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What’s going on guys welcome back to the. channel um so if you’re new obviously. subscribe do all those things um and. stay tuned for more videos so typically. we always talk about don’t be unequally. yoked but today i want to talk about i’m. dating someone who’s at a different i. guess spiritual maturity level i guess. there’s a way for us to put it um this. is something i did on a podcast way back. but for those who are new to the channel. um i’ll try to produce a little bit of a. condensed version since it was never on. youtube. um but to me it’s it’s a little weird. it’s tricky because i’ve heard women say. they’re not gonna date guys unless. they’re you know about to be a pastor or. doing something on like a grand scale. and in my opinion that’s perfectly fine. for her to want someone who’s able to. lead a guy who’s spiritually involved.

But i think it’s a bit of a shallow. thing to say that he has to be able to. do. you know something major um i think a. guy should also be able to say um i want. a woman who is spiritual woman who is. willing to submit to her husband i think. all those things are are normal but it’s. like. when we place a specific standard on a. person i think sometimes it’s our idea. um that we’re trying to create not. necessarily find god’s will. you know so i can support you when you. have biblical expectations but i think. sometimes we have a little bit of. unrealistic standards you know why we. want to do things because i know of a. person who rejected a guy because they. were saying he wasn’t going to be a. pastor and my thought process is so that. means you believe your only calling in. his life is to be a pastor’s wife i’m.

Not quite sure. hey to eat your own you know what i mean. if you’re one of those people in the. comment section hey god bless you but i. don’t think that’s normal for you to say. i can only marry somebody if they’re. this you know unless god put that desire. in your heart i think that’s a bit of a. weird desire for you to have but let’s. talk a little bit about. some things you know because bible says. don’t be an equally yoke we get second. corinthians 6 14 but to me there are. some times when we just don’t have. spiritual. expectations or or mature. perspectives and who we’re going to date. so i want to mention a few reasons um a. few ways when i find it unacceptable for. a person to date somebody that’s at a. different spiritual level because. granted no one is at some level it’s not. like god gives us a checkbox and we can.

Say hey i’m here i’m here um although. there are some people that are prideful. that feel as though they’re above. everyone it’s not the videos not for you. so a few ways for you to know that it’s. unacceptable to date someone who’s at a. different spiritual level number one if. they’re a new convert and you’re. somebody who’s already been established. in the faith um in my opinion. you should allow them to breathe you. know i feel as though a lot of times you. know when you go into a new church i. don’t know if you’ve ever been to a. church as your first time there and. you’re single and everybody’s watching. you trying to figure out if you’re you. know you’re available or maybe. somebody’s new come to your church and. because you never saw a woman that you. like there you never see a guy that you. like there now your eyes already on this.

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New person wondering hey god you know. i’m praying about them calling first. dibs you know maybe it hasn’t been you. but i know plenty of people who have. done it before and i know i’ve been. guilty of it in the past but i want us. to um to be careful you know not having. that little that fresh meat mindset you. know i hate that you know what how. people operate man and i’m trying to. show you guys these verses jesus said in. matthew 18. it says but whoso shall offend one of. these little ones which believe in me it. were better for him that a millstone. were hanged around his neck and that he. were drowned in the depth of the sea woe. onto the world because of offenses for. it must needs be that offense has come. but woe to that man that causes those. offenses you see so jesus is not talking. about dating here but he’s talking about.

People are going to be offended in life. but for those people offending these. little ones offending the children and. that’s the way i view a new convert. because they’re a babe in christ. some things may easily offend them. compared to somebody who’s been at. church for a long time so now if you’re. a person who’s dated a new convert. you’re dating someone who’s spiritually. new to this thing and if you break up. with them and they end up you know. leaving the faith altogether or you know. some of them they’ve just leave that. church or they end up leaving the faith. i feel as though god holds you. accountable because you’re part of the. reason why somebody’s like now i’m no. longer going to serve god because of how. they treated me he’s a pastor’s son and. he was trying to cheat um he’s a she’s. the she’s the lead person worship leader.

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And then now she played me and it’s like. a lot of times they may not understand. that it was just you that were a. terrible representation of christ at a. time but they’ll hold that against. everyone in the body of christ so i. think it’s important that when you’re. somebody who’s been establishing a faith. you should find somebody who’s been. established as well you shouldn’t be. trying to find somebody man they only. been one altar call they as soon as they. got out the water baptized as soon as. hold on i think they spoke in tongues. let me go get their number and it’s like. dude let this person grow um if you’re a. person that just wants to help people. maybe you’re part of a team that helped. disciple a mentor and all that pair them. with someone of the same sex don’t try. to feel as though you can help mentor.

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Them into being who you’ve called them. to be because if that thing fails. that new convert who is initially. shaking their faith can eventually. resent god because of one bad mistake. from you so i just want you to be. careful when you’re dating somebody. along those lines the second thing i. want to say is you don’t see them making. any efforts to grow then that is a clear. sign you should not be dating this. person i get that everybody’s not on the. same levels but ladies you are not. called to raise that man fellas you are. not called to to raise her into serving. god no you can influence this person you. can help this person but if they aren’t. making any changes then you have to. realize well okay are they doing this. for me or are they doing this. so they can impress me or are they doing. this because they actually love god.

Because if you see somebody’s they go to. church when they feel like it or they go. to church every week but they’re not. bearing any fruit or they go to church. but they’ve never forsaken anything in. the world that’s when you have to stop. and you have to wonder like well is this. person saying they’re a christian but. not really living this thing out you. know i want you to be careful of that. because a lot of people they have the. name of christ in their bio but they. don’t have christ in their lives we have. them as our savior but not as our lord. meaning we do whatever we want we don’t. let the holy spirit convict us on. anything. but paul says this in first corinthians. 5. he says when i wrote to you before i. told you not to associate with people. who indulge in sexual sin but i wasn’t. talking about unbelievers who indulge in.

Sexual sin or greedy or cheat people or. worship idols you would have to leave. the world to avoid people like that i. mean that you are not to associate with. anyone who claims to be a believer yet. indulges in sexual sin or is greedy or. worships idols or is abusive or is a. drunkard or cheats people don’t even eat. with such people it is my responsibility. to judge outsiders but it certainly is. your responsibility to judge those. inside the church who are sinning god. will judge those on the outside but as. the scriptures say you must remove the. evil person from among you there are a. lot of people who are like ah don’t. judge me only god can judge oh i got. christ in my heart well if you’re a. believer we should be judging those. inside the body so when you’re trying to. date someone who you don’t feel as.

Though as at a different spiritual level. that’s not a problem but are they. changing because paul says if you see. that this person is saying i’m a. christian yeah i love god i follow jesus. but i have not changed anything about my. lifestyle i’m still trying to have sex. i’m still trying to party i’m still. trying to turn up i’m still cursing. people out i’m still gossiping i’m still. mean i’m still backbiting i’m still. doing all the things people in the world. are doing. paul says you shouldn’t even eat with. them and if you shouldn’t eat with them. then why are you trying to date them if. this is not somebody worth marrying this. is not somebody who’s producing fruit. that you would want in a spouse helping. to raise their children this isn’t. someone you should be eating with this. isn’t someone you should be sliding in.

Their dms you know so you have to be. careful of that you know you have to. wait to see them bearing fruit it’s not. that we’ve arrived and they have it but. you have to give them the room to grow. because if this person is just telling. you they’re a christian but they’re not. producing that fruit i get messages all. the time ungodly dating oh this person. said they they love god oh he’s even in. ministry oh she was this and then then. they broke up with me because right. after we had sex or they broke up. because we wouldn’t have sex and it’s. like yeah because they’re not producing. any fruit and if you just go by what. they say then you’re going to be. distracted yourself so give them grace. be patient with a new convert but never. make an excuse for worldliness never. make an excuse for someone who doesn’t.

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Want to leave the world behind because. if you’re trying to get them to change. for you that’s not going to be lasting. change but they have to desire change. for themselves they have to want to be. who god has called them to be. the third thing is you know you. shouldn’t be dating someone when you’re. on different spiritual levels is when. you can’t agree on spiritual things the. important things that come along your. spiritual journey i believe there are a. lot of things that are insignificant. that people argue about in church but. there’s a lot of important things the. bible says in amos three and three. can two people walk together without. agreeing agreeing on a direction. can two walk together if there isn’t. some form of agreement because you’re. walking this way she’s walking that way. eventually you know you guys are gonna.

Break apart because you have to walk in. the same direction so you know. listen i i know everybody has their own. different beliefs and people think they. can do whatever they want to still be. saved but are you guys in agreement that. you have to be praying that you have to. be fasting that you have to be studying. the word are we in agreement on things. important like baptism how are we. viewing things like speaking in tongues. how are we viewing the gifts of the. spirit how do we view church attendance. do we just go when it’s easter do we. just go when it’s christmas um do we. just say i love god because i said a. prayer or do we let god change us from. the inside out how are we viewing these. things and those are things that you. have to take into consideration and if. there’s no agreement to me i don’t. believe that the relationship is going.

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To last at all um there’s a young lady. that i broke up with because. we didn’t view things doctrinally um or. or a lot of things in church in general. the same and we went to the same church. so you would think that everybody who. goes to your church believes things the. same way as you do but in reality that’s. not always the case a lot of people view. things differently and i had to take a. step back like okay well i value you as. a friend but i can’t pursue a. relationship with you and i think a lot. of people they feel as though that’s a. form of judgment but it isn’t we just i. just want to view things you know a lot. of things sofia and i don’t agree on 100. all the time but foundational things i. think we should be seeing them eye to. eye now obviously that’s common sense. that if the person isn’t saved you.

Shouldn’t talk to them at all but i’m. just talking about people that are on. different spiritual levels and the last. one i’ll say is. you know it’s a problem when you two are. on different spiritual levels when you. see yourself beginning to compromise in. order to be in this relationship you. stop growing dating them now means that. you don’t go to church as much. dating them now means you don’t read. your bible as much because probably. conviction because of the things that. you two are doing you’re probably. worried about pleasing them and spending. more time with them it’s not even a. matter of balancing a relationship but. it’s a matter of god is now being. replaced and god is on the backside of. the uh of your life in order to place. this person in front of you meaning. you’re creating an idol out of this.

Person you had biblical standards. biblical convictions that now you no. longer hold to because you’re trying to. keep them happy you’re keeping all. you’re doing everything to benefit them. not worrying about how do i get closer. to god but you’re worried about how do i. get closer to them and it may be a. relationship that you have to send in. order to keep this person happy oh you. love me then you know we should be able. to uh we should be able to do this uh. well god ain’t got no problem if we do. that and i’m telling you this type of. stuff happens all the time but. unfortunately. a lot of people they don’t realize it. and then what they do is they end up. losing their way trying to maintain a. relationship i thought i had it this. verse pulled up but let me see if i can. find this verse and show it to you guys.

No i don’t have it listed but i want you. guys to hear me out when i read this. verse matthew 5 2930 and if that right. if that right eye okay i think i do have. it. so if yeah and if that right eye. offended pluck it out and cast it from. thee for it is profitable for thee that. one of the members should perish and not. that thy whole body should be cast into. hell and if that right hand offend thee. cut it off and cast it from me for it is. profitable for thee that one of the. members should perish and not that the. whole body should be cast in hell so i. put the nlt on the screen for anybody. who doesn’t like kjv gets a get a better. um understanding but we see. that if you see yourself as. you’re starting to compromise with lust. you’re starting to compromise well god. pulled me out of fornication when he. saved me but now i’m going back into it.

He pulled you out of perversion but. you’re going back into it um god’s. spirit is trying to give you joy trying. to give you peace and there’s a whole. lot of confusion a lot of anxiety a. whole lot of resentment a whole lot of. insecurities forming out of this. relationship the bible says you’re. supposed to cut it off if your right eye. is causing you to sin you remove. whatever it is that’s causing you to sin. now it’s not talking about plucking out. our actual eye and cutting off our. actual arm but. is this person helping you grow and i. understand they may be growing you know. they’re on their process but. are you stop are you. delaying who god has called you to be in. order to try to maintain a relationship. that he’s never put you in and that’s. where a lot of us find ourselves because. we’re too afraid to cut things off.

Because we’re too afraid to be bored. we’re too afraid to be lonely but i want. you to understand it’s way better to be. bored than end up in hell these verses. tell us listen man if you’re i’d rather. you cut that off rather than you end up. in hell i’m it’s better that your right. eye you know you you go to heaven. without an eye rather than to go to hell. with two eyes you know what i mean and a. lot of you are like eternal security bro. we’re not going to go to hell you know. god saves and all that man i get that. hey you know i’m not going to argue with. you in the comments but i want you to. understand these verses are clear. that you have to remove certain things. out of your life if you’re trying to be. who god is called you to be. you’re trying to have the intimacy with. god you cannot have intimacy with god on.

Your terms you have to be willing to cut. some things out of your life you know. and samson was a person who god wanted. the disorder philistines but that. doesn’t mean god wanted him to sleep. with every woman that he found along the. way and a lot of times we don’t realize. that who you’re sleeping with may end up. be the reason why you will lose your. walk with god who you’re jumping in bed. with will be who you um who distracts. you from the things that god is trying. to pull you into god is trying to have. intimacy with you but if you’re in a. relationship with somebody who’s. distracting you that can be a huge. downfall so i hope this. this episode brought a little bit of. clarity for you guys and i want you to. understand this is not saying that. everybody’s going to be at the same. spiritual level it’s not a matter of.

Saying once to virus or whoever’s. listening to this video gets to a. certain level you don’t date anyone. unless they’re doing more than you. that’s not what i’m saying my goal is we. shouldn’t be looking down on people. beneath us but just because you want to. encourage them and build them up and see. greatness come out of them doesn’t mean. you have to date someone that causes you. to compromise on who god has called you. to be. don’t just date someone just because. they’re in church. find out what god’s will is for your. life and continue to seek him do not. make any excuses do not jump in. do not feel as though you have to. compromise in order to find god’s will. you don’t but i want you guys to. consider liking commenting below what. are your thoughts on dating someone on. different spiritual levels um would it.

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