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Ready nope how’s it going everybody. welcome back to straight and dear quick. disclaimer before anyone says anything. this draw is a corn straw that’s. biodegradable so it Hans no turtle I. don’t think I must know that one is. gonna melt it may be so corny you guys I. am so excited for today’s episode. because it had recently dawn on me that. straight guys do not know how to create. a dating profile I wouldn’t know because. I hate gay guys on the grinder grinder. is more Huckabee tinder is somewhat in. between and I would say hinge is more. relationship oriented how about. Christian mingle Christian mingle is for. hookups for anonymous focus we were. toying around with what app we should. use he rejected Grindr because it’s too. Huckabee who wants to be important for. you uh we decided on hinge why hinge. because it actually gives ain’t gonna.

Get all deep with it keeps through a. chance to really open up your heart your. very sentimental with it but also you. can be funny. there’s like I think there’s like. eightyfive questions that you can. choose from the answer about yourself. can I see you a question yeah why do you. choose Grindr oh my gosh okay well. actually might I don’t have a grinder. right now I like going between phases. why you lying everybody I like hinge. because it’s more relationship oriented. I had twenty thirty photos which he. struggled to find which is another. straight person thing straight people do. not have photos of themselves yeah he. said shirtless pictures are the best so. apparently I was like well that doesn’t. make sense I hope I don’t come off as a. douchebag but I did it anyways well no. are you looking for like a hookup for.

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You went for dates I went for. relationship I think that’s also. selfexplanatory if you’re going on. tinder or Grindr you’re trying to . fit on hinge you know what I want to I. want to see what’s up I want to see. what’s out there and have some. conversation I want to see what’s up. right we won’t have conversations you. know yeah also wanna . okay so in other words Matt doesn’t. really know what he wants so I’m gonna. curate what he wants for first what’s. your gender woman man who do you want to. date women how tall are you. five men you see that we lie where you. lie because you’re not gonna care five. not what’s your ethnicity I had somebody. asked me the other day at work if I was. middle Easterner I swear I get. everything. so get Middle Eastern seem I’ve gotten. my rich Lebanese you know the Scottish. and Irish people are also white Wow you.

Learn something new every day. wait are you serious no shut up go keep. going okay wait okay what about Kate you. don’t have kids as of my knowledge I. don’t have kids yeah we’re gonna go with. that part too is do you want kids are. you opening kids sometimes it’s better. off not to say until it gets there you. don’t want to lay it all out I think so. we’re gonna prefer not to say where do. you work so I’m a talk show host. stuntman. I’m also we’re gonna put bartender most. people know that people who bartend in. LA are pursuing other stuff and do you. want to make that visible I say yes. because there’s something hot about a. bar down there where’d you go to high. school what that doesn’t matter. next yeah the next yeah what are. your religious beliefs Jewish he’s not. Jewish I’m not Jewish I don’t think you. could just be a my is there like a.

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Spiritual thing on there. yeah spiritual there it is Matt is. legitimately spiritual. sailing down a lush river of. Daisy some flowers so can your seed into. the ocean minimalizing all stress let it. out let it out let it all out. hey what is your what are your political. beliefs yeah yeah nah that’s gonna mean. yes whether you want to have kids or not. that’s whatever you can leave that. private you should let someone know that. you drink absolutely now is a part where. we take his okay we’re gonna eat six. photos of Matt so oh my god a first one. that I think we should pay if a guy has. a dog that is automatic points and that. looks hot in this also so that is the. first photo that people see and that’s. the first photo that I’m gonna put up I. think couplets ought to I love this. picture of that you look like you’re.

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Going to dominate I thought it looked. like I was just gonna cook a some fried. eggs in the morning you look really. alpha in the picture and I think based. on what I know of you and you might be. compatible with a girl who likes that so. that’s weird and I just want to bring. this up as well you are that girl right. but as a gay man correct right no. comment you guys here is an example of. what Matt wanted to show and I was like. no while I think there’s humor to the. photo the flamingos in the back that’s. perfect I’m in an IG hinge you let your. humor come through the questionnaire. portion for the photos I think you want. to look good like this photo is too. silly to the point where I’m not sure. this guy especially in online dating. girls will find any reason for a deal. you’ll find any reason no no no so we.

Have to curate your profile so they. can’t. he loves the word curate so much okay I. am so tempted to use this photo but I. don’t want to send the wrong message the. tan lines are not happening. sorry oh if you put a picture like that. you’re gonna send the wrong message in. that you’re just trying to which if you. are that’s okay but but not on his work. right exactly that’s that’s more for. like a grinder account exactly here’s. another one that I’m using there Matt. getting a manipedi because it shows. he’s twice a month baby that. he’s openminded what she really is he. matt is Danna try things and he’s not. one of those people that’s like oh. manipedi that’s girly so I want to do. it I just want a subject so I set up. Matt’s photos which are the looks this. is the part where his personality and. humor can come through.

Wait the question Ares okay so what. question do you want it do you want to. answer I think it should be one thing. I’ll never do guys sounds good SEC dick. I recently discovered that I don’t like. sucking dick can alive I’m a twin oh. okay sue okay so um I’m a twin yep oh oh. that’s good. I’ve sucked dick once that’s gonna be. mine it’s gonna be the line that’s the. line like okay what okay what it looks. like no no no no no we’re not for that. no I’ve almost died three times is that. a lie no it’s the truth. no I’ll come with a lie first something. crazy and crazy let’s have a little bit. of it you don’t come up okay so there’s. a reason why I don’t that’s a lie I’ve. never fingered myself yeah. remember no that’s a sexual you don’t. wanna be so quiet why I’m going to wait. and put me in the bucket I don’t know.

Liam finger you want to put that out. there yes sir. I’ve never fingers cries oh that’s going. it that’s good. just can do it just do it put on five. foot nine weight so insulin if I’d never. feed myself 9s fakes you need something. else that’s real you I dig it’s real we. wouldn’t put that out there for the. universe it’s great I think that’s. classic you know what I mean every place. what else the series his personality yes. like he is getting crazy dude what this. shower thought you recently died I. actually talked to myself in the shower. all the time like fullblown. conversations not inside my head cool. want to say that yeah what say a shower. but I recently had out loud was it come. out loud myself out loud I felt out loud. I like telling people things that aren’t. so basic because Matt isn’t afraid to. have his personality where the truth.

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Come out so he isn’t basic like I love. puppies oh because that shows you’re a. little bit out there which you are crazy. ideal first date body shop body shot. followed by dinner at Genghis Cohen so. we’re gonna do a string Club first oh. the body shops a strip club yeah all. right oh okay so my ideal first date is. so you want to end up at the strip club. right so what do you want to have dinner. first. like a holein-the-wall Korean. restaurant yeah as a Korean I’m. holein-the-wall dinner yeah also we. have to go to live music at black Harbor. Rose for some New Orleans style jazz. because I okay love that. holein-the-wall dinner yeah. live music and. if all goes well the money shot the body. shop body shop. you guys I think we’ve good times per. file yeah I think we’re done done. profile activated well keep you know.

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