Good Dating Conversation Starters

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All right a question i get all the time. is marnie what is the best way to start. a conversation. with a lady well let’s don’t say you. just say girl or woman so what is the. best line i can use and it’s a good. question because if you have no idea. what to say to a woman before you. approach her you’re likely to over think. and get nervous and not say anything at. all and that can be heartbreaking if you. really liked the girl that you saw you. were attracted to her but that’s why in. today’s video i want to give you seven. tried and true ways to start a. conversation with any woman that you. find attractive so just pick and choose. any of these seven easy openers and you. are good to go you’d never miss a chance. to talk to a woman you like ever again. because you’re gonna have a line so pay. attention take notes and watch till the.

End because these seven openers are. going to come in very handy. i’m marnie and from here on out i’m. gonna be your very own personal wing. girl and every week in every video i’m. gonna give you the no bs insider. information about what women really want. plus instantly effective methods to win. over any girl you like so if you can hit. that subscribe button now so that you. don’t miss a video. i’ll get started here are the seven. tried and true ways to start a. conversation with any girl you like and. i took these from a lot of people out. there um and things that have worked on. me so number one disarming questions. this is where you ask a very simple. question just to get the ball rolling. something anyone can answer without. hesitation or. just say i don’t know so for example if. you’re out on the streets and you spot a.

Pretty girl walking by you could go up. to her and ask hey excuse me do you know. where the nearest starbucks is right. simple question anybody can ask. disarming question if you’re at a. networking event or a party or some. social gathering and you see somebody. you’re attracted to you could ask a very. simple question hey do you know where. the restroom is hey where’s the bar hey. do you know where we’re going next or. if you want to find something to eat i’m. absolutely starving the simple stuff. anybody can answer it’s just the ice. breaker now the real secret to make this. method work is the followup you can’t. just ask this simple question get an. answer and then like walk away or expect. her to carry on the conversation you. need to change topics and follow it up. with a in a very relaxed and casual. manner so if you’re out and you break.

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Into conversation you asking for. directions then after she gives you her. answer you could say. thanks where are you from by the way. that’s like a segway bridge let’s say. she says i’m from toronto because i’m. from toronto you reply oh that’s nice. i’m from texas my name is john by the. way nice to meet you and just like that. you’re in a conversation it’s started. it’s on now you can drive it forward in. any direction you like and get to know. her better ask for her number all that. good stuff it is ridiculously simple but. it can work like a charm every time all. right method number two the prop based. opener this is where you comment on. something a girl is holding or wearing. like a prop or something in your shared. environment what you say could be a. question or even just like a statement. so for example if you’re at an art.

Gallery and you see a beautiful woman. looking at a painting you could walk up. next to her and say wow that. painting is amazing given that you’re. close to her and loud enough she’ll. definitely look at you and say something. like yeah it is. and that’s your opportunity to get into. conversation to getting the conversation. going you can turn to her and introduce. yourself afterwards hey i’m soand-so. nice to meet you. see how easy it is another example could. be if you notice a woman holding a drink. at the bar right you could ask her so. what are you drinking is it good okay do. you see how easy this is it’s just like. talking there’s no need to be clever or. quick on your feet just notice a prop. make a comment like spit it out of your. mouth and then you’re good and that. should be enough to break the ice.

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All right moving on number three the. situational opener and this is quite. similar to the prop based opener with. the situational opener all you need to. do is comment on something that is. happening around you both at that moment. these are all observations so if you’re. at a bar and a rock band is playing say. something about it to her could be a. question or a statement your opinion for. example have you heard these guys play. before or. it’s a bit loud in here isn’t it which. is true it’s loud another example could. be if you’re in a college classroom and. the professor is giving a boring lecture. which happens quite often you could talk. to the girl right next to you and make a. comment about how bored you are and what. you wish you can do instead of attending. class once again it’s such simple stuff. and i wish it was more simple.

Any guy can do this all you have to do. is be observant and then. open your mouth speak up all right. moving on to number four the opinion. opener and this is a classic. trick i guess or way of starting a. conversation it’s a clever one with an. opinion opener what you do is you go up. to a woman. and ask for her opinion or advice on. something which actually i find very. engaging so for example if you’re. standing in line at a coffee shop and. you see somebody that you’re attracted. to you could ask her hey. i’m new to this coffee shop what are. your recommendations on what i should. order. opinion what’s your opinion if you’re at. a clothing store you could pick up a. shirt or something and go to the girl. and say hey can i get your honest. opinion would this look weird. on me would i look weird in this shirt. very similarly you could also put on two.

Different colognes and on each of your. wrists and ask a girl which one smells. better right that gets you touching and. getting close i mean the sky’s the limit. with opinion openers you could ask. anything that you like hey have you ever. watched the show friends well who do you. like better joey or chandler. listen i want your honest opinion on. something what do women really like do. they like a bad boy or do they like a. gentleman and i’m sure you can think of. some yourself and i encourage you to. think of some yourself remember the. point is to ask for advice or foreign. opinion and once you break the ice with. that and get the girl talking you can. then introduce yourself switch topics. and move on to other things okay it’s. just breaking in before i go to the next. one i have a quick request for you i.

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Request it every single time. i really hope that you can give me a. thumbs up or subscribe to my channel. it’ll help my channel grow it’s gonna. help people see my videos and if you. have enjoyed this please give a thumbs. up it’ll make me smile okay then if. you’re done let’s proceed to the next. opener number five which is the cold. read and this is a great one a cold read. is where you make a general statement. about a woman’s personality background. or emotional state you’re reading her. the key phrase is general statement you. don’t want to get too specific because. that’s like really creepy. but general so let me show you how it. works so let’s say there was a cute girl. at your gym. and you could walk up to her and make a. generic guess about her background and. say you don’t look like you’re from this. neighborhood okay it’s very simple.

Similarly if you find a beautiful woman. at a social event you could walk up to. her and make a cold read about her. personality you could say something like. you seem like a creative girl you. definitely have an artistic vibe see if. you see a cute girl walking in the. streets you could catch her catch up to. her and say something like wow you look. really bored what happened right that’s. a cold read about her emotional state. about who she is do you see how easy. this is you can use this on like every. woman it’s a guessing game basically all. you have to do is make a generic guess. about the girl’s personality background. or emotional state and that’s it now the. reason it works like magic is threefold. first it’s different it stands out. hardly any people start a conversation. with a cold read about somebody secondly.

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It’s highly personal and whatever is. personalized gets people’s attention do. you know what you like i’ll tell you and. third it sparks curiosity if someone. makes a random guess about you you can’t. help but wonder what made that other. person think that way whether you’re. right or wrong. doesn’t matter. the very act of making the guess and. telling it to her is going to grab her. attention and peak her curiosity and if. you’re right she’ll confirm it and. probably ask how did you know that about. her right or she’ll expand on your guess. and share stuff about her oh my god i’m. not from this neighborhood. if you’re wrong she’ll correct you and. ask you what made you think that about. her i am from this neighborhood why did. you say that either way she’ll be pulled. into the conversation and you can drive. it from there to wherever you want okay.

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Next number six the social opener. someone told me about this recently and. i’m not really sure who came up with it. so i can’t give them credit right now. but it’s absolutely amazing and i love. it in any social environment like. networking events parties bars and clubs. college campuses so on this opener works. like magic and all you have to do is. walk up to the girl you like and say one. easy line hey i don’t think i’ve met you. my name is john or whatever your name is. don’t say john it’s not your name. now i know that sounds ridiculously. simple but here’s why it’s so brilliant. when you say i don’t think i’ve met you. you’re basically communicating that. you’re a social and popular guy who. would have met everybody you’re someone. who other people know and it builds up. your perceived status in front of this.

Woman plus saying that you haven’t met. her yet. also sub communicates that you’re about. to meet her now she’s like oh yes now. we’re meeting as in you’re about to have. a conversation right now and it removes. all awkwardness and primes the girl for. the conversation that is about to follow. so try it. and you’ll see that it works wonderfully. all right number seven the direct opener. this one is really powerful and i. absolutely love it a lot of guys can’t. pull this off but this is perhaps the. only one on the list which can help. really spark attraction from the getgo. so here’s how it works and it’s very. simple you just walk up to a girl you. like you stop her. and say hey i know this is completely. random. but i think you’re really cute and i. wanted to meet you direct that’s it sexy. you can use it literally in any.

Situation and it’s perhaps the best. opening line of all time because it. shows so much confidence and boldness. that’s a hard thing to say that’s. incredibly sexy you’re clearly letting. the girl know that you’re interested in. her stating your intent. there’s no playing around you’re clear. about your wants you’re being direct and. most guys would be terrified to do that. but. you are different right you’re. courageous and confident enough to take. a risk so trust me even if the woman is. unavailable to date she’s gonna respect. you immensely for saying that to her and. if the woman is single nine times out of. ten this one line will actually turn her. on a little bit just because it exudes. so much confidence how could it not plus. the part where you say hey this is. completely random also shows that you’re. socially aware you’re strangers so yeah.

Of course it’s random you’re addressing. the elephant in the room and removing. all awkwardness like you’re taking a lot. of ownership and that is perfection she. is not going to stand there and wonder. why is this guy here what does he want. and so on she’ll know exactly where you. stand and this means it’s very unlikely. that she’ll ever put you in the friend. zone you’re not acting friendly because. you’ve already. introduced a romantic frame you’ve told. her you find her cute she knows you’re. not there to be friends the only caveat. for this opener is the delivery your. delivery needs to be. strong and i don’t know i just like made. my eyes big when i said like strong you. have to fully commit to it that means. projecting your voice open body language. and a smile on your face you get the. delivery right and you’ll lay the.

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Foundation for a great conversation to. follow all right now that is it for the. conversation openers these seven should. be more than enough to give you ideas. and help you start conversations anytime. anywhere and with any girl you want if. you’re interested in knowing how to. continue the conversation not run out of. things to say and build attraction as. you go then i highly recommend you click. the link in the description below to. check out the banter guide and the banjo. kind is a oneof-a-kind program loaded. with the most effective little tips. tricks lines whatever two think on your. feet make a girl smile or laugh make. anything you say sound fun and. interesting it teaches you how to. quickly come up with these things so you. come up with comebacks and teasing lines. on the fly and continue conversations.

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