Gifts For A Guy You Just Started Dating

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One of the hardest conversations i think. i had to have was when i was in a. relationship with someone i loved. and they didn’t love me back when you. love this person. when you. feel like you’ve done everything to kind. of fit into their world to be what you. think they want to act walk into you’re. doing all these things to change. yourself. hoping that this person will love you. and then you come to that realization. you just look at yourself in the mirror. one day and you’re like. i have to love myself more than i love. him amen like that hands down was one of. the hardest conversations i had to have. with myself when i had to realize that. um. that i deserved. to be loved. hey y’all what’s up welcome back to. church tv trish talk it has been a. minute i have been fighting the spirit. of procrastination the best way to fight.

The spirit of procrastination is to do. the opposite of what procrastination. tells you to do which is nothing so here. we are the demographic for my videos are. usually about 30 and up some of you are. in your early to mid 20s so i really. feel like this topic will be very. appropriate for you all it does even go. for us who are in our 30s and up. hopefully you enjoy before you leave. today do like comment and subscribe if. you like this video and let’s go ahead. and get right into this topic. so. ladies you want to be very very careful. of the. gifts and things that you accept from a. guy when you’re only. dating this is someone who is not your. boyfriend he’s not your husband the. relationship has not been solidified. you’re kind of just going with the flow. you’re in the beginning stages be very. very careful of the things that you.

Accept from a guy around this time. because this too will tell you his. intentions what he wants from you what. he’s interested in be very very careful. be very watchful. of the things that he says what he does. and what he might gift you. i know there are some things that a guy. will gift you that it will be hard to. turn those gifts down jewelry what girl. doesn’t like jewelry necklaces earrings. watches maybe there’s help that you it. with something around the house when you. are in the beginning stages of dating. someone. you almost have to turn down. any kind of help that you might be. offered until you’re comfortable enough. to really see. what this guy’s intentions are you don’t. want to be with someone who just wants. your body i’m only speaking about this. certain type of guy a lot of times if a. guy only wants your body some of them it.

Screams desperate. and obsessed when they will do pretty. much anything they can to prove. themselves that they are worthy of being. next to you unfortunately i wish i can. say guys stop doing this. in high school no this continues even in. your adult age it’s all about the state. the state of mind the frame of mind that. he is in and what he will do pay. attention to his actions actions speak. louder than words he can tell you one. thing but show you something totally. different. listen to his actions when you’re dating. it should not be about gifts it should. not be about. him gifting you with anything i’m i’m. just here to get to know. you some things do come with the price. everything is not free and the moment. that you decide not to give up your body. or to stop giving up your body. those little gifts those invitations.

Will stop coming because it all comes. with the price usually this type of guy. when he takes you on about two to three. dates. and depending on where he takes you out. to eat if y’all go for dinner and how. much the bill is. he is watching all that he is looking at. how much he’s spending on you he’s. looking at the time that he’s taken out. with you. and he’s calculating in that in his mind. to see when he thinks you might just be. ready to give him something in return. it’s an exchange. if you are dating. and you’re not ready to be intimate to. be physically involved with a guy to be. in a relationship with him. do not accept anything from him no kind. of gift i don’t care how much you might. need it. whatever it is you can get it for. yourself it might take you a little. longer to get it than it will be for him.

To gift it to you. but take your time make the money you. need to make whatever it is and you get. it for yourself because when he’s. offering it to you this type of guy i’m. telling you it is going to come with the. price it is not free he is going to want. something in exchange and it sucks we as. females were human beings. we’re not a body that a man should be. able to use whenever he feels like you. have to be very cautious you have to. protect yourself guard your body guard. your mind guard your heart as much as he. might be just oh so nice and just oh so. gentlemen like. after that mask comes off and he shows. you who he really is after those first. two to three months i call it the. probationary period when he really. starts to show you who he is and what he. really wants be very very careful about. the things that you accept because it.

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Does come with a price this is just a. quick message i wanted to share with you. guys if you have not looked at my. previous video i’m going to link it up. here and this kind of gives you points. of things to look out for i actually. give you the signs in my last video but. i really wanted to put this quick. message out there. these are things that still happen but. some guys are just who they are. in that state of mind where they are and. you will encounter this from time to. time if you like this video or like. videos like this let me know in the. comments below let me know your opinion. in the comments below has this happened. to you before what have you learned. don’t forget to like and subscribe thank. you all so much we are almost at 1k. subscribers i’m so excited about that. excited about being able to talk about.

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