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Godly Dating Quotes they hated him

Hey team lc if you were here last week. you know what’s coming this week we got. a fire in the house and before uh. before i tell you what we’re gonna do. today let me tell you next week is what. we call. reveal week it’s the week before at the. movies. and it’s the week you want to bring your. kids and a billion friends to see what. happens in the lobbies. uh our campus teams are me working all. week long doing something really really. special in preparation for. the very best time of the year to bring. people who’ve never been to church let’s. call. at the movies who’s excited about this. year. we have the best lineup of messages. when you watch the way jesus. communicated he would often. illustrate a spiritual truth with a. story what we’re going to do is we’re. going to illustrate spiritual truth. with movie clip stories in a way that i.

Believe really. complements the teaching of jesus and it. just transforms. lives you want to bring everybody you. can in the weeks to come. today though we have back my very very. good friend the pastor. of transformation church we’re talking. all things relationship. there’s nobody better new york times. bestselling author of this. fantastic book relationship goals if you. haven’t read it please. do read it get it for your kids and your. friends to. read before i welcome him to the. platform. i just want to say i learned from those. who’ve gone before me. i’m always a student i learn from my. peers in the younger category i love to. learn for those who are coming that are. younger. and in the 30 year old category there. ain’t nobody i learn from more. than my very good friend he’s a great. man of god a great cheerleader.

In my life i love your family and it’s. an honor for you to speak to our church. life church could you please help me. welcome pastor mike. todd. come on thank you man. life church. they let me back in here again. i’m back and i’m black and i’m wearing a. pink jacket. and um i am excited. to be able to continue to share. about principles everybody say. principles. to live your life and to help your. relationships i believe. that everybody can win in relationships. if you’re sitting next to somebody. tell them you can win in relationships. now. now the other person that you didn’t. look at i want you to tell them. you can win in relationships yeah. that’s what god wants for each one of us. but that means that we have to live our. life based on principles that are found. in god’s word. and we learned last week that we got to.

Do what. rip up the list. see because all of us have a list that. we have made. in our hearts and our minds and our soul. and our emotion. that we think maybe god will cosign. this maybe. this is the type of person i’ll be with. and many times we get frustrated. because god didn’t do what we eros. erroneously made up on our own. and today i i want to go further into. this principle but i want to show you. through somebody’s life in the word of. god. y’all remember joseph the one with the. versace gucci jacket y’all remember the. one of. many colors y’all remember that i want. to look at joseph’s life. and i want to tell you that the journey. to whatever god has. for you whatever your palace looks like. relationally whatever your palace looks. like. for your family whatever your palace. looks like for your business. you might want to rip up the list of how.

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You thought it was going to happen. because the road to where you’re going. to end up and i want to encourage. somebody. if you’re single right now and you. desire relationship. i believe that you’re going to end up in. a relationship that is full of life. y’all don’t even believe it she’s like i. don’t even know pastor mike i’m telling. you. by faith you’re going to end up in a. relationship that’s full of life. a relationship that brings joy that. blesses. others if your relationship is bad right. now. i believe that god can turn it around. he’s the only one that can take broken. things and create a masterpiece. but the thing you got to realize is the. journey. doesn’t always look like the destination. write that down the journey. doesn’t always look like the destination. where me and my wife natalie. are at today after.

Almost 20 years of knowing each other. 11 years of being married and. our relationship went to a pit. right before i got married can i be hot. can i be humble open and transparent. with life church. i kind of told some of my business last. week i’m gonna tell a little more this. week. don’t judge me it don’t matter if you do. god loves me. um right before we got married. i had this voice come into my mind. and it was through people and different. things but i’ll just call it a voice. that came to my mind it was really the. enemy. said how are you about to settle down. and give your life to this one woman. and you’ve never experienced anything. else. why in the world would you settle for. this steak dinner. when you’ve never tasted tacos. and meatloaf and burgers and ham. y’all get the analogy. and i did not. hang on to the principles of god.

I went for pleasure. and i know i’m talking about me but i’m. talking about you too. because there’s areas of our life where. we’ve traded the principles of god for. the pleasure of the moment. and that 10 months of insanity that i. talk about in my book relationship goals. cost me 10 years of trust building. what i’m telling you is where we are. today the destination relationship goes. number one new york time bestseller look. at our family. that’s not the journey we was on. and what i had to do was i had to take. the list that i made and i had to do. what. i got to keep apologizing i got to keep. saying i’m sorry for what i did. that one time i got to keep going to. counseling. and they charge how much. but remember what proverbs 19 21 says. many are the plans. in a person’s heart but it is the lord’s. purpose. that will prepare god prevailed god saw.

Us purpose helping. millions of people win in relationships. but the journey to get there went. through a pit. and that’s kind of what happened to. joseph and i came to encourage somebody. well i thought this was a relationship. series if you’re gonna be in. relationship at some moment it’s going. to the pit. oh can all my married folks make some. noise right. some of y’all barely made it here today. you’re like don’t talk to me jim don’t. talk to me glory to god. i’m trying to give you principles so you. know that we can get to the palace. but if you’re gonna go on this journey. don’t. quit in the pit. in an age where if you look at modern. romance they tell you quit when it’s. hard. they tell you stop when you don’t when. you don’t feel it anymore. i don’t know we just fell out of love. it’s just i don’t know like one day i.

Just i looked at them and. no sparks no sparks. i dare say love starts where feelings. end. y’all missed it yeah. when i stop feeling it that’s when. love actually kicks in. y’all remember that song um michael and. natalie sitting in the tree. ki-s-s-i help me say first comes love. then comes mares then comes the baby and. the baby that’s the dumbest relational. advice i’ve ever heard. love doesn’t come first sometimes the. baby comes first let’s be honest. like but i believe. if you study the scripture love comes. after the sacrifice. it comes after the commitment this is. free how much did you love god before. you committed to him. it was after the commitment that love. actually came in. what i’m trying to say is you got to. commit even if it goes to the pit. and that means that if you are. frustrated. and you don’t see how it’s going to work.

Invite god. into it don’t jump out of it and say god. what’s next and. there’s no better example than this in. the bible. than joseph who who had a list. who had a dream y’all remember his dream. he was the favorite son. of his father and then one day he just. got up the course like yo i. had the craziest dream last night let me. tell you all about it and he gathered. his brothers around. in genesis chapter 37 verse five it said. one night joseph had a dream. and when he told his brothers about it. they hated him. more and then he already knew. they hated him but he kept telling the. dream so he said uh listen guys. we were out in the field tying up. bundles of grade and. suddenly my bundle stood up and your. bundles dropped it low. and gathered and bowed before mine his. brother’s responded so. you think you’re going to be our king do.

You. you actually think you will reign over. us. and they hated him all the more because. of his dream. and the way he talked about them now. i started thinking about this idea as. far as our relationships our businesses. all the things we want to happen like. god gives us a dream and we have a dream. person or a dream idea or a list. look how i i think joseph list would. have gone. his list would have said like something. like he had a dream. then he got support and then he got an. opportunity. and then he went for promotion to. promotion and then it was the palace. glory adios. that’s what we think our life with. christ looks like. it’s this list but do you know what. actually happened. is he had a dream but then he was. betrayed by the people closest to. him he was sold into slavery he was put. into prison. and he still got the palace.

One plus one equals 19.. and that’s how many of our relationships. look it’s like how do you. and you with all of that. turn out to be this that. is the hand of god in a relationship. and that’s what happens when you take. your list. and you rip it up. so joseph now has to walk through these. seasons like many of you are having to. walk through these seasons relationally. as a single person after divorce widowed. wherever you’re at right now. and i want to just give you a couple of. principles everybody shout at me. principles. to help you live your life relationally. that will help you win. in relationships because my question is. what happens when the dream drops. when the list hits a pit see the path to. the palace many times. passes through the pit i need you to. understand that. wherever you’re going the good that god.

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Has intended for you. many times and you can go throughout all. of scripture. nobody is void of a pit at some moment. can i tell you about my pit relationship. goals blows up. everybody’s wanting me to come speak it. goes number one new york time bestseller. the same time we find out our son has. autism. he’s five years old almost six does not. speak full sentences to this day. before i came here i’m taking him to. therapy. i’m the man of crazy faith. but i’m still in a pit. why am i up here with such conviction. it’s because i know god can still be. faithful even when you’re in a pit. i i came. to identify with people who’ve been. lonely for years. for people who’ve been a struggling. relationship for years. just because you’re in a pit does not. mean it’s over. and i want to encourage you to continue. to move why am i up here preaching.

While my pregnant wife is at home having. to try to get my son to eat glutenfree. chicken nuggets right now because it’s. the only thing he will eat. cause i gotta keep moving. even though everything in me wants to. just lay down and quit. i came to tell you i’m standing here as. a testimony to you today. do not quit in the pit. i’m feeling something happening right. now. see the relationship that all of us. desire. will take work that you don’t see now. yeah the relationship you desire will. take unforeseen work. that’s why psalms 23 4 says yay. though i walk through the valley. of the shadow of death i want to pull. your attention to one word. through. it’s not a word of though. i stop in the valley. though i get tired and sit down in the. valley. i am walking everybody shout at me. through. i don’t care if you have to inch your.

Way. day by day i believe that god’s word is. all about progression not perfection. so even if i’m gonna get real real i’ma. do like you i was at my church right now. even if you have to get down. and it hurts and it’s hard. and nobody can see what you’re really. going through. if you don’t quit. the pit will become your platform. i’m telling somebody right now your. lowest moment. will be the place of your greatest. testimony the place where you are. that broken will be the place that god. brings deliverance and healing. for others everybody shout at me through. though i walk through the valley of the. shadow of death i’ll fear no evil why. for thou art with me. god told me to tell you wherever you are. relationally he’s with you. no matter how broken it’s been he’s with. you no matter if you didn’t get the. certification or the degree or they.

Turned you down. for the house alone and they didn’t um. um give you the the the. the thing that you needed to go to the. next level he is. with you somebody say god’s with me and. this. is the theme of joseph’s life. that no matter if he went in a pit no. matter if he was relationally battered. bruised and scarred god was with him. genesis 37. 23 so when joseph arrived his brothers. ripped uh oh. there’s that ripped again he was ripped. of what he thought he was going to be. living in. his beautiful robe and then they grabbed. him and threw him into a cistern and. what ended up happening in verse 36. meanwhile the midianite traitors arrived. in egypt. where they sold joseph to potiphar an. officer of pharaoh the king of egypt. potiphar was the captain of the palace. guard. i want to tell you a reason why you need. to rip up your list.

Because the betrayal wasn’t meant to. break you. the betrayal was allowed to take you. see joseph had to rip up his list. for what he thought was going to happen. because god had a plan that he wanted to. prevail. but joseph would have never left his. daddy’s house. had there not been some hurt involved. there’s some stuff you’ve gone through. that you said why in the world did this. happen. it’s the only thing that would make you. move. and you can’t see it now and i know. those were your besties and we did the. whole thing and we was. we got that toes that’s sad. but they left and he left me at the. altar. after we paid do you know how much these. roses cost. and they they’re gone and they left the. church and we did this together and. god said there’s some things i allow. because it’s the only thing that’ll make. you move.

If if we’re going to get to the palace. to the purpose i have for you. there’s no way you would have left that. if i would have just. told you you’re too comfortable. you’re too committed to your list and. god said i had to they had to walk out. they had to leave you had to get denied. for that school. because if you would have got into that. school you would have followed them. i needed you over here separate so i. could give you a vision. somebody say it had to happen yeah yeah. the betrayal wasn’t meant to break you. was meant to take you. the worst relational devastation is many. times god’s vehicle of transportation. it’s the thing that he uses to take you. and the thing i’m asking you to do no. matter if you’ve done. you you’ve failed in relationships or. you’re brokenhearted right now or it’s. not working out look for god’s favor.

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In the failure his brothers portrayed. him. but he ends up in this guy named. potiphar’s house. and there was favor there for joseph. even in a failure. and i’m asking you are you so broken and. so mad and so frustrated by what. has happened and who left and what. didn’t work that you’re missing god’s. favor even in the failure. look at it genesis 39 um two it says and. the lord. was with joseph what happens when you. fail and god’s like i’m right here. what happens when it was like this is. the worst thing that ever happened and. guys like your boy. this is the god we serve that at your. lowest moment. at the breakup after divorce at the. plane. at the mistake god’s like i’m right here. with you and if i be. for you then who. who can be against you somebody say who. yeah no you got to say with a high pitch. like who.

Who can be against you if god’s saying. joseph had an advantage. of even though he was in a failed. situation. at this point he had to rip up his list. i’ve been betrayed by the people closest. to me. i’ve been sold into slavery i was a king. where i was at. i was i was loved and distinguished. where i was at. and many of us would rather be in a good. situation without god. instead of take a bad situation with him. most of us would have rather been at the. house and god not helping lead you to. your purpose. but that’s why you got to rip up your. list why are you saying this pastor mike. because this is my life. i thought i was going to be somewhere. completely different. in life and then i find myself. leading 13 and 14 snotty nose. year old i don’t even know what i’m. saying youth. it’s not a year old that’s what i said.

Didn’t even know if they wanted to be. saved i had the talent and the gifting. to be making music for everybody. and god said you know let’s go to the. pit. let’s go to a place where they don’t. even ask for your gifting. they don’t even know you do any of that. and i want you to care. here i want you to produce here. i want you to stay faithful here i want. you to represent me here. i didn’t know i would be a pastor i. never wrote down lord one day when i. have my church. that was the furthest thing from my. mind pastoring people. ill. but god saw a palace while i was in a. pit. and look at this it says so he succeeded. and. everything he did as he watched this. keyword. served i came to tell. everybody that’s in a relationship. looking for a relationship trying to get. out of your relationship. hold up serve the season you’re in.

I’m gonna give you a principle that will. help you win in relationships. rip up your list cause faithfully. serving the season. always produces success. if you faithfully serve the season well. they just got me mopping. you better mop like ain’t nobody. ever mop in the world. will they just have me um in doing data. entries you better type. you. well they don’t recognize my gifting. they don’t know what i have in me. but god does the and he’s the one over. promotion. and he’s watching how you faithfully. serve. the season you are in my promotion did. not come from a person. my promotion did not come from my. parents my promotion did not come from a. ceo. because i was faithfully serving the. season. i was in my promotion came from. the lord the reason that you need to rip. up your list. is because god is watching how you.

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Handle now. the thing about joseph of why he could. go through. is because wherever he was found. he was faithfully serving now i don’t. know about you. but if i had just been sold into slavery. your boy would have been holding back. some things. like you’re not getting my best what. time am i supposed to be here what y’all. want me to do. how many more times do i have to do it. but joseph. used his hands in a horrible situation. to produce what god placed inside of him. can i speak to all my single people for. a second. stop waiting on somebody to come in. and complete you make them fit in to. what you already got going. you missed it some of y’all so. ready oh but when johnny comes along no. no. no no i’m faithfully working the season. i’m in baby. what day you want to take me on a date. let me check my calendar. because i am faithfully serving.

The season that i’m in and what it’s doing is it’s taking you to your next and what ends up happening is he served so good that i don’t got time to really go into it past the craig i’m gonna have to come back another time to really talk through this one but then he got caught up by a cougar did y’all see it he got caught up by a cougar he doing so somebody’s like sally or cougar just google it but what ends up happening is potiphar’s wife begins to look at joseph and how he’s doing what he’s doing verse 39 i’m in chapter 39 verse 6. he says joseph was very handsome and well built kind of like your boy and potiphar’s wife soon began to look at him lustfully come and sleep with me she demanded but joseph refused i just want to give this little tip he refused to look.

Some of y’all give yourself too much. credit. oh i can watch it i mean i’m an adult. i could joseph was so committed. to staying in the place that god had. placed him. even though to everybody else it would. have been a bad situation. that when the cougar came out probably. naked and. he wasn’t like what you talking about. what you saying hey. wow he didn’t do that. i don’t know me i would have been like. what what is it. huh. the bible says he didn’t even look. he told her my master has trusted me. with everything in the entire household. no one has more than i am no no. no more authority than i do he has held. back nothing from me. except you because you are his wife how. could i do such a wicked thing. it would be a great sin against. potiphar. your integrity what you do when nobody’s. looking. more important in this day and age.

Than ever before yeah you could talk to. him and slide into the dms and. and and and text your old classmate. you see how quiet it just got i’m. stepping on somebody’s toes. yeah you facebooking old classmates. and trying to get into this other space. and god said this season. i need you to rip up your list and live. in integrity. because from this moment his integrity. watch this. didn’t get him a promotion he got light. on again. she said oh my god he was trying to. sleep with. me he’s in there like i didn’t do. any i didn’t do anything but remember. the pit was not to kill him. it was to take him he then gets. shipped off to the king’s jail. he gets put in prison and do you know. what joseph. still did that i don’t know if i would. have had the courage to do. is he still used his gift. in prison rip up your list because.

Prisons become platforms. wherever you are right now it may feel. like the lowest point of your life. may feel frustrating you may be. relationally. in a spot that you can’t see how i’m. going to get out of this. but stop thinking about what it should. have been and what it could have been. and what you wish it would be. start being very intentional in the. moment you aren’t saying god what do you. want to do with me here. for my potiphar’s house what do you want. to do with me here if i’m single what do. you want to do with me here if i’m. married what do you want to do with me. here. if i’m divorced what do you want to do. with me here if i’m at failed. relationship after failed relationship. what do you want to do with me here. if i’m in prison what do you want to do. with me here. it was the prison that turned into the.

Place. that would elevate joseph as he used. this gift and interpreted dreams. and did the thing that god placed in him. and didn’t become. jaded because he went to the pit. today i just need to speak to people who. have become jaded relationally. you’re either over it or you’ve lost. faith that it can even happen. and god’s saying would you please just. invite me back into the situation. remember what it kept saying and god was. with. joseph and i came all the way from tulsa. to tell you. and god is with you. whether it’s with your brothers in the. field. whether it’s in the bottom of a cistern. whether it’s in potiphar’s house or the. prison. god is with you. joseph genesis 39 21 but the lord was. with joseph in prison. and showed him his faithful love even in. that low moment. and the lord made joseph a favorite with.

The prison warden. before long the warden put joseph in. charge how are you in charge. in jail how are you a boss. in jail he put him in charge of all the. other prisoners over. everything that happened in prison the. warden had no more worries. because joseph took care of everything. he used this gift in the pit. and the lord was with him and caused. everything he did. to succeed rip up your list. and let god rewrite it. joseph goes on to be second in command. over the entire country. because he said yeah the dream you gave. me i thought it was gonna happen like. this. but when i saw that it was going a. different way many of the plans of a man. but the lord’s purpose prevails he. ripped up his list. and he still got the palace. can i just encourage you even though. the journey has been jacked up can i say. it that plane it been jacked up.

You can still get to the purpose of god. over your life. if this message is for you in any way i. want to pray that you wouldn’t quit. in the pit i don’t care what it is it. may be. relationally it may be in business it. may be with your family but if this is. hitting you anywhere in your heart. because it. it hit me before i came here i can’t. preach anything that i’m not going. through. i i remember the pit that me and natalie. aired and then i remembered that god is. with us. and today i want to pray for you would. you just if you’re comfortable at every. campus would you just lift your hands. right now. i’m gonna pray a prayer that would help. you go through. and to remember god is with you father. here we are. some of us we’re in a palace and others. of us god we’re in the pit. but today we’re asking like you were.

With. joseph would you be with us. god there are my brothers and sisters. that are crying out for things to change. right now god. and it’s not going the way that they. thought it would be. but god i thank you that in this moment. our perspective is changing. and now we’re looking to you i thank you. father that you would encourage. my brothers and sisters to not quit in. the pit father in every list we made. without you for our marriages for our. families. for our homes for our love today god. we’re making a commitment. and we rip up the list have your way in. our lives god. and i thank you that when we get to our. palace we. will be careful to give you all the. glory. all the honor and all the praise. in jesus name we agree somebody say amen. life church thank you so much i love you. and i can’t wait. to be back with you again.

Come on sure show some honor today. is it great to be together with people. and god speaks a word. directly to you and i know that god is. speaking to so many of you today. i just want to stay in an attitude of. prayer we talked earlier that. every week is a good week to bring. someone to church guess what the. presence of god is working. even now and there may be someone in. your life right now you feel like you’re. in a pit you might be at a really really. low place a really low place and maybe. god would allow you to get to a place. that’s so low. all you can do is look up and call on. him others of you you may feel more like. you’re in the palace like things are. good right now. but yet there’s an emptiness inside and. you’re searching and you’ve searched and. you’ve gotten what you’ve been looking. for but. the void is still there why maybe.

Because what you really need. is not what’s on the outside but a god. who wants to fill your life with his. love on the inside. father i just asked today that by the. power of your spirit you would draw. people whether. they’re low in life just coasting. through life or maybe even on a high. that they see that more than anything. else god we need your son we need your. grace we need your presence we need. your power god we thank you that you are. with us and we want you to invite we. want to invite you to. to lead us to be our savior to be our. king. uh at all of our churches or those of. you watching online today. um you may be at a really low place and. you may have gotten there. even on your own decisions you’ve made. bad and sinful decisions or you may be. in a great place right now and you. recognize that even though you’ve got.

What you thought you wanted you’re still. empty on the inside. maybe it’s because you have a. christshaped void in your life. whether you’re high whether you’re low i. want you to know right now at this. moment that our god loves you. that you’re not watching this by. accident that is by his. the power of his spirit and because of. his love and his grace he brought you. here to this moment right now. what do you do if you recognize you’re. you’re hurting what do you do if you. recognize you’re empty. we’re going to go to the living water. the only one who can satisfy. the truth is the reality is all of us. have sinned and we fall short. of god’s standard we’ve all messed up. but even better news than i could ever. describe is that god loves you exactly. where you are. he sent his son jesus who is perfect in. every way.

Who gave his life was buried and raised. from the dead so that anyone. this includes you it doesn’t matter what. you’ve done doesn’t matter how dark your. life is doesn’t matter how much you hurt. anyone. who calls on the name of jesus the name. that is above. every name when you cry out to jesus god. hears your prayers. and he forgives your sins you may be low. right now you may be. so low all you can do is look up or you. may be on top of the world and you. recognize you’re still. empty you know there’s more you can’t. find it anywhere. maybe it’s jesus that you’re looking for. today at all of our churches or those of. you online. you need his grace you need his love you. need his forgiveness i’m going to. encourage you to step. away from your sinful life step into the. presence of a god. who loves you cry out to jesus when you.

Do god will hear your prayer. he’ll forgive every sin and he will make. you brand new today. those of you watching wherever you are. say yes i need his grace i need his. forgiveness. today i surrender my life to jesus. that’s your prayer would you just lift. your hands now. all of our churches say yes i’m giving. my life to jesus can somebody. tell god thank you we praise you god for. your work today. those of you online just. type it in the chat i’m giving my life. to jesus wherever you are god knows the. cry. of your heart i’d love it if you would. just pray aloud if you’re comfortable. with those around you nobody prays alone. just pray heavenly father. i surrender my life i rip up my list. i give it all to you jesus forgive my. sins. change me make me new. fill me with your spirit so i can honor. you. in all that i do my life is not my own.

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