever go on as a first. date um. i definitely have an interesting story. about that. but i’m not gonna do it but. in the movie theaters you’re literally. sitting staring at a screen you don’t. want to keep talking during the movies. or you’re going to get kicked out so. it’s definitely not the best place to. get to know each other i would save the. movies for later on down the line. for a first day i would suggest doing. something active. i’m not saying you have to go for a 5k. run but anything that can kind of keep. you guys moving and talking at the same. time so maybe going bowling or maybe. going to play tennis like just something. light and fun maybe an escape room like. that just get you guys kind of like a.

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