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We’re in downtown austin right now it is. midway through south by week. and we’re going to get some food. this is a little outfit for today it’s. pretty cute. you guys can’t see it but. it is so pretty out right now. we are in the warehouse district. this was once like the tallest building. in austin for the longest time the. estonian. but. yeah we’re like. right in the gay district right. in the middle of everything happening. but we’re gonna stay. on this side of the road because. let’s not walk into the road and. get ran over. we don’t really wait here ever. for lights it’s just not a thing. but it’ll catch up to you sometimes if. you’re drinking and you guys all just. run out to the road i’m sorry for the. glare but if i didn’t have this hat on i. wouldn’t be able to see. and um. yeah there’s a lot going on in austin.

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Right now a lot. there’s like popup little stages. i can’t stand south by. i live down here and you can’t escape. south by when it comes and it with. my work because. all of the wealthy regulars that i have. don’t end up coming downtown during. south by because they don’t want to deal. with all the madness. and uh yeah traffic is insane. everything’s really loud i mean i don’t. hate it but like. i i’ve worked it five years and it’s. just not it’s not the ideal work. situation. we are on camera. all right so we’re about to pull up. this place is amazing it is. super close to my house right in the. middle of downtown. and the pastor tacos are only two. dollars each. i’m gonna put this place on. frost. i’ll tower you in a minute. all right so i got my little number. we’re waiting for my tacos i got five. i got five fast store tacos but it’s.

Okay. so the goal today is to get past our. tacos go drink i’m waiting for. my bar to open at the jw. i think we’re gonna go to the jw. um. yeah. zanzibar i really am craving pina. coladas so. i didn’t really want to eat at a bar. like a restaurant bar because this place. is fire and it’s so close to my house so. i was like we’re just gonna go walk and. get some tacos and then we’re gonna get. some drinks and i’m gonna go pick up my. weed. and then we’re gonna go. to. probably dinner and then grizzly and. gamma. i think prizzly is playing at play at 10. pm tonight. and i’m pretty sure it’s a free event. if any of y’all know chrisley if you. don’t he is a pretty big deal here in. texas he puts on a lot of major. electronic music events. he’s been like. i guess resident dj of san marcos and. austin. mostly san marcos though for years now.

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And he was the first dj i ever saw live. when i was like 13. so. it’s gonna be super dope to see. him probably for like the third or. fourth time in my life. tonight. um but yeah i’m just waiting on my tacos. it’s my day off. and usually i pick up and go to work on. my days off but i decided to actually. take my day off and just relax so that’s. what we’re doing. i’m kind of just out here. just a normal day pretty much. a normal day off at least. she just said they’re ready. let’s go get my. let’s see. thank you. honestly this is like seven bucks for. five. everything in austin is not super. expensive and usually the best . isn’t so i’m gonna devour these tacos. and i’ll see y’all in a couple minutes. when we go to the bar. not gonna lie you guys. they gave me so much food. i don’t even know if i’m gonna be able. to eat all this honestly i started.

Digging into it i don’t know i’m gonna try my hardest so i just want to prop it up maybe if i do it like this let’s see am i a genius or an idiot i’m a genius all right i can’t believe that worked i just stuck the camera into a crack let me know how the sound is i know in the last few videos they’ve it’s been okay i try not to play music when i do videos anymore because it kind of with it but since i’m out and about it’s probably still with it we’ll see how long this lasts but there’s a lot going on downtown right now you know what i love about the city there’s so many cute people all right just finished my tacos i killed four of the five so i feel pretty good about it and now we’re drinks on the roof i’m pretty sure that bar opens up at 3.

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I wanted to initially go to the jw my. god it’s so dark i need to get the other. side of the street. i initially wanted to go to the j that’s. what i’m saying nobody waits for . we don’t wait for sidewalks . it’s pretty cool. y’all can’t see me at all it’s so dark. in here. all right. let’s go up. where’s the button. for some reason we are having trouble. today with our autofocus but. we’re going to 20.. so my friend is working up here right. now i think this is azure. i can’t really recall what the name of. this bar is but it’s dope it’s like 20. floors up. right in the middle of downtown. pina colada. thank you i appreciate y’all. i’m honestly just gonna chill. we have no shame out here in austin. texas you can do whatever you want be. whoever you want to be. i don’t even know if y’all can hear me. right now. but i got my little ear muff on my rode.

Mic and everything should be working so. if. this audio is shot i’m going to be. pissed. it’s shining down on us right now. and. it’s a beautiful day. this is my bestie. she’s the one that got me my drink. she might come over we’ll see. but let’s take a little fit look. i’m so excited for tonight. this is my my friend hello. thank you for my pina colada. yo it’s so chill up here. you’re leaving us. out again. hey guys what’s up i am just laying out. here at the hilltop pool or the hilltop. pillow. i’m just laying out here at the westin. pool it is a super sunny day. and i am getting the best tan ever. i am literally wearing the least amount. of clothes out of anybody at this entire. bar. but i don’t give a and i got a free. drink. thank you so much. i’ll i’ll keep it someone bought me that. thank you so much hey. i know you just handed me this but if.

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