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Gay Speed Dating Seattle re just

Nice to meet you. You too. Oh, sorry. Oh, did it turn red yet.? No. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Welcome to The Button, a speed dating show. When the button lights up red, either player may press it and swap out their date for a new person. Get outta here. If two people can last on a date for 10 minutes, they win an all expenses paid second date. This is The Button. Hi! Hello! How are you? Doing pretty well. You two have similar vibes! Do we? What’s this vibe then? Yeah, what’s the similar vibe? Yeah. Like, aesthetic. Okay. Okay. Do you find each other attractive? I, oh, you’re waiting for me to go first.

Uh Ah, damn it! Yeah. I don’t really like guys with long hair. Hi. Hello, I’m Ryan. I’m Nicole. Nicole, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hi. Ryan was in the Army. You’re in the Army? I was in the Army, yeah. From 20122016. Oh! No worries. Why did you press me? I don’t know, man. Something about Army guys. Why do you hate our troops? I don’t. I don’t. They’re just very like I don’t know, overly masculine. How’s it going? Hi. I’m Nicole. Nicole. Omari. Cool. So what do you, what do you do for fun? What do I do for fun? Video games. Mostly. Video games? Okay. Um What kind of video games? The big, um, so the last one I pl Got me! All right.

Why did you reject him? Because there’s more to life than video games. I like video games. Hi. Is it your mission to get me out? Is everyone like angry? Well, I don’t know. I don’t know about that. I’ve heard about you though. Jesus. What have they said? Oh, I knew it. Ouch. I’m sorry. No it’s okay, I don’t take it personally. Please be gentle with me. I will do my best. I tend to not pay attention to how hard I can go sometimes. Just uh Is that a sex thing? I mean sometimes. Okay Travis. How’s it going? I’m good. How are you? Ah, you know, I’m doing all right. It’s, I’m not really a morning person. By this time, I usually have had like two Red Bulls or something like that.

Oh, okay. Um, what do you do? Uh, I tried to get a Okay. Sorry. Why did you press me? Because I, he’s not my type. Next date please. Hi! My name’s Taylor. Nice to meet you. I didn’t get the memo about, are we dressing up, or? Yeah. What’s going on? Yeah, so I’m what what’d you call a furry and I just dress up and I put smiles on people’s faces so Do you have like multiple, or is it I only have one. I did it first. Careful, careful. Oh. Taylor, You’re rejected. Okay. Sorry. I’m sorry. No, no, no, no. Don’t apologize again. You seem lovely. I’m Patty. I’m Patrick. Nice to meet you, oh. Patrick and Patty.

Yeah. Patty. Are you a virgin? A Virgin? No, I am not. Are you a virgin? Yes, I am. Oh okay. Do you usually have to tell people that first off the bat on a date? Or usually just casually ease into it at a more No, no, I just keep it Okay, yeah. Okay. Thank you! Why did you reject her? Ah. Is it because she’s not a Virgin? No, it’s because she’s older than me. How do you know? Ah, I can tell. So how’s your day going today? My day is going. I’m scared, but I’m excited. Why are you scared? Uh, first time doing this. Can you tell me more about yourself? Uh, I’m a student. Mhm. How old are you? I’m 23.

Oh, okay. What’s your dating age range? Above 25. And then stopping at like 36. You have a nice smile and nice teeth. You do too. Are you from LA? I’m really from Uganda. Okay. I was born there, moved out here when I was like one. So you’re from here. Kind of. No, I understand. Yeah. Okay. You know what I’m talking about. I, yeah. How you feel? I feel good, what about you? I feel good. Okay. So, one thing that’s big for me is music. Music? Yeah. So can you gimme like a top five? I like more like hip hop. R&B. Do you like to dance? I like to dance. What about you? No, I just was having fun. I cannot dance at all.

Bro. Everybody can dance. No. Everybody – Prove it. Prove it, Jordan. Oh, this is fun. Ohhhh. I appreciate you. You were fun though. We can be friends. Aight. Nice to meet you. You too. Oh. Sorry. Oh, I didn’t turn red yet. No. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Tell me about yourself. Okay. I’m Gabriel. Give each other a chance. Yeah, let’s give each other a chance. Let’s, let’s, okay. Yeah, let’s, not. Okay. You wanna do that? I do see you as a friend. No! What’s your name? I’m Allison. Allison. Hi, I’m Joel. Nice to meet you. You too. How’s it going? Good. I’m a little nervous. Yeah, me too. Are you nervous? Yeah, like my hands were like freezing earlier. Just like. Yeah.

Gay Speed Dating Seattle re gonna reject both of

So like, ice cold ’cause I was just nervous, but um Sorry. It’s okay. You’ve been rejected, Joel. Why did you press me? It was a little bit like forced. All right. How’s your day going? I’m doing pretty good. I got pressed so fast last time. Oh, you’ve been here before? Like you’ve done it? We went through the whole thing over like we’re Oh wow, really? Looping back around, yeah. Why do you think you got exed before? Mm, well I don’t think we found each other attractive. Oh okay. That’s like a And then I said it and she And she Ooh. I thought you were about to do it, so I I thought you were about to, I was, I was like giving example. I won’t do it quickly if you don’t do it quickly. Okay.

Can we make a truce? Sure. Why are humans so scared of rejection? Rejection sucks. Who would like it? Right. Yeah. And I think like, most people are pretty egocentric. So like, rejection is part of that. Yeah. I think, I think we think that it reflects something about us as a person Where sometimes Now it’s like a stand off. I think it’s a tie, so we’re gonna reject both of you. Oh! That make sense. Okay. All right, cool. Hello? Hello. What’s your name? Katt. Hi, I’m Jordan. Nice to meet you. How tall are you? Oh, I’m 5’11 and a half. All right. I’m about the same. Okay. What do you do for fun? Uh, me and my sister go and get a lot of coffee.

Try different coffees around the city. Try different beer. Depends on the time of day, I guess. Do you drink too much? My mother might say I drink too much, but I feel like others think I drink just enough. What does booze taste like? Booze or boobs? Please clarify. Both. Both. Both. Do you swing both ways? No. All right. So boobs taste like I feel like it tastes like any other part your body since it’s all, you know. I guess that’s true. What’s your favorite part of a body to taste? Boobs. Boobs. He’s going with boobs. Yes. Um, I’m a lip gal. So I mean. A lip? Yeah. Wait, how often do you see like the Space Needle? Like every day? (buzzer sounds) Sorry, you’ve been rejected, Jordan.

Why did you reject him? I didn’t feel the spark. Hello! Hi. I’m Ryan. I’m Katt. Nice to meet you. Katt, nice to meet you, hello. Hi. How’s your morning? I didn’t know I was coming here, so I didn’t know about that until like eight. What does that mean? It means I was a last minute switcheroo. Oh, you were forced to be here or did you? No, not against my will, no. Oh. So you are dating? Voluntary. You are single? Yes, I am single. They did not bring a take in person here. What do you do for work? I’m a software engineer. Oh wow! What do you do? I do construction, or like a carpentry. I lay wood and decks and fences.

You build stuff, that’s impressive. I do! Yeah. Yes. If I built something, it’d fall over, so. Well Kudos. I can teach you. Ryan’s kinda cute. You’re very attractive. You’re, yeah. You’re very, very attractive. You’re uh, a software engineer? That’s way smarter than me. Nah. What turns you guys on? What turns you on, yes. Um, depends on the situation. Is like, oh he can fix something. Like that’s cool. Oh. Or, oh he can lift that ’cause I can’t. Like, that’s a turn on. Ryan fixes things. I, I do. How tall are you? Always the question! No, um, I’m like almost 6’0. Okay. I’m 6’2, so I can definitely reach higher than you.

Yeah. Do you have any hidden talents? I bake things. Bake things? Like, I’m really good at baking. I read a lot. That’s like my hobby. I read a lot of stuff that my pastor tells me to read. Are you very religious? I don’t know what that question means anymore. Are you religious? I meet with my pastor pretty, like once a month just to talk to him. Like, having another male role model in your life ’cause I don’t, I don’t have a dad right now or a dad in general. Oh. Okay. That’s a lot to lay on the first date. No. I gotcha. Yeah. Is that a deal breaker for you? It’s not a deal breaker, I’m just very not religious.

Sorry mom. Is that a deal breaker for you, Ryan? No, my mom’s not religious either. What do you do for fun? What’s your hobbies? Um, me and my sisters like try out different breweries around town. Oh, really? Yeah, so. There’s one opening up today. Oh, what is it? ‘Cause now I might have plans this afternoon. Yeah. With Ryan? Maybe. Ask her out. Ryan, ask her out. Ah. I’m definitely super nervous. But yeah, what do you, would you wanna go out again? Sure, I’ll go out with you again. Do I push the Congratulations! Oh sweet! You’ve won the button. Now get out of here. Do I get to take the button home with me if I want it? You take the button? Oh no, it’s gentle.

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