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Hi i’m father mike schmitz and you’re. listening to the bible in the ear. podcast. where we encounter god’s voice and live. life through the lens of scripture. the bible in a year podcast is brought. to you by ascension. using the great adventure bible timeline. we’ll read all the way from genesis to. revelation. discovering how the story of salvation. unfolds and how we fit into that story. today. this is day 18 and let’s get started. let’s keep on going through genesis job. and proverbs. today we’ll be reading from genesis. chapter 35 and 36. job chapter 25 and 26 in proverbs. chapter 3 verses. 19 through 24. um as always i am reading. from the. revised standard version catholic. edition and i’m using the great. adventure bible from ascension. if you want to get your own catholic. bible in a year reading plan just go to.

Ascensionpress.com. bible in a year you can also subscribe. in your podcast app and also sign up for. updates be part of our email list by. texting the two words but connected. catholic bible catholic bible that one. word two words combined. no spaces in between to number three. three seven seven seven. and you’ll get updates and you’ll get. whatever. kind of information you might need to. follow along today we are going as i. said genesis chapter 35 and 36 we’re. continuing on. with the story of um jacob now israel. and his family and uh gosh yeah how the. family’s gonna unfold. they’re gonna continue to grow he’s got. a number of sons and. they are getting older and things are. getting complicated. and things are always complicated man. yesterday what did his sons do his sons. took vengeance upon the family of. shechem.

Haymore that whole that whole entire. family after they had agreed to make a. covenant with them. because shechem had raped their sister. and so. the family continues to grow this is. genesis chapter 35. and 36. god said to jacob arise go up to bethel. and dwell there. and make there an altar to the god who. appeared to you when you fled from your. brother esau. so jacob said to his household and to. all who are with him put away the. foreign gods that are among you and. purify yourselves and change your. garments. then let us arise and go up to bethel. that i may make there an altar to the. god who answered me. in the day of my distress and has been. with me wherever i have gone. so they gave to jacob all the foreign. gods that they had and the rings that. were in their ears. and jacob hid them under the oak which. was near shechem.

And as they journeyed a terror from god. fell upon the cities that were round. about them. so that they did not pursue the sons of. jacob and jacob came to luz. that is bethel which is in the land of. canaan he and all the people who were. with him. and there they built an altar and called. the place. el bethel because their god had revealed. himself to him. when he fled from his brother and. deborah rebecca’s nurse. died and she was buried under an oak. below bethel. so that the name of it was called alan. bakut. god appeared to jacob again when he came. from badan aram. and blessed him and god said to him your. name. is jacob no longer shall your name be. called. jacob but israel shall be your name. so his name was called israel and god. said to him. i am god almighty be fruitful and. multiply. a nation and a company of nations shall.

Come from you and kings. shall spring from you the land which i. gave to abraham and isaac i will give to. you. and i will give the land to your. descendants after you. then god went up from him in the place. where he had spoken with him. and jacob set up a pillar in the place. where he had spoken with him. a pillar of stone and he poured out a. drink offering on it. and poured oil on it so jacob called the. name of the place where god had spoken. with him. bethel then they journeyed from bethel. and when they were still some distance. from ephrath rachel went into labor. and she had hard labor and when she was. in her hard labor. the midwife said to her fear not for now. you will have another son. and as her soul was departing for she. died. she called out his name ben oni but his. father called his name benjamin. so rachel died and she was buried on the.

Way to ephrath. that is bethlehem and jacob set up a. pillar upon her grave. it is the pillar of rachel’s tomb which. is there to this day. israel journeyed on and pitched his tent. beyond the tower of er. while israel dwelt in that land reuben. went and lay with. bilhah his father’s concubine and israel. heard of it. now the sons of jacob were twelve the. sons of leah. reuben jacob’s firstborn simeon levi. judah issachar and zebulun the sons of. rachel. joseph and benjamin the sons of bilhah. rachel’s maid dan and naphtali the sons. of zilpah. leah’s maid gad and asher these were the. sons of jacob who were born to him in. padan aram. and jacob came to his father isaac at. mamrie in kiriath arba that is hebron. where abraham and isaac had sojourned. now the days of isaac were 180 years. and isaac breathed his last and he died.

And was gathered to his people old and. full of days. and his sons esau and jacob buried him. these are the descendants of esau that. is edom. esau took his wives from the canaanites. ada. the son of elan the hittite hola maba. daughter of ana the son of zibian the. hivite. and basamath ishmael’s daughter the. sister of nebayath. and nada bore to esau elophaz basamat. bor rayol and hulimaba bor jayush. these are the sons of esau who were born. to him in the land of canaan. then esau took his wives his sons his. daughters. and all the members of his household his. cattles all his beasts. and all his property which he had. acquired in the land of canaan and he. went into a land away from his brother. jacob. for their possessions were too great for. them to dwell together the land of the. sir journalists could not support them.

Because of their cattle. so esau dwelt in the hill country of. saiyar isa. is edom these are the descendants of. esau. the father of the in the hill. country of saiyar. these are the names of esau’s sons. eliphaz the son of ada. the wife of esau raul son of basimath. the wife of esau the sons of eliphaz. were teman. omar zifo gatam and kanaz. timna was a concubine of eliphaz esau’s. son. she bore amalek to eliphaz. these are the sons of esau’s wife these. are the sons of raul. nahath zarah shema and mizzah. these are the sons of basimath esau’s. wife. these are the sons of the daughter of. ana. the son of zibian he saw his wife she. bore to esau. jayush jalam and kara. these are the chiefs of the sons of esau. the sons of eliphaz the first born of. esau. the chiefs daman omar zifo. kanaz korah gatam and amalek. these are the chiefs of eliphaz in the.

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Land of edom they are the sons of hida. these are the sons of raul esau’s son. the chiefs nahat. zarah shema and mizza. these are the chiefs of rayol in the. land of edom they are the sons of. basamat. esau’s wife these are the sons of hola. maba. esau’s wife the chiefs jayush jalam. and kara these are the chiefs born of. halimaba the daughter of ana. esau’s wife these are the sons of esau. that is edom. and these are their chiefs these are the. sons of sahir the horite. the inhabitants of the land lotan chabal. zibian ana deshan ezr. and deshan these are the chiefs of the. horites. the sons of saiyar in the land of edom. the sons of lautan were harai. and himan and lothan’s sister was timna. these are the sons of shabal alvan. manahat. these are the sons of zibian ayah and. ana. he is the ana who found the hot springs.

In the wilderness. as he pastured the donkeys of zibian his. father. these are the children of ana dishon and. holy bama the daughter of ana these are. the sons of deshan. hamdan ashbaan itran and charon. these are the sons of ezer bilhan. za’avan. and akan these are the sons of deshan. uz and aran these are the chiefs of the. whorites. the chiefs lotan shabal zibian. ana dison ezer and deshan. these are their chiefs of the horites. according to their clans in the land of. saer. these are the kings who reigned in the. land of edom before any king reigned. over the israelites. billah the son of bayor reigned in edom. the name of his city being. dinhabha bella died. and job the son of zira of buzra. reigned in his stead jabab died. and hasham of the land of the temanites. reigned in instead. husham died and haddad the son of badad.

Who defeated midian in the country of. moab reigned in his dead. the name of his city being avid khadad. died. and samla of masraka reigned in his. stead. samla died and shaol of rehoboth on the. euphrates reigned in his stead. shaol died and ba’al hanan the son of. akbor. reigned in his dead but alhanan the son. of akbar died. and hadar reigned in his stead the name. of his city being pawu. his wife’s name was mehetabal the. daughter of matrid. daughter of masababa these are the names. of the chiefs of esau. according to their families and their. dwelling places by their names the. chiefs. timna alva jeffeth. penang kanaz timan. these are the chiefs of edom that is. esau the father of edom. according to their dwelling places in. the land of their possession. job chapter 25 and 26 bildad speaks. asking how can man be righteous.

Then bildad the shoehite answered. dominion and fear are with god. he makes peace in his high heaven is. there any number to his armies. upon whom does his light not arise how. then can man be righteous before god. how can he who was born of woman be. clean behold even the moon is not bright. and the stars are not clean in his sight. how much less man. who is a maggot the son of man who is a. worm. then job answered how have you helped. him who has no power. have you saved the arm that has no. strength how have you counseled him who. has no wisdom. and plentifully declared sound knowledge. with whose help have you uttered words. and whose spirit has come forth from you. the shades below tremble the waters and. their inhabitants. sheol is naked before god and abaddon. has no covering. he stretches out the north over the void.

And hangs the earth upon nothing. he binds up the waters in his thick. clouds and the cloud is not torn under. them. he covers the face of the moon and. spreads over it his cloud. he has described a circle upon the face. of the waters at the boundary between. light and darkness. the pillars of heaven tremble and are. astounded at his rebuke. by his power he stilled the sea by his. understanding he struck rahab. by his wind the heavens were made fair. his hand. pierced the fleeing serpent behold these. are. but the outskirts of his ways and how. small a whisper do we hear of him. but the thunder of his power who can. understand. proverbs chapter 3 verses 1924. the lord by wisdom founded the earth by. understanding he established the heavens. by his knowledge the deeps broke forth. and the clouds. dropped down the dew my son keeps sound.

Wisdom and discretion. let them not escape from your sight and. they will be life for your soul and. adornment for your neck. then you will walk on your way securely. and your foot will not stumble. if you sit down you will not be afraid. when you lie down. your sleep will be sweet. father in heaven we give you praise we. give you thanks for your word and we ask. that you please. send us your holy spirit so that your. word remains powerful and effective in. our lives that your word penetrates. not just our minds and our hearts but. penetrates our very lives and. shapes the way in which we respond to. your word you have revealed your heart. to us help us now in this moment. reveal our hearts to you you have. changed us we ask you to please. change us again make us new this day and. every day because we want to belong to.

You. more than anything in this world or in. the next. we want to be yours and we want to do. your will. in jesus name we ask you please help us. to be that kind of people. amen in the name of the father and of. the son and of the holy spirit. amen so the heart of jacob is heart of. israel. i mean um as he buries his wife rachel. we recognize that while israel’s slash. jacob’s. life had been marked by deception had. been marked by manipulation and cunning. um and also been marked by brokenness. right we have these three. sorry these four women from whom. came jacob’s 12 sons. we still have this birth of a new. thing that god is doing this new thing. that god is continuing to do. where god once again promises to israel. no. formerly jacob what he had promised to. his father and his grandfather. that he would through him make him a.

Great generation. a great kingdom and that’s one of the. things that we. get to see throughout the book of. genesis and the book of exodus coming up. and. judges and all the all the books in the. old testament is how often. it’s the theme that i keep pointing back. to but how often. god allows no how often. god accomplishes his will. in spite of our brokenness. and sometimes i i think that i expect. the bible to be. a hallmark story right the hallmark. story is very very clear it’s very. predictable. it’s very clean and it starts out with. maybe a little bit of some conflict but. then that conflict gets resolved and. everything is kind of happily ever after. and we recognize that actual grace. doesn’t work that way. that god’s working in a person’s life in. a people’s life in a family’s life and a. kingdom. in our lives never works that way.

There are times when god is manifests. himself in his power at times when god. manifests himself in miraculously. but many more times when god allows us. to choose. although he wants us to choose good he. wants us to choose grace he wants us to. choose. the best thing he allows us to choose. brokenness. he allows us to act in a way that he. would not that he actually condemns. and yet he still works with it because. as we know. everything that we surrender to god can. be used there’s. there’s there’s nothing that god can’t. use when we give it. to him and so here is israel. bearing his beloved wife rachel. with his 12 sons now um these 12 sons. that we’re going to find out. more about their story in the next. couple chapters next couple days. leading on because we already noticed. that yep joseph’s born so is. benjamin which is going to be.

Interesting because um by this point in. the story. i think joseph and benjamin might not. know each other yet. then we have the death of isaac and the. account of esau’s descendants why does. god do this why does god include this. whole chapter. on the descendants of esau since that. wasn’t in exactly the. the line of blessing remember because. israel got the blessing so he passes it. on to his 12 sons who become the 12. tribes of israel right. the kingdom the nation of israel so why. do we follow. esau’s sons well one is because what god. is revealing to us. in chapter 36 is he’s revealing that. even though. esau did not receive the blessing. esau is a son of his father he is the. son of isaac and he is the grandson of. abraham. and god is going to go out into the. world as well and give what give abraham. descendants like the stars of the sky.

Because god. is faithful to his promises and that’s. what we’re going to be. just leaning into today this truth that. god is faithful to his promises. i know that a lot of us are in a place. right now tonight today whatever time of. day you’re. you’re listening to god’s word. proclaimed. where we can question that we can wonder. if. god is faithful because of the. brokenness. around us the brokenness inside of us. and yet yet even though. um there is such brokenness we recognize. that he is faithful he is steadfast. and that’s just the word i want to leave. you with today um he is faithful. and he is steadfast i guess that’s two. words he’s faithful. and he is steadfast we see that in this. small detail. of genesis chapter 36 where god. reveals the descendants of esau. thereby fulfilling his promise that he. made to abraham.

To isaac and now to their descendants. my name is father mike schmitz and this. is the bible in a year podcast i just. hope that this has been a blessing for. you this first 18 days of our journey. together it’s been. really remarkable for me i’ve really. enjoyed it please. pray for each other lift each other up. in prayer because this is a community of. people. who are going through the bible and. allowing god’s word to shape us to form. us. and to make us into new kinds of people. who can see the world in a different way. because of god’s word working in our. hearts in our minds. and in our lives so please pray for each. other pray for me i am praying for you. you are not alone we’re journeying. together through god’s word. and his word is journeying through us as. we uh. are attentive to him his word does not. return empty.

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