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If you enjoy everything about a person. during the dating period but you don’t. align sexually is there room to bend on. that they’re they’re workarounds whether. you know you’re bending whether you’re. bringing somebody else into bend whether. you know you’re figuring it out i think. that if you want to work it out you’ll. work it out whatever that looks like. janet said who’s doing depending. you know and that could be a question in. a relationship okay so who’s doing the. bending let’s sit on the couch let’s. talk it out. come on join the show i’ll tell. pride month is celebrated every june as. a tribute to those who are involved in. the stonewall riots all month you’ll be. consumed with parades festivals and. concerts going on across the globe with. tons of ways for you to get involved but. it’s. you know not all glitter and rainbows.

All the time there are important social. issues sex education and mindfulness. conversations that need to be had all. month we are celebrating pride on the. healing couch with your favorite people. represented in the lgbtq and the i and. the and so today i am chatting with my. favorite gay couple on social media. ah denver and jonte happy pride happy. birthday i am so excited to have you all. here we have the editor over here at. large yes over at b scott we have one of. the most famous gay popular influencers. like yes i am so excited so i you know. it’s probably i’ve said that i want to. go straight into it what does pride mean. and look like for you especially being a. unit um i mean i think for me it’s a. celebration like it’s a time where we. can you know um i get what we do we. partner with brands a lot yeah so you.

Know in pride month every brand wants to. launch like some pride campaign and. create this pride content so we really. get to just kind of work with some of. our favorite people and celebrate who we. are and what we do and. all that fun stuff yeah i definitely. think it’s just about being visible. visibility that’s most important um you. know being comfortable and confident in. your skin. you know selflove i think that’s most. important when it comes to pride so. things like that and how long have you. been together so we’ve been together of. about a couple years now yeah yeah four. years. yeah a couple years. so new so i’m trying to get the time. together but i then we were friends. first so we were kind of hanging out. without really labeling things and then. we just kind of like so like who swiped. right first was that a part of it no no.

No no no no so we met at a housewarming. yeah that’s what everybody wanted. it was very it was very organic very um. wholesome yeah we just came over and sat. down and we started talking and drinking. wine and talking about music. and then we followed each other on. social media or had we at that point uh. afterwards and it was at night and then. we just became cool yeah yeah. do you have a coming out story do either. of you have a coming out story and what. was that like for you. hmm a coming out story because i know. for me i don’t really when people ask me. that question my mom would sat me down. she was just like so what you doing yeah. and so it was that so i mean kind of i. mean it’s kind of messy because i had it. but remember back in the day we had like. things called zangas they’re like online. blogs or whatever right so i had one i.

Had two i had one that was for like my. friends and stuff then i had like a. personal one where i would just write. things down and share things yeah um. well one day i guess i got really sloppy. and forgot to log out of the private one. and my mom. because i was back when you had like one. computer for the household right. and so my mom i guess she got on and she. read it and one morning i was getting. ready for school and she was like. i was like what so i come downstairs and. she’s like what is this click click. and there was like my entire like. private life story it’s taken me back. from trump and so okay. yeah it was it was it was kind of messy. it didn’t it didn’t really go over too. well at the time but over over over the. years we’ve worked it out and now we’re. great. yeah i really didn’t have a coming out.

Story yeah i think my mother always knew. and then when i went off to college and. finally expressed that you know i was. gay she was like you know i always knew. so didn’t really have like an actual. story so i actually like do you like the. idea of like having to come out. um. i i i do when i don’t i mean you know i. feel like you know. being who you are and being queer i. think that that should just be something. that you don’t have to really um. put out there for other people to kind. of know but also i mean i think that um. no i don’t know yeah. what would you say is the biggest. misconception for like black queer. couples. i think the biggest misconception about. black queer couples is that um we can’t. live in um. uh wealth and that um you know um can’t. live a life of luxury um and it’s. because we don’t see that you know what.

I mean um when we look at social media. and we see these black um we see these. couples um typically they’re um white. and they’re out you know traveling and. on the red carpets and doing their. things and then when you look in. hollywood um you see that there are. our black um gay men who we idolize but. they’re you know typically partnered. with white men and so we don’t have that. representation um and so i think that. you know that is the biggest. misconception that i see is that you. know we can’t live the lifestyle that we. do um. or just like that our lives are just. traumatic. i mean you know i mean there’s a lot of. um you know in the media like when you. see black gay people there’s a lot of. trauma associated with it and sometimes. you know that’s not necessarily the case. sometimes people are just happy.

Yeah and they’re not really trying to. overcome all of these things at the same. time yeah. do y’all because you know the hand is in. the thigh right now y’all are so happy. on social media like do y’all have like. disputes like how do you address. conflict resolution yes. okay no we do we do um for me i’m more. of the um i guess avoidant detachment. person so whenever i get frustrated i. just kind of shut down i get really. quiet and i get really um angry and. introspective and i mope around the. house for you know a couple hours or a. day or two or whatever and then we. eventually have a conversation. um. that’s kind of me he’s a little bit. different i mean i think that for us i. think we. we. realize that whenever we’re having some. type of conflict or um issue that we. come to like an understanding or we have.

A reminder that like it is us um it’s. not us versus each other but it’s us. versus the problem and so when we look. at it like that then that’s when we. could come to a healthy resolution um so. you know going into it like that not. having our guards up not being defensive. not you know um having our pride up and. just going into it you know submissively. and with um you know. being vulnerable i think that helps us. you know communicate better and help us. you know kind of resolve any issues that. we may have yeah he’s better at that. than i am. i’m an aries so i go i go. i gotta go straight defense i go. straight eagle i go straight pride we. got kansas city i mean i’m kind of. saying this is where you have me. up i just want you to know but i don’t. want to talk about it right now. but when i am ready. we’ll have it yeah okay so like let’s.

Talk about body perception image and. learning someone’s body can we speak to. the patient of understanding. your partner’s body in an intimacy level. because i. i haven’t made it that far so like talk. to me. um it’s just time yeah i mean you know. like with anything i think the more you. do things yeah and when you do them a. lot you start to kind of figure out what. sets somebody off in the right ways and. the wrong way in the wrong way yeah. because they’re all wrong lanes yeah but. yeah i don’t really like this that’s. true. but you’re also like even i said like. you know i both follow i follow you both. but you also seem very very comfortable. with showing your skin. where does that confidence come from. because we see a lot of speedos. yeah. i mean that’s new for me okay that’s. that’s new for me. um. why is it coming from.

Oh god. why is that and this has been your. formula but this is new for you yeah. he’s always been in a yeah i’ve always. been comfortable and confident in my. skin and you know so like i’ve never. like thunk talks about right yeah what. it is that we are just a lot a lot of. pressure yeah it is a lot of personal. pressure i have i’ve had like body. dysmorphia very very public about that. and i’m you know as i’m maturing i’m. learning that like you know like it’s. like you know it’s doing what it needs. to do but also just like a lot of skin. and then also feeding into like the. social media era and everything and. everybody is so cut ripped and then so. i’m just like. yeah it’s hard but you know i will say i. think that being in a relationship does. take some of the pressure off because. then it’s like what necessarily am i.

Trying to attract there you go yep it’s. already here yeah so at this point it’s. like i just want to you know look how i. want to look and be comfortable and not. have tan lines everywhere and yeah you. know if he likes it i love it yeah or. you know what i mean so that’s just kind. of where i am now yeah so yeah you’ll. get to speed up. okay. gay relationships there are like maybe. like preferred sexual roles do you see. that that shows up in like. the every dayto-day relationship. um. no no i don’t know no yeah no. no i mean i think that. people. um. it’s a personality thing some people. just have more dominant personalities. some people don’t you know what i mean. so i think that in that regards you’ll. see some of that kind of transpire but. outside of that. no yeah yeah yeah i think it’s important. and healthy to have you know a little.

Bit of both. um. yeah. i want i want to um ask the conversation. because. you know we should also kind of take. into account that you know it’s prime. month people should be doing all the. necessary things uh but in a. relationship do you get as tested as. often as you would if you were single um. i do yeah yeah i do i guess we do. yeah we just have a primary care doctor. that we just go and get our physical and. so while we’re there we’re just like go. ahead and check everything you know i. mean your health even though you are in. a relationship your health is ultimately. your responsibility yeah and you can’t. really put that on anybody else i mean. as comfortable as you get with somebody. so it’s just one of those things where. you just got to stick with it yeah. commit to it i will say that hiv and. stds are you know easily spread from one.

Partner to another but stds are. preventable. you can prevent that the best way to. prevent getting or spreading std is to. be responsible about your sex life but. yourself and your partner. or partners okay. first. okay but there are many ways to do so. from pep to prep ask your doctor and get. tested um so. if you enjoy. everything about a person during the. dating period. but you don’t align sexually is there. room to bend on that. yes yes. absolutely how so. um i think that. when you. find somebody again who aligns with you. on so many different things i don’t. think you would let one. small thing kind of get in the way. they’re they’re workarounds whether you. know you’re bending whether you’re. bringing somebody else into bend whether. you know you’re figuring it out i think. that if you want to work it out you’ll.

Work it out whatever that looks like. janet said who’s doing dependency. oh so so you’re doing the binding. exactly you know and that could be a. question in a relationship okay so who’s. doing the bending it’s not you it’s not. me. okay well that’s outsourced. there was a conversation. gay magazine that advise gay men to stop. using the b word when referring to women. or the community what people in. a oh. like do you think it’s offensive at all. because it can be derogatory towards. women i guess like if it was coming from. a straight male’s mouth. um. i think for me i think it depends on. like the intention behind it almost like. using the n word you know what i mean. it’s like you know like how are you. saying this b word are you using it as a. slur and you’re trying to you know doubt. me then okay i can be offended by that.

But just like i know how people in. casual conversations just use the word. like this. and then you know whatever and like i’m. not going to take offense to that or. think that she’s just going to be here. for me depends on how comfortable you. are with the person like if i don’t know. you don’t come up to me in conversation. and then start throwing around keywords. because i’m going to be offended like if. you don’t know me like that. at all. i’m just i’m just saying like just you. got to be real careful yeah and watch. them be worried. you better watch those b words you. better watch those when you end up. opening the ocean. okay i have been noticing though because. i i am i’m dating or whatever i guess. but i have been noticing more. conversations about open relationships. being had what are your views on those.

Um it’s not for me yeah saying um i. think that i’m just a little too. territorial and a little too the same i. use the same um. a little too not i won’t say possessive. but i just feel like. um. just yeah it’s not for me that’s for me. in my house. no. okay and so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. yeah i mean it’s just not heading up to. me out here in these streets yeah i mean. it’s hard enough getting to. you know a place you’re like one person. comfortability and intimacy with one. person yeah let alone. trying to open it up and do the whole. dating other people and all that that’s. just too much it’s just it’s a lot like. a headache so how do you infuse. friendships in your relationships do you. have a lot of friends do you have to. text each other that you know hey i’m. out with sabrina and ricky or what’s. going on. um i mean since we’ve been together we.

Gay Dating Denver just want you to

Kind of got together kind of during the. pandemic um a little bit after the. pandemic and so we’ve kind of been. together um the entire time and just. kind of been learning one another and so. like we haven’t really. um been out with other friends and. hanging out so often um so uh i mean i. don’t really know um what would you say. like i have a lot of friends yeah um. like a lot of like really close friends. um i think. like maybe five or six people that i met. in college that were all really close. they all live out here and we all hang. out and we all do things. um and my friends are kind of like. family so like when we got together. i just kind of like hey they’re doing a. cookout we’re just we’re just all gonna. hang out right so it’s been a lot of. that at least for me. do you find yourself taking on. heteronormative roles at all.

Not intentionally. no okay yeah no so y’all both cooking in. the kitchen both cooking well let’s not. lie. well i mean. you don’t know how to cook i mean i know. how to cook i just i just really like it. yeah and i don’t know i just really like. it but he’s like i don’t like to clean. so yeah and he yeah so we have our we. have our yeah it’s not based on anything. other than like our just natural. personalities yeah okay like hey like. okay like that conversation but it’s. never an expectation yeah i mean yeah. you know if he needed to cook he’d cook. if i needed to sweep that sweet. the gender norms in queer dynamics are. always a topic do you get offended when. someone is just asking the question like. who’s the man who’s the woman in the. relationship. you know i don’t think people are asking. me those questions yeah i’ve heard it a.

Couple no. i i’ve gotten it on tick tock you know. when we post videos uh really yeah down. to the comments but i mean i’m just like. you know is that a serious question are. you just being you know hateful like. what is it there’s a lot of questions. yeah so i mean but in like. my normal dayto-day life no one’s ever. asked yeah people don’t try us like that. i think they know better to fight. like we’re talking about okay but like. let’s talk about it so you both have um. made careers in the digital space but. why don’t we see more black and brown. creators you know what i’m saying like i. mentioned that you’re my favorite black. gay couple but also like i don’t see. many elves yeah and i would i would. i i would ask that same question but i. think just in our experience um. when you look at you know who brands.

Tend to work with who brands tend to go. for whatever reason the brands tend to. align themselves with. white creators right and if you’re. ultimately trying to make a living and. you rely on brands for money. then. you just kind of can’t create without. them you can’t do it without them right. so i think a lot of it starts with the. the brands. yeah and then you know influencer. marketing industry is a newer industry. and it is a white female driven industry. so i mean you know like i said the. visibility is you know white people so. it’s very daunting to be a black creator. and to try to go into that space. thinking or knowing that like okay well. it’s not room for me here and i can’t. make a fulltime living um so they’re. very few um that you know are able to. make and that pay gap is real they pay. capitalism is real the pay gap yes.

There’s a 35 percent paid gap between. white and black influencers that we read. in the study and um it’s crazy you know. when you know we try to do our part by. being you know uh visible black creators. and try to bridge that gap but it’s. going to take more you know than just us. and you know we need more creators to. kind of just jump into that but i can i. understand that it’s daunting so yeah. yeah. yeah you kind of got to stand strong you. know what i mean yeah like especially. when you know that like if you’re doing. this video and they’re offering you five. thousand dollars well if you know that. they’re offering you know. tiffany sue ten thousand dollars you. know do you fight for the ten or do you. take the five because you’re just happy. to be in the room you’re just happy to. get the thing yeah yeah so i mean i.

Think that as our careers have. progressed we’ve been turning down a lot. just because we want to fight for what. we deserve too like equity and yeah and. i mean we’re privileged to be able to do. it yeah because you know a lot of people. when you get that 5 000 offer you’re. like great this is all right yeah this. is better than nothing let me take it. you know and i’m not i’m not knocking. people who do. um but. we there needs to be more of us. to a yes take the checks that they can. get but then also try to push past like. there needs to be more yeah and then. brands needs to start hiring more black. and brown creatures. be in the room to outreach yeah. yeah. what annoys you most about your partner. oh what annoys me the most about you um. gosh. so many things you’re thinking of no i. mean because i don’t know i didn’t get.

No ideas at least so i’m trying i can’t. really think of so now you don’t get. annoyed easily oh no i mean. no i can’t i can’t and there’s nothing. that can come to the top of my mind oh. you have one denver um. um that no matter where i go whether i’m. sitting on the couch whether i’m in the. bed whether we’re on vacation i can. always find one sock just like tucked. somewhere. it’s all just a sock just a random sock. does he just take something like that. never fails okay do you know what his. main love language is. um yes i do it’s a physical touch okay. and affection i think is that one of. them oh the same time. affection and then. so mine’s not uh active service yeah and. gift giving. what’s the service myself okay yeah. i’m never gonna do that. after this. um so is it really worth it. it’s worth it. yeah when does the whole face stop.

Is the. union ship really worth it. to build upon to grow together. yes i think so i might think that we are. humans and we um you know strive for. companionship in some form whether it be. your friends whether it be your family. whether it be a partner and so like you. know being able to have an actual. partner and have that companion and you. know you just kind of learn from and. grow and you know have someone help you. be the best version of yourselves i. think that that that helps you know what. i mean it’s like ultimately i want this. world to be the best version of myself. however you know that happens but i. think i can’t do that alone so whether. it be i’m learning from my friends or. i’m learning from family or i’m learning. from a partner like i need somebody else. to help me get that and so like it just.

Makes more sense when it is your. companion because they understand. everything and they don’t mind being in. the room with you and you know you know. doing all that so like i i mean i think. it’s i think it’s necessary you know. what i mean and the whole face has to. stop maybe you can just like pause it. you know what i’m saying this you know. you know you never know what’s not stop. want me and well did i say no about you. no no no you said no. i mean those are conversations we’ve had. and there’s you know things that you. know we’re um open to but it’s uh um. hasn’t happened yet but you know those. are things that we’re open too but as. far as like an open relationship dating. outside getting to know one another yeah. that’s a lot but i mean as far as three. times i mean we’re not we’re glad close. up yeah i mean we’re still enjoying each.

Other but you know we make it to a point. where it’s like hey. you know let’s try something new yeah. and i’m just saying like those are those. are conversations that that happen yeah. and then i’ll ask you how do you. navigate like hook up culture it’s very. prominent y’all are influencers in your. own right you have a lot of. a bigger following or whatever do you. like share who’s sliding into your dm’s. like what is that like for you. um. yes i mean it depends on who it is uh. well not it depends on who it is but. like i think that like um we. do talk about like okay you know this. person is trying to like talk to both of. us and trying to like invite us and. whatever and i’m like. yeah it’s not that big for me and so. like we do have those conversations or. whatever but i mean it’s not like uh. every single time somebody you know ding.

Here you go look at this like what is. that kind of i mean what’s the purpose. of that you know what i mean so okay hey. friends happy pride be sure to catch me. in the kitchen because you know i love a. good drink okay so i’m shaking up some. things and it’s cocktails with archie. every thursday during the month of june. i want you to tune in to catch my drink. of the week oh my gosh okay so now can. we play a game let’s do it okay let’s do. it so i’m gonna we’re gonna play put a. word on it i’m like drinking game alert. um put a word on it tell me the first. word that comes to your head when i tell. you a word okay okay okay is this one at. a time or is it joint go for it okay. okay yeah. okay drag. con. i said khan queen okay okay okay okay so. you go thank you okay cause i was like i. can’t hear you um instagram.

Snapchat. photo. segregation wrong black. wrong. condoms. needed smelly. do you smell them yes. they look like that rubber smell they. leave in the air absolutely drink. yes. necessary. water. oh. reparations necessary i keep picking the. same words. i just watched my words yeah okay okay. so let’s play another game really quick. i am going to give you i’m going to give. you these okay so this. oh yeah. oh my gosh feel free to keep those after. we are done yeah i need your face with a. stick on it in my life. okay. oh people would pay good money for these. that’s all right this is cute come on. okay so you lift it up your camera’s. going there’s my feet on it i’m trying. to set it down. i’m like wait i’m working really hard on. this craft project um who’s more likely. who’s more likely to want to settle down. in the south.

I don’t think either one of us. i don’t. yeah yeah no. no we’ve had very you know we’ve had. very honest conversations about that we. want to be here yeah right yeah. yes and if not then out of the country. okay who’s more likely to get in an. argument at a bar. yeah. i learned that as the show went on. who has the better hidden talent. hidden talent talent. well if they’re hidden how do we know. i’m gonna say you okay you could. surprise me probably. okay. who’s most likely to get a speeding. ticket. oh. well i mean because that has been a. ticket i don’t think you’ve asked me. tickets before. true but i have an indian okay. and that’s what matters. who is more likely to order steak at. dinner. oh that’s me yeah what’s your favorite. meal i’m not i’m salmon i like. yeah let’s take medium rare all day long. okay who’s most likely to be belting.

Beyonce around the house. probably me. oh god it changes in the moment but i. think right now um would be no angel i. really love it okay okay who is the one. to book the flights for an impulsive. trip. oh. i said to you because recently well. you’ve been doing it but you did the. last one i did. well you did one and then i did one. so it would be me yeah at first and then. denver starts to. not recently book the trips yeah more. spontaneously because you know you have. conversations like always. i’ve always wanted to make sure you do. things i was like okay. are you on therapy no no okay. um we just talk a lot yeah we do talk a. lot which one of you is more likely to. forget a special date. oh probably i would say probably i don’t. a special date. ownership. like a birthday. like. yeah. i don’t think i would know to begin with.

So who’s the first person up in the. morning. me absolutely what time you’re waking up. six it could be even earlier but six. yeah i wake up in the the sun’s up okay. yeah no. sleep again well no he doesn’t let me. sleep but when he’s up yeah i’m up you. got to get up first thing he does wake. me up wake up kiss get up. who said i love you first. god me. why’d you say that hustle man um god how. soon was it it was a it was a text. message we weren’t. no i’m gonna tell you because we weren’t. even like a thing thing yet but i left. to go to a concert. and i believe you said it on my way out. the door. or it was like it was either out the. door or as i was like getting in my car. via text i don’t really remember yeah i. remember i got so mad. i remember i got it. i remember you know listen. everything else. because i wanted to say it first and i.

Felt like he robbed you i did yes i did. yeah yeah yeah. i know but i said all the time you. should relive that moment yeah he does. say it all i said. he’s a lot more expressive than i. for you yeah okay okay and who is most. likely to. knock on the door yeah. my mind just went by like okay thank you. for playing the game i’m michael. smelling a little what. oh my god okay so i do want to say happy. pride to both of you all thank you for. playing the game no we’re literally done. with that put that down okay um. is there anything else that you want to. put out there as we are in pride month. june whatever. for people to know just about you know. you living your truth. um you know i think that like a lot of. the comments that we get in on our. videos they’re very much so like you. know i want that or you know i never.

Thought this was possible or you know. people are just kind of sad. um. not like in a bad way like you know. people people are just no i’m sad. i would say that you know stay hopeful. um you know uh being in a relationship. doesn’t make you or break you. um. you know i mean it’s it’s great it’s. fantastic but it’s not anything that you. should like base yourself worth on or. feel like you’re not you know worthy. because you’re not or you know. things like that did you hear that. everybody’s trying to say that am i. making sense i’ve been drinking but i. hope i’m making everybody have your. glasses. can we uh. what’s up family thanks so much for. tapping into this episode be sure to. like follow and subscribe on youtube and. instagram and wherever you get your. podcast from for listening pleasure. don’t miss our weekly millennial.

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